Day 305

Almost every website I visit requires a password from me.  My online banking page, Facebook, Target, Gap, Pottery Barn, WordPress, Price Line, Amazon, Twitter, Visa, Ebay, PayPal, and all of the other sites I go to for work related stuff.  Because of different password regulations my passwords to each site are almost all different.  Some have to have special characters like *! or %, some have numbers, some have to have upper case and lower case letters, and some have to be a certain number of characters.  Being that I have a pretty good memory I don’t write my passwords down for each site, I just hide them away in my head.  It’s worked great for me up to this point, however Google has a new feature that will allow you to set certain sites to remember your password, to save you from having to type it in over and over again.  Pretty convenient, I’ll admit, but after just one week of not having to type my password in to login to my blog, I can’t remember exactly what it was.  Google remembers. The little dots representing each letter and number are there so I am able to login, but if the dots were to ever disappear I would have to ask WordPress to e-mail me my password.

Last summer Gus memorized about 25 sight words, but once school started we stopped going over them.  I got the same sight words out this summer and he’s forgotten all of them!  I’m realizing that if you really want something to stick with you it’s important to keep it fresh on your mind and to keep it fresh on your mind you’ve got to use it often.  Yesterday I wrote about how much I enjoyed Algebra 2 in 11th grade, being that I haven’t used Algebra since 11th grade I don’t remember ANY of it.

Psalm 119:11 Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.

We all know it’s important to memorize God’s word… more important than remembering the password to our Facebook accounts, so we write our favorite scriptures down a note card, make them our screen saver, and highlight them in our Bibles and then we find another scripture we like and repeat the process.  We have all kinds of different verses hidden away in our hearts, but if we don’t use those verses they will just turn into little black dots that represent numbers and letters that we can’t remember.

All of those websites I mentioned earlier require passwords, not to be annoyance to the user, but to protect the user.  I don’t want just anyone being able to access my checking account online, a password prevents that from happening.  In the same way God’s word is not meant to be an annoyance to us, but a source of protection.  When we have God’s word in our hearts and we are living it, using it, and doing something with it to keep it fresh in our lives it keeps us from sinning.

Don’t be just hearers or memorizers of the word but doers of the word.  The best way to take a scripture and make it part of your makeup forever is to live that scripture out.  How do you live a scripture out?  Meditate on it, pray it, and live like you believe it every day of life.

  1. When God’s word is an active part of our life it helps us not to sin.
  2. There are so many amazing verses in the Bible worth memorizing and using every day.
  3. The more we do God’s word the more it becomes a part of who we are.
  4. If you forget your passwords most places are nice enough to send them via email.
  5. I started my 13th week of pregnancy today!
  6. New picture on my WebMD app to show the kids.
  7. Baby has grown to the size of a peach… it seems like just yesterday he or she was just a little raspberry.
  8. Feeling not so tired as I get closer to my 2nd trimester.
  9. All of the clothes and shoes I ordered online last week came today and they all worked… no returns to make!  Whoo!
  10. I got my maternity jeans hemmed and changed from boot cut to skinny cut.  Much better!  Amazing what a good tailor can do.
  11. Fun afternoon playing Minnie’s Bow-tique with Beau in her Minnie dress.  She’s so fun.
  12. Gus got to write his own Pigeon story today… he wrote about the Pigeon doing magic tricks.
  13. Beau got Gus to play something she wanted to play today… instead of Ninja Turtles they played house.  Gus was a pretty good dad.
  14. Watching Beau play baby dolls.  Oh I can’t wait to give her a baby brother or sister!!
  15. Yummy left overs for lunch.
  16. High of 79 on June 6th!
  17. My friend Amber welcomed a 10lb, 6 oz baby boy into the world this morning!
  18. Delicious dinner with my sweet family at 5th Street.  Their tobasco chicken sandwich is my favorite restaurant food in Frisco.
  19. The kid’s split their perfectly baked piece of strawberry cake with us.
  20. Sitting on a bench under a big tree enjoying the beautiful weather with Josh while watching our kids play together at the park.
  21. When I was trying on some of my clothes that came today Beau came in and told me I looked like Princess Belle.
  22. Disco Inferno came on in the car and an instantaneous dance party broke out in the back.  Apparently, Beau is a big disco fan.
  23. Date night at home with my favorite date.
  24. My date looking extra handsome with his new hair cut.
  25. Brooklyn Castle.  I loved this movie!
  26. The dry cleaners gave Josh a free tie that no one has claimed… they thought it matched the style of shirts he brings in and they were right!
  27. Tomorrow we sabbath!  And I get my hair cut!  And I get to sleep in!  Yay for Friday!

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