Day 340

When I married my husband Josh 10 years ago I changed my last name from Newsom to Blount.  When we were dating I would practice writing and signing my soon to be new name all over everything.  I never thought twice about keeping my maiden name, not because I wasn’t proud to be a Newsom, but because I wanted everyone to know I was Josh’s wife.  I wanted to identified with him.

5 years later we had our first baby.  His tiny hospital bracelet said “Baby Boy Blount.”  He will be Mr. Gus Blount for the rest of his life, because his parents are Blounts.  Our daughters are Blounts too, until some day, a long, long, long, long, long time from now, they get married, change their last names and start their own families.  But for now we are the Blount party of 4.5.  You know we go together because we all have the same last name.

In Numbers 6 the Lord gives Moses this beautiful, powerful prayer that He would like for Aaron to pray over the children of Israel.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.”’

God desired to bless and keep His children, to shine His smiling face on them, to be gracious to them, to give them favor and to give them peace, so He came up with those specific words and instructed Aaron to speak them over the Israelites.  Then He tells Moses what effect this blessing will have when released over His people.

Verse 27, So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them.

Whoever heard Aaron declare this “priestly blessing” would put on the name of God.  They would take God’s name and become part of His family.  They would be identified with Him and His nature.

These words weren’t just for anyone, but for God’s chosen people.  We become God’s chosen people when we choose to make Jesus Lord of our lives.  If you have chosen Jesus, that blessing is for you today.  You can put on God’s amazing name.  The name above all names.  The name that every knee must bow to.  The name that means provider, healer, deliverer, peace, protector, righteousness, shepherd.  The name God gave Himself, I AM, is yours to take as your own name today.  HE wants to be identified with YOU!

You don’t have to have a guy named Aaron declare the priestly blessing over you, you can declare it over yourself.  I’m going to memorize those verses so I can speak it over my family.  I want the Blount family to not just be Blounts, but to put on the name of God and be reminded daily that we are a part of a bigger family, we are a part of God’s family and God blesses His family.

  1. God wants to be indentified with me!
  2. His name is I AM!
  3. His name is provider.
  4. His name is healer.
  5. His name is deliverer.
  6. His name is peace.
  7. His name is protector.
  8. His name is righteousness.
  9. His name is shepherd.
  10. He desires to bless us the same way he desired to bless the children of Israel.
  11. Great quiet time out in my back yard this morning.
  12. Pretty sunrise.
  13. Heard God’s voice when I asked Him to confirm something I needed confirmed.
  14. Gus has been sleeping until 8 all week!  Me and Beau have been enjoying our hour in the morning where it’s just the two of us.
  15. Answered prayers for a friend’s mother.
  16. My friend J.J. sent me a really awesome message by Charles Neiman that I got to listen to this morning.  Can’t wait to listen to it again.
  17. We had a normal day just the four of us at our house.  It’s been two weeks since we’ve had that!
  18. Got the check book balanced.
  19. Spent the whole afternoon swimming with the kids at the pool.
  20. The ice cream truck drove by the pool while we were there and Gus told me he would give me five bucks if I got him an ice cream.  I said no.  He upped it to fifteen bucks.  He had me and Josh cracking up.
  21. Taco Bueno for dinner.  So bueno!
  22. Started my 18th week of pregnancy!
  23. My tummy is really growing, which means Sunny is really growing.
  24. Felt Sunny not just flutter but kick for a while tonight.  It was such a sweet, special moment.  I never felt Felix kick.
  25. Got a little rain shower tonight.  Every lit bit helps!
  26. The smell of summer rain.
  27. 24, pretzels, and hanging out in my cozy bed with Josh.

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