Day 323

Last week we got a new cable provider and while they were installing the cable they changed some stuff on our phone lines too.  Our phone lines are supposed to be connected to our security system and they must have been disconnected, because now our alarm pad flashes the letters F.C.  Failure to communicate.  We can still set the alarm and it will still go off if a door or window has been opened, but we will be the only ones who know about it.  Because of whatever happened during the cable set up, the alarm monitoring company will not receive a phone call to alert them that our alarm has been set off, thus they will not be able to contact the police of fire department for us.  I should probably get that fixed soon.

In my quiet time this morning I was thinking about how important communication is and asking God to show me how I could improve my communication with Him and He led me to Numbers 20 to the story where Moses gets banned from the Promised Land.

The Israelites were completely out of water.  They had been completely out of water before and the last time it happened God had Moses hit a rock with his staff and water came out of the rock, but this time God communicated to Moses to do it like this,

“Take the staff,  and you and your brother Aaron gather the assembly together. Speak to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water.  You will bring water out of the rock for the community so they and their livestock can drink.”

Similar but different.  This time he was to take his staff, but he wasn’t supposed to hit the rock with it, he was supposed to speak to the rock.  Moses was in a bit of a bad mood and completely tired of being in the wilderness with the most ungrateful group of people ever, but he knew God wanted them to have water, so he obeyed… kind of.

He took his staff.  He went to the rock.  And then he hit the rock with his staff two times.  He said nothing to the rock, instead he griped at the Israelites, but the water still came forth.  He probably didn’t even realize that he had messed up the instructions that God gave him, but God did.

“Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy  in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them.”

Ouch!  That had to hurt, but Moses didn’t argue.  He knew God was right.  The whole way he went about that assignment was dishonoring to the Lord.  God communicated to Him very clearly exactly what he wanted him to do, but Moses didn’t listen.  Failure to communicate.

God wants leaders in place that know how to communicate with Him.  People who not only spend time talking with God, but spend time listening to God and honoring what they hear Him say.  Failure to communicate effectively with God will keep you from getting to your promised land.

So many of us are walking around like my alarm system, flashing the letters F.C.  We sound like we are functioning properly… we pray in the morning and with our kids at night and we even pray for our food at restaurants, BUT it’s all one way.  The phone wire has been disconnected and we aren’t communicating with our monitoring service.  We aren’t hearing from the one we need to hear from.  The whole point of being in a relationship with God is being in a relationship with God; a relationship where you communicate with Him and He communicates with you!

It’s hard to sit and listen, just like it’s hard for me to find a good time to call my alarm company so they can come out and fix the problem, but I know I gotta do it and I know it will be worth it.  Hear what God wants to say to you today and listen closely so He can fulfill His promises to you.

  1. God wants to communicate with us.
  2. When we listen to God and obey God we will see His promises fulfilled.
  3. We can have a real relationship with the creator of the universe.
  4. Our alarm system.
  5. By 7:30 a.m. I had finished by quiet time, made my grocery list, and made eggs and toast for breakfast.
  6. Josh got the trash out just a few seconds before the trash truck came to collect.
  7. Mobile check deposits.  So handy!
  8. Enjoyed our play date with the Schlegel’s this morning.
  9. Full pantry and fridge.
  10. Power nap to help me recover from grocery shopping.
  11. I remembered to buy kitchen trash bags!  I’ve been using huge lawn bags the past two weeks.
  12. Gus spent all afternoon coloring quietly.
  13. Josh home in time for dinner.
  14. Taco night.
  15. Yummy guacamole.
  16. Listening to Gus talk about all he learned about baseball at the game he and Josh went to last week.  He knows his stuff.
  17. Nice night in the shaded backyard.
  18. Josh & Gus got to play some baseball.
  19. Beau got to play at the water table.
  20. I got to sit in a patio chair and watch my sweet little family enjoy life!
  21. Locust sounds.
  22. Popsicles to help make Gus’ busted lip feel better.  Pitcher is a dangerous position to play when dad is batting.
  23. Found my missing check card.
  24. My sister Mindy and bother in law Tommy are celebrating 18 years of marriage!
  25. Beau let me hold her and sing “How Great Is Our God” with her before bed.
  26. I am on track to have a completely cleared desk, inbox, and voice mailbox when I leave for vacation on Friday.  Feels so nice being so caught up.
  27. My Dyson vacuum.

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