Day 312

In Mark 5 Jesus feeds 5,000 men plus women and children with 5 loaves and 2 fish.  In Mark 8 Jesus feeds 4,000 with 7 loaves and a few small fish.  That’s over 10,000 people that Jesus fed with only 12 loaves and a couple of fish.  The disciples were present for both miracles.  It was their own bread that Jesus blessed and multiplied in Mark chapter 8.  They saw with their own eyes thousands of people eat until they were full and they picked up with their own hands the baskets of food that were left over.  After everyone had finished their meal Jesus and the disciples got into a boat and headed to Dalmanutha, but one of the disciples forgot to grab the doggy bags;  which has to be the disciple most like me, because 9 out 10 times I forget to get my doggy bag when leaving a restaurant.  I understand how easily things like this happen, but the disciples are pretty bummed.  I guess they were probably busy helping distribute the bread and picking up the leftovers to eat themselves, so now they are stuck on a boat with just one loaf of bread and empty stomachs.

Jesus begins to warn them about the “yeast of the Pharisees and of Herod” but all they can think about is how hungry they are.  They begin to argue with one another and point fingers… while on the boat with the man who they had witnessed multiply bread and feed all of those people not even a day ago!  Jesus is listening to the argument and I’m sure thinking to Himself, you have got to be kidding me, and then He interjects.

Mark 8:17-21… “Why are you arguing about having no bread? Don’t you know or understand even yet? Are your hearts too hard to take it in? ‘You have eyes—can’t you see? You have ears—can’t you hear?  Don’t you remember anything at all?  When I fed the 5,000 with five loaves of bread, how many baskets of leftovers did you pick up afterward?”  “Twelve,” they said.  “And when I fed the 4,000 with seven loaves, how many large baskets of leftovers did you pick up?” “Seven,” they said.  “Don’t you understand yet?” he asked them.

And the story ends.  I’m guessing the disciples sat quietly for the remainder of the boat ride.

If the disciples who saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears the miracles of Jesus and still struggled with turning to Him first, then I think it’s safe to say that we, who have only read about the miracles Jesus did when he walked the earth, are going to struggle with the same type of thing.

We are going to have to work at not forgetting the greatness of our God!  We are going to have to purpose to remember the times that He has done miracles in our own lives.  We are going to have to continually read the gospels and let the realness of his power sink in.  We are going to have to make sure we understand that the same Jesus who fed thousands with less food than I have in my pantry right now is the same Jesus who we can come to with confidence when we need His help.

I don’t want Jesus watching me worry, fear, or argue about something while He is thinking to himself, “you’ve got to be kidding me!  Doesn’t she remember when I did this… and when I did that… and how I came through during that time… and that story about me in the Bible where I did that.”

I don’t want to be in the presence of the multiplier and not look to Him to multiply.

I have enjoyed so many things about writing this blog over the last 312 days, but my favorite thing is the way that God has used the list making process to keep His greatness always in the front of my mind.  It’s hard to complain and argue when I’m busy thinking about the things that I am going to be thankful for each day.  What if the disciples got on the boat with that mentality?  What if instead of fighting over the left behind left overs they said, “Let’s just thank Jesus for what He did back there tonight.”  Their hearts would have been in the right place to receive their own miracle, but instead they missed out.

Jesus is still a God of miracles.  Don’t forget who’s in the boat with you today!

  1. Jesus’ miracles were recorded for us… to help us remember!
  2. Jesus still does miracles.
  3. Jesus is always in the boat with us and we can always come to Him when we need help.
  4. The way these lists have helped me keep my mind fixed on God’s goodness.
  5. Started my 14th week of pregnancy and my 2nd trimester today!
  6. Other than being extra tired, my first trimester was a piece of cake.
  7. Listened to this awesome message by Tony Evans this morning while I was getting ready.  SO good!
  8. Watching Beau worship.  She shuts her eyes so tight, raises her little arms, and sways back and forth.
  9. Holy Spirit let me know the time we spent in the word this morning as a family was important even if it doesn’t always feel like it is.
  10. Hearing Beau crack up while she was watching Super Grover today.  She loves the blue puppet.
  11. Took the kids to Lego Land in Grapevine for the first time today!
  12. Got to catch up with my friend Becky and see her sweet little Nolan.
  13. Becky rode all of the rides with Gus since I have a baby on board.
  14. Gus had a great time!  He is already planning his next visit with dad.
  15. Beau enjoyed herself too.  She especially like the 4D movie!  She was so cute with her big 4D glasses barely hanging on to her little button nose.
  16. Got to meet my friend Kathleen and Gus & Beau’s friend Belle for dinner tonight.
  17. Got to have my favorite salad from Chic Fil A!
  18. The employees at Chic Fil A really are the greatest and most thoughtful fast food employees in the world.
  19. The option to trade in the kid’s meal toy for ice cream.
  20. The kids had a really fun time playing together in the play place.
  21. My phone died on the way home and so I had no GPS, but I found my way home perfectly!
  22. Only 2 more sleeps until Josh returns!!
  23. May book keeping complete for KBM!
  24. I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday.  So glad this week has gone so fast for us.
  25. Tomorrow is Sabbath Friday.  So ready to do nothing!
  26. Text messaging.  Great way to keep up with Josh this week.
  27. In bed by 9:45!  Ready to do some serious sleeping!

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