Day 318

The year was 1999.  Most of America was worried about Y2K while the rest of America was downloading as much free music from Napster as possible.  I was 14, so I wasn’t doing either.  I was worried more about who was going to have the number one video on TRL than I was about whatever might happen when the clock struck midnight and we entered into a new millennium.

I was pretty care free in 8th grade.  I loved Jesus and I loved boys… celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Leonard DiCaprio mostly, but there were a few guys that went to my church that I thought were cute too;  all of them older than me and all of them had no idea I existed, but it was still fun for me and my friends to run around after youth group trying to find them… so we could not talk to them of course.  I was happy with the way things were, but one night God gave me a dream about one of those cute boys from church.  I had never had a spiritual dream before and I don’t think I even realized it was a spiritual dream at the time, all I know is when I woke up from the dream I knew that it would someday be a reality… someday I really would become Mrs. Joshua Blount.

I probably should have just held on to the dream, prayed about it and watched it all unfold, BUT I was fourteen and super mature, so instead, I decided to tell all of my friends that I was going to marry Josh Blount someday… and they reminded me that he was way too old for me AND that we had never talked to each other before.  True and true, but not enough to keep me from “pursuing my dream.”

The word finally got around to Josh that some girl had a dream she was going to marry him and of course he wanted to see who this girl was.  A mutual friend of ours introduced us and the first time we met, Josh asked me if I was the girl that was going to marry him, and I, without any hesitation, said, “yes!” and four years later I said “I do.”

Today I am celebrating being Mrs. Joshua Blount for TEN years!  Every year when our anniversary rolls around I can’t help but think of that dream and the desire that God put in my heart to marry Josh through it.

Psalm 37:4 (NLT) Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires. 

God knew that Josh was the one for me so He put a desire in my heart and then he gave me that desire!  I think sometimes we read that verse and think that it means God will give us whatever we desire… a new house, a nicer car, a better job, etc., etc., but I think what he really wants to give us is a desire to want what He wants for us, so then he can give us what He wants to give us and we’ll know that it came from Him.

Every year a few weeks before our son’s birthday rolls around we place a little desire in his heart.  We figure out what we are going to get him and then we’ll “happen” to pass by it at the store or see a commercial for it on T.V. and we’ll draw his attention to it.  “Oh man, Gus!  Look at that.  That looks so awesome.  I bet you would love that!”  He always takes the bait and then on May 20th, we get to give him the desire of his heart… the desire that we put there.

Fourteen.  God threw the bait out for me when I was fourteen.  I’m thankful every single day of my life that I took it and that He gave me the desire of my heart, Joshua Blount.

Instead of asking God to give you what YOU want for you, ask Him to give you what HE wants for you.

  1. God gives us the desires of our hearts and then He gives us the desire of our hearts!
  2. God gave me the desire to marry Josh and then he gave me Josh!
  3. 10 years ago today I became Mrs. Joshua Blount.  My dream came true and then some.
  4. Church On The Move.  We met there, we married there, and we learned a lot there.
  5. Josh and I have always been friends.  We were friends first and we have stayed friends, the very best of friends.
  6. AOL instant messenger.  blnt1179j got to know ToOoCute33 through it.
  7. 11 more sleeps until we are Santa Barbara bound to celebrate!
  8. Our marriage has not been perfect, but God used the tough years to bring us closer together and strengthen our marriage with an unbreakable bond.
  9. We are one!
  10. Our marriage just keeps getting better with each passing year.
  11. I married into an amazing family.  I’m proud to be a Blount and have little Blount children.
  12. Josh saved himself for me.  I saved myself for him.
  13. Josh is even better looking now then when we got married.
  14. We said “I do” in front of hundreds of our family members and friends.  I felt so loved that day.
  15. My sister in law did my makeup for my wedding day and made me feel absolutely beautiful.
  16. I had the cutest flower girls ever.  Gentry & Ryan.  I can’t believe how big they are now!
  17. My mom made all of my bridesmaids dresses and flower girl dresses and did an awesome job.
  18. Josh knew I wouldn’t have time to eat at the reception so he had sushi waiting for me when we got home to spend our first night together in our new, tiny house.
  19. Olsen Olsen” by Sigur Ros.  The whole wedding party walked in to this song… me right at 4:35.  It was as the teens say, epic.
  20. Wouldn’t It Be Nice”  We took our first steps as a married couple to this song.  It has been nice!
  21. My beautiful ring.
  22. On our five year anniversary I got Josh a real ring and he’s kept up with it the past 5 years!
  23. The olive plants God has placed around our table.  I love raising a family with Josh.
  24. I was just 18 when I married Josh.  I got to grow up with him and he got to grow up with me.
  25. Josh always tells me I’m his prize and he treats me that way.
  26. It was 10 years ago in San Fransisco, our 2nd night as a married couple, when Josh told me he felt God calling him to pastor.  I’ll never forget that night at Kincades eating huge shrimp and overlooking the bay.
  27. Josh Frillman caught my garter.  More epicness.

One thought on “Day 318

  1. cheraldez says:

    So cute! I love to hear a good love story! Never knew you were 18! Wow! Love your transparency! You have a sweet spirit! Congrats! Enjoy your day! We celebrate our ten years in a week! God is good!

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