Day 339

Being hungry is not fun… especially when you are pregnant.  We got a late start this morning and I forgot to grab a snack on our way out the door to the library.  About 30 minutes after we got there I realized how hungry I was.  I checked my purse to see if I had any of the kid’s snacks hidden in it, but no dice.  I didn’t even have Altoids.  I finished filling our book bag, checked out, and drove home as fast as legally possible.  I walked in the house with wobbly legs, yeah I was that hungry, slammed a granola bar and started some mac n cheese for the kids.

While I was waiting for the water to boil this verse popped into my head.

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.

It’s hard to imagine hungry and blessed going hand in hand, especially if you have people in your house that get in really grouchy moods when they are hungry… which in my family is all four of us, but Jesus wasn’t talking about physical hunger, He was talking about spiritual hunger.

Jesus didn’t like people to be hungry for food.  He did some of his most well known miracles to ensure that his followers’ appetites were satisfied.  He turned water into wine and a basket of fish and bread into a meal that fed 5,000 plus people.  Being hungry for food is a curse, one that many of us have never really, truly experienced, but being hungry in your spirit for more of God is a guaranteed blessing!

I love how the amplified amplifies the word “blessed” in Matthew 5:6, Blessed and fortunate and happy and  spiritually prosperous (in that state in which the born-again child of God  enjoys His favor and salvation).

Blessed, fortunate, happy, spiritually prosperous, enjoying favor and enjoying salvation- that kind of life is possible, it just requires being hungry.

We have to develop a serious appetite for spiritual wisdom and revelation.  We need to crave time in God’s presence.  We need to depend on His word for nourishment so much so that when we get busy and forget to eat we notice it.  When we don’t get enough actual food to eat our stomachs growl, our attitudes suffer, our legs get weak, we faint, and if we go long enough we die.  Your body lets you know when you need nourishment, your spirt will let you know too.  When you begin to experience fear, worry, stress, sadness, jealousy, etc. your spirit is hungry for more of God and His righteousness.  You need to satisfy your hunger by feeding your spirit.

2 Corinthians 4:16 (NLT) …Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day.

When you care only about feeding your physical body, your spirit will start to shrivel.  Malnourishment will set in and you’ll start losing the fight that God paid a great price to win for you.  To stay spiritually healthy, stay spiritually hungry.  Take time to renew yourself each and every day.

BLESSED are those who are HUNGRY!

  1. Blessed (fortunate, happy, spiritually prosperous, enjoying favor and enjoying salvation) are those who are hungry!
  2. Our spirits will let us know when we need more spiritual nourishment.
  3. We can renew ourselves and feed ourselves everyday if we make spending time with God a priority.
  4. “Hungry” Such a beautiful song.
  5. I have claimed to be starving before, but I’ve never really been starving.
  6. When I was quite hungry this afternoon I was able to come in and grab a granola bar and satisfy my hunger until the mac n cheese was ready.
  7. 24 new books for the kids from the library!
  8. Soda flavored Jelly Bellies.
  9. Drew has learned how to fold up and load Beau’s stroller.
  10. Enjoyed hanging out with all of the kids at the mall today.
  11. I made my way back to the nursery section at Pottery Barn Kids.  Excited to start working on Sunny’s nursery soon!
  12. A lady that works at PBK who knew about us losing Felix saw me tonight and was so excited to see that I was pregnant again.  It’s such happy news to share!  Children are a gift from God!
  13. Beau was super pumped about her new Team Umizoomi book from Barnes & Noble.
  14. Gus found a Ninja Turtle book in 3D.  He was pretty cute in his PJs, wet hair, and 3D glasses while we were reading before bed tonight.
  15. “Operation: No More Tears” from Gus’ Jesus story book Bible.  I love reading that one.
  16. 26 years ago today my nephew Justin was born!!  The world is a better place because he is in it!
  17. His mom, my sister was only 17 when she had him.  So glad she chose life!
  18. Justin served our country in the Navy, brought one of my favorite people into our family when he married Courtney, is one of the most likeable guys I know, and has chosen to live for God.  So proud of him.
  19. In N Out for dinner.  Ridiculously good, as always.
  20. Got our puppy fix at Petland after dinner.
  21. Found a little puppy that looked just like the dog my grandpa had growing up.  Bear was the best dog ever.
  22. I had such an awesome grandpa.  I could see him on his bike with Bear in the basket so perfectly tonight when I saw that puppy.
  23. S’mores Ice Cream cake we made yesterday was even better today!
  24. Beau discovered she can balance on one foot.  She is absolutely adorable showing off her new trick.
  25. Great report from Miriam about the Bible study in Honduras!  Makes my heart so happy thinking about how Felix’s life is influencing people I’ve never even met in countries I’ve never been to!
  26. Beau’s eyes looked so pretty tonight in her blue shirt.  Even Gus noticed them.
  27. We saw a commercial with little babies in it and Gus said, “I can’t wait until my baby gets here.”  Beau & Sunny are so blessed to have such a great big brother.

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