Day 317

If you weren’t awake by six this morning, here in Texas, you would think that this morning was 100 percent gray and cloudy. But I was up that early and I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise with the most vibrant colors.

I was walking, half asleep, to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of orange juice when I noticed a pink glow coming from my backdoor window.  I went over and opened all the kitchen windows and admired God’s handiwork while I started my quiet time.  I couldn’t believe how amazing the sky looked on such a rainy and cloudy morning. It was so stunning I wanted to wake everyone else up so they could see it, too.  It only lasted a few minutes, and then the sky turned gray and stayed gray for the rest of the morning.  I felt like I had been given a gift.  The heavens really do declare God’s glory!

Psalm 19:5 (MSG) God makes a huge dome for the sun—a superdome! The morning sun’s a new husband leaping from his honeymoon bed, the daybreaking sun an athlete racing to the tape.

The sun is amazing.  Every day, without fail, it rises.  It never calls in sick.  It never goes on vacation.  It never sleeps in.  It is so very faithful.  Even on a cloudy, rainy day it comes up and puts on a show.  Few people are up to see it.  Few people appreciate it when they do see it, but that doesn’t matter to the sun.  God tells it to rise and it rises, and it does it with a great attitude.  The sun rises with excitement like a man on his honeymoon gets out of bed in the morning!

A man on his honeymoon is one happy man!  Josh and I honeymooned in Hawaii almost 10 years ago and there wasn’t much you could do to rain on his parade.  He was totally enjoying life as a married man and was excited about the start of each new day.  He had a sparkle in his eye and a bounce in his step!  The sun rises every day with that kind of enthusiasm.

It’s easy to rise with enthusiasm when you have something special going on—like leaving for vacation or heading to the hospital to deliver a baby, BUT sometimes it’s hard to roll out of bed when you’ve just got another regular day ahead of you and even harder when you have what you think will be a long day ahead of you.  But if the sun, which has been having the same day, every day as long as it’s existed, can still wake up and put on a show like it did today, that tells me that we can wake up every day with the same kind of enthusiasm.

The sun has a purpose and is called by God, and that’s all it needs to act like a man on his honeymoon.  We all have a purpose and we’ve all been called by God and because of that we should wake up every morning acting the same way—letting nothing rain on our parade and wearing a smile on our face that can’t be wiped off.

We, like the sun, are called to bring God glory, but if we don’t rise and shine, it’s going to be hard to do so.

I’m thankful not only for the beautiful sunrise I got to witness this morning, but for the inspirational sunrise I got to witness this morning.

  1. I was up early enough to see the beautiful sunrise.  It looked like I had a mountain range in my backyard!
  2. The sun inspired to me rise with enthusiasm… even on regular days.
  3. The heavens declare God’s greatness without ever having to say a word.
  4. Psalm 19 in The Message translation.  Good stuff!
  5. We have been called by God and we have a purpose.
  6. Our honeymoon!  It was perfect.
  7. Hawaii.  I must go back someday!
  8. Asked Gus, who really wants a little brother, what he’d do if he found out we were having a girl and he said “I’d thank God.”  I love that kid!
  9. Got a sweet voicemail from a sweet lady letting me know she was praying for me this morning.
  10. Had a very regular, but very great morning at home with my kids.
  11. I get to stay home with them everyday!
  12. Got a good cantaloupe!  Tastes more like candy than fruit.
  13. Gus had so much fun setting up a pretend pet store for his afternoon play date with the Collin’s girls.
  14. Gus had even more fun playing pet store with the Collin’s girls.  They all played so nicely together.
  15. I love that Gus had Ava to play with and Beau had Olivia to play with.  A little friend for each of them.
  16. I really enjoyed hanging out and chatting with my friend Briana while the kids played.
  17. Briana confirmed something I had just been praying about earlier that morning.
  18. The pile on my desk at work shrunk significantly this afternoon!
  19. Monkey Bars granola bars.  Bought them for the kids, but I’m hooked.
  20. Great night with the Gateway Frisco pastoral staff!
  21. Lots and lots of laughing.
  22. Pastor Randy & Cheri had a really great spread of food prepared for us.
  23. The kids had a great night hanging out with Miss Kristine!
  24. Came home to a clean house and two sleeping beauties.
  25. Maxi dresses and skirts.  They feel pretty much like pajamas.
  26. Monster’s University tickets have been purchased!
  27. Trashcan Sinatras.

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