Day 329

At least once a day I have to tell my kids to settle down.  Yesterday, we were on our way to Tulsa to drop them off at their aunt and uncles for a few days and they were excited.  Excited about staying with their cousins, excited about swimming at Nana & Papa’s pool, excited about all the fun they had at our family reunion, excited about our dinner at Hideaway Pizza, just excited about everything.  When one child gets excited, the other gets excited and pretty soon the two of them are bouncing off the walls and they need someone to tell them to settle it on down.

Settle down according to our family’s dictionary means to quiet down, get still, and get yourself back to a normal state.  This morning God had to tell me to settle down.

I woke up early to give myself enough time to get ready before heading to the airport to catch an early flight.  I have never flown while pregnant and my doctor suggested I take a baby aspirin before the flight.  I went to Target last night to get some baby aspirin, but baby aspirin does not exist.  The pharmacist showed me where the low dose aspirin was and said it was what I was needed.  I picked it up and started to to get it, but then I felt like I shouldn’t get it, so I put it down and left.  My first thought when I woke up this morning, “You should have got that aspirin.”  My second thought, “But I didn’t feel right about taking it.”  My third thought, “Why would the doctor suggest something that could be dangerous to you or the baby?”  My fourth thought , “Well it wasn’t “baby” aspirin.  And he said “baby” aspirin.”  And on and on and on.  I was bouncing off the walls… getting more and more stressed out about what I should or should not do.

Finally, I heard God say, “You didn’t feel good about taking it last night, right?  Well, that was your spirit.  You’ll be fine without it.  It’s settled.”

Ahhhh.  That felt so good.  I needed someone to tell me to settle down.  I needed someone to help my mind quiet down, get still, and get me back to a normal state.  I thought Google would be helpful, but it wasn’t.  Half of the pregnancy boards said take the aspirin before a flight and half of them said don’t take it.  To stop the bouncing I needed a word from the Lord.  He’s not as confusing as the pregnancy message boards.  His Yes’s are Yes’s and His no’s are no’s.  I like that!

When we find ourselves unsettled, we need to look to the Prince of Peace and let Him settle us down.  We need to listen for His calming voice, His simple yes or no, His clear direction, His reminders, and His peaceful leading.

Romans 8:16 The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God

  1. The Spirit Himself is always reminding us that we are God’s children.
  2. The Spirit wants to lead us even in the little things.
  3. God helped me settle down and stop stressing out this morning.
  4. Slept great last night!
  5. My brother in law Scott took us to the airport at 6 a.m.!
  6. My in laws gave us our plane tickets to Santa Barbara for our Christmas present last year.  Such a great gift!
  7. My father in law made our flight reservations and made sure we got the exit row seats which have much more leg room and priority boarding.
  8. Bourne movies.  Quality flight entertainment.
  9. Our flight into LA was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to Santa Barbara, but Papa got us backed up on the next flight out.
  10. Crackers & Hummus plane snack to tide me over until lunch time.
  11. Got some cute pics of Gus & Beau hanging out with the cousins Ryan & Olivia.
  12. Got to talk to the kids for a little bit and tell them goodnight.  Love those sweet voices.
  13. 2 extra hours of daylight thanks to west coast time change.
  14. Santa Barbara is beautiful!!!  Even the airport is amazing.
  15. Josh came to Santa Barbara when he was younger and thought it would be a pretty and romantic place to take a girl… he was right.
  16. 40’s on 4o Sirius radio station.  40’s music just seems very fitting when driving around the beautiful town.
  17. Palm Trees.
  18. Beautiful and very fragrant flowers.
  19. The smell of the ocean.
  20. The Montecito Inn.  Beautiful hotel, awesome architecture, really nice hotel staff.
  21. Perfect 72 degree weather.
  22. ZERO humidity!
  23. Driving around with the windows rolled down.
  24. Exploring and being spontaneous.
  25. Ate dinner at an amazing mexican restaurant, Los Agaves.
  26. Yelp!  So helpful when planning which restaurants to visit.
  27. Gorgeous sunset on Stearns Wharf.


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