Day 309

In Mark chapter 10, Jesus and his disciples are leaving Jericho when a blind beggar named Bartimaeus begins to desperately shout for Jesus to have pity on him.  Being a beggar is not a good thing, being a blind beggar is really not a good thing.  Bartimaeus was tired of sitting on the side of the road hoping that people would feel sorry for him and throw a few coins his way.  He was tired of not being able to see the world around him.  He had heard of Jesus and he knew that He could heal him.  He could tell by the way the crowd was moving that Jesus was leaving Jericho, so this could be his last chance to have an encounter with the man who could change his life forever and He didn’t want to miss out on that.

He shouted so loudly many people told him to shut it, but he didn’t listen to them, he actually cried louder and eventually Jesus heard him.  Jesus stopped walking and told the disciples to call him over.

Mark 10:49-50 …They called out to the blind man and said, “Don’t be afraid! Come on! He is calling for you.”  The man threw off his coat as he jumped up and ran to Jesus. 

The Greek word for “threw off” is apoballo and it means to throw away, discard, or to get rid of something no longer needed.  Bartimaeus was wrapped tightly in his coat and to get to Jesus He needed to get out of it.  It wasn’t like a blanket draped over him that just fell off when he stood up, it was something that was restricting Him and keeping him from getting close to Jesus, and that was all he wanted, so he tore the coat off, threw it to the ground, and never looked back.  I think he knew Jesus was about to miraculously heal his eyes and that he wouldn’t need his beggar coat any longer.  He was going to get a job and buy a new coat, a better coat.

The Holy Spirit wanted the bit about the coat being thrown off in this story for a reason.  He wanted to show us what to do with things that are keeping us from getting closer to Jesus.  We’ve got to throw them off, discard them, and never look back.

We’ve all got our favorite coats.  The coats that we have grown really comfortable with.  We tightly wrap ourselves in them and wear them throughout the year.  We’ve grown attached to them like a child is attached to their favorite blankie.  Maybe  the coat that you just can’t seem to part with is a relationship.  You know the person is not good for you, but you just can’t break it off.  Maybe your favorite coat is your pride.  You like putting your hands in your pockets at church during worship, it’s what you’ve always done and doing anything else would make you uncomfortable.  Maybe it’s your television set.  If it’s not on all of the time you feel like something is missing.  Maybe it’s sleep.  You enjoy 8 or more hours of sleep every night and you aren’t taking your sleep coat off for anyone.

Ask God to show you if you are wearing a coat that is holding you back.

Bartimaeus threw his coat, probably the only coat he owned, down to the ground and he made his way to Jesus.  When Jesus asked him what he wanted he said, “Jesus, I want to see you.”  and instantly his eyes were healed and he went down the road with Jesus, leaving his coat behind.

If you want to see Jesus or see Him more clearly than you’ve ever seen Him before it’s time to throw off your coat.  Get rid of the things in your life that are holding you back, the things that you’ve bound yourself with, and leave them be.  You can’t continue on the road with Jesus if you keep going back to your old coat.  I doubt Bartimaeus ever regretted leaving his coat behind and I promise you’ll never regret leaving anything behind that keeps you from being able to better see Jesus, the man who can change your life forever.  Don’t miss your opportunity.

  1. I threw off my sleeping until 7:00 coat last year so I could have a real quiet time everyday before my kids were up… changed my life forever.
  2. Whatever you throw off and leave behind, God always replaces with something better.
  3. Bartimaeus’ awesome answer when Jesus asked him what he wanted.  “Jesus, I want to see you.”
  4. Jesus is the same healer today that he was the day he miraculously healed Bart’s eyes.
  5. My vintage “Rejoice In The Lord” BARKimaeus shirt.  One of my favorite sleep shirts.
  6. Successful school time with Gus & Beau this morning.
  7. Actually hot enough for the kids to swim without shivering the whole time today!
  8. Relaxing kiddie pool side.
  9. My little misting fan.
  10. 80’s Spotify radio.
  11. Beau gettin’ down to some Michael Jackson.
  12. Stocked up on fruit at Aldi this afternoon.
  13. Fly swatters!  We let about 6 flies in today going in and out, but thanks to my fly swatter, they gone.
  14. Well behaved kids in a long line at the post office today.
  15. 750 water balloons for $4.00.  Gus was in boy heaven today launching them all over the back yard.
  16. The water balloons came with a thing you attach to the hose to make filling them up so much easier than when I was a kid.
  17. Gus did a great job at picking up all the popped pieces for me.
  18. Ice cream sandwiches.
  19. Josh and the Gateway kids made it safely to camp Dry Gulch.
  20. Camp Dry Gulch.  Such an awesome place for summer camp!  I know Gus is going to love it when he gets to go someday!
  21. Left overs for dinner.
  22. Movie night just me and Gussy.
  23. I got to teach him how to use a Twizzler for a straw.  He thought it was the greatest idea of all time!
  24. Cherry coke.
  25. There is one clean, good smelling little 5 year old sleeping in my bed tonight.
  26. Josh called the kids to tell them goodnight and it totally made their day.
  27. My mother in law is a prayer warrior.  It’s so nice having her on my team.

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