Day 308

When I am daydreaming about the little person currently occupying my womb I get most excited thinking about holding him or her skin to skin.

Holding a newborn baby skin to skin is exactly what it sounds like.  You take your sweet baby dressed only in a diaper, lay them over your bare chest and let them hang out there for about an hour at time.  It’s heavenly, absolutely heavenly.

When I had my first child I didn’t know about skin to skin, nor did the nurses on call think to mention it to me, but when I had my second child the sweet nurses got her all cleaned up and instead of wrapping her in a blanket they gave her to me dressed in just a tiny diaper and said, “here, let her lay on your chest, skin to skin.”  I was good to stay there in that hospital bed holding my beautiful Beau like that forever.

Skin to skin isn’t just the sweetest way to hold a new baby it has all kinds of health benefits for both the baby and the new mom.  For the baby it accelerates brain development, reduces stress and crying, regulates their body temperature, improves the quality of their sleep, enhances their immune system, stimulates digestion and weight gain, synchronizes heart rate and breathing, and encourages breastfeeding.  For the mother it reduces the risk of postpartum depression, increases milk production, speeds recovery time, and helps her relax.

Isn’t God cool?  He designed newborn babies to thrive when experiencing special intimacy with their mothers.  He designed our spirits to be the same way, to thrive when we experience special intimacy with Him.

This afternoon at church I was teaching the four year olds about creation and when I placed Adam up onto the felt board I noticed he was wearing leaves.  Obviously, to keep things appropriate, in every children’s Bible story book you will find Adam and Eve before they ate of the tree either perfectly positioned behind a tree or leaves to cover up their nakedness, but the truth is they were naked.  It was only after they sinned they covered themselves in fig leaves.

They used to walk in the cool of the evening alongside God, totally intimate with Him, but as soon as they sinned the intimacy left.  They felt ashamed.  The didn’t feel like they deserved for their spirits to be skin to skin with the spirt of God, so they covered themselves outwardly.  When God saw them dressed in fig leaves He knew what had happened, He was aware that the intimacy between them was gone so He made them real clothes, garments made from animal skins.  Now instead of being skin to skin with God they were skin to skin with a dead animal.

Thankfully, Jesus made a way for us to get back to that place of precious intimacy with our father.  He made a way for us to be skin to skin with the God of the universe.  He blotted out our sins and made it possible for us to enter into God’s presence.  We no longer have to be ashamed of our sin, our spirits can walk naked, in the garden, receiving every spiritual benefit we need to thrive.

Take time to be intimate with God.  Experts recommend a newborn spend an hour at a time laying skin to skin on their mother.  I think that’s a good place to start.  Do you have an hour that you can devote to being skin to skin with your heavenly Father today?

  1. Jesus made it possible for us to have an intimate relationship with our heavenly father.
  2. Intimate time spent with Jesus causes us to thrive.
  3. Skin to skin time with Beau.  Some of the sweetest moments of my life.
  4. I’ll be holding a newborn skin to skin this December!
  5. My nurses at Baylor Frisco.  They were awesome!
  6. God created little babies to thrive when experiencing intimacy with their mothers.  He’s so sweet.
  7. The benefits that both the new baby and the mother receive when they spend time skin to skin with each other.
  8. Slept like a rock last night.
  9. Woke up to a nice thunder storm this morning.  I love the sound of rain.
  10. My kids room stayed darker longer so they slept in later.
  11. Found out this morning today is Donald Duck’s 79th birthday so we watched some old cartoons of his on YouTube to celebrate.  Beau thought they were hilarious.
  12. Got to teach the 4 year olds the creation story today at church.
  13. Linda Swanson.  It’s was her last week serving in kids.  She has been such a blessing to the children’s ministry and I have enjoyed working with her over the last 4 years.
  14. Sunday afternoon nap.
  15. Josh leaves for camp tomorrow and he spent the afternoon getting everything set for me and the kids to have a great week without him.  Lawn mowed, strollers loaded into the car, emptied all the trash, filled the car with gas, and helped me catch up on laundry.
  16. We got out Gus’ old lawn mower and let Beau pretend to mow with Josh tonight… she had a big time!
  17. Gus got to help Josh push the real mower!  It won’t be long before he’ll take over mowing duty.
  18. Crock pot worked on dinner for me all afternoon.
  19. Yummy salsa chicken for dinner.
  20. Got the kid’s playroom toy boxes organized and they rediscovered a few of their toys that had been buried in the bottom of them.
  21. Food Network Star night with Josh!  I love hanging out with him.
  22. Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix.
  23. Gus gets teary eyed every time he thinks about Josh going out of town.  Sweet boy loves his dad.
  24. Josh going out of town for work is rare!
  25. Have a fun week planned for me and the kids.
  26. Heard from a trusted source that the Hillsong United show that’s touring right now is awesome… I get to go to it on Tuesday night!
  27. Ken Blount Ministries had a great two weeks of ministry in CA & OR.

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