Day 336

When my son Gus was three we took him to see a firework show on the 4th of July.  We got to the church that was shooting them off about an hour early so we could get good seats, but the show did not start on time… in fact, it started 45 minutes late!  We were tired of waiting and almost left a few times, but we stuck it out and I’m so glad we did.  When the show finally started, Gus was in awe.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.  He was audibly joyful.  Every time a firework would begin it’s climb into the night sky he would say, “Going up…BOOM!  Firework!”  Every. single. time!  “Going up…BOOM! Firework!  Mamma see the blue one?  Mamma see the green one?  Going up…BOOM! Firework!”  We tried to get him to watch and enjoy quietly, but he couldn’t do it.  He was so loud that a few people sitting around us moved far away enough so that they didn’t have to listen to him and far away enough not to listen to him was on the other side of the parking lot.

Since I am his mom, I enjoyed listening to his joy.  I could see how other people could get annoyed, but it made me happy to know my little boy was having such a wonderful time.

Nehemiah 12:43 Many sacrifices were offered on that joyous day, for God had given the people cause for great joy. The women and children also participated in the celebration, and the joy of the people of Jerusalem could be heard far away.

The joyous day Nehemiah was talking about was dedication day!  The wall the people had been working so hard to build was complete and now it was time to celebrate and dedicate it to the Lord.  They had two thanksgiving choirs and a live band to help the people enter in and enter in they did. They weren’t just singing, they were audibly joyful and their joy, not their song, could be heard from far away.

Whoever it was that heard them far away may have heard music and they may have heard singing but what really stood out was the sound of JOY!

Joy has a sound and if your life is centered around Jesus, your joy should be able to be heard from far away.  It may get on other peoples nerves, but that’s just because they don’t have lives centered around Jesus and they’re probably just jealous of the fact that you always have a smile on your face and a song in your heart… no matter what’s going on in your life.

Some people may move their seat away from yours, but I believe if you’re audibly joyful you’ll draw more people to you than away from you, because joyful people are just more fun to be around than stick in the muds.

One thing is for certain, your father, He’ll never be annoyed by your joy.  I sat there with Gus and smiled the whole way through that firework show because I love my son and it brings me joy to hear his joy.  God is the same way.  He doesn’t care how great your singing voice is or if you are an eloquent speaker, if you are making a joyful noise, He’ll sit with you and smile, because He loves you and it brings Him joy to hear your joy!

  1. Joy has a sound!
  2. Jesus loves me and it brings Him joy when He hears my joy.
  3. When we are joyful we draw people in.
  4. We always have something to be joyful about.  Always.
  5. Josh sent me that verse this morning.
  6. We have some video clips of Gus and his audible joy at the firework show that night.  So awesome.
  7. The sound of my kids laughing.
  8. The sound of my kids crying right after they were born.
  9. The sound of my kids saying mamma.
  10. Got to go to the packed 10:45 service this morning at Gateway Frisco.
  11. The sound of people worshipping all around me.  More people, louder worship.  Loved it.
  12. Drew & Lindsay have been great helpers with Gus & Beau.  They help Gus get buckled up in the car and get Beau in and out of her carseat.
  13. Teenagers can take their plates to the dishwasher!
  14. Cochran’s had safe travels to Hawaii.
  15. Heard a lot of laughter coming from upstairs this afternoon while Gus was playing Ninja Turtles with Drew & Lindsay.
  16. I received so many sweet texts today from family and friends letting me know they were thinking of me.
  17. Josh grilled some yummy hamburgers and hotdogs for us tonight.
  18. Homemade milk shakes. We were going for ice cream, but my freezer bowl must have not been cold enough.  The milkshakes were good though!
  19. Kids all had fun swimming and playing in the backyard this evening.
  20. Josh did bath time and bed time for the kids tonight so I could get a head start on my bath time!
  21. Josh hand washed all of the ice cream maker parts for me.  He knows I can’t stand hand washing stuff.
  22. Settlers of Catan game night… which by the way I won!  Took the 10th point just before Josh had a chance to get his 10th point!
  23. When Beau tells stories.  She is so cute I can hardly stand it sometimes.
  24. My Grandma Newsom is celebrating her birthday today.  She was at all of my birthday parties growing up and always brought me a special gift.
  25. When Gus and Beau fight and then have to make up.  Beau loves getting/giving her bubba hugs.
  26. Gus was perfectly positioned for a kiss on the lips when I went to check on him tonight.
  27. Today was a good day.  God’s grace is more than enough for me!

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