Day 302

Nehemiah had traveled all the way from Persia to the city of Jerusalem with one mission:  Rebuild the walls.  Back then, a city without walls was no city at all.  Nehemiah could not sit back and watch God’s favorite city be destroyed, so he went to work.  He had an incredible group of hard working, devoted men helping him and in Nehemiah chapter 4 he recorded that they were half way there!

Verse 6, At last the wall was completed to half its height around the entire city, for the people had worked with enthusiasm.

Half way there had to have felt pretty good!  They probably celebrated a bit and then got back to work, but this time instead of being filled with enthusiasm they were filled with discouragement.  They were starting to get tired and starting to realize the unbelievable amounts of rubble they were going to have to move.  The people from the tribe of Judah came right out and said, “we’ll never finish this on our own!”

While the wall builders were starting to panic, their enemies were planning an attack… an attack that was no where on their radar.  They probably figured since they had come this far with out any attacks, they would get the rest of the wall built without any attacks.  They weren’t worried about their enemy, they were worried about rubble and the enemy knew it and planned to take advantage of their off guardedness.

Thankfully, some Jews who lived near the people who were planning the attack heard about their plans and ten times they came and warned Nehemiah and his people.

That warning saved Nehemiah, the wall, and the people working on the wall.  Nehemiah placed armed men all around the lowest and most exposed parts of the wall.  He reminded them that they served a great and awesome God and told them to get ready to fight for their families.

They were ready, but they didn’t end up having to fight at all.  The enemy found out that their secret attack was no longer a secret, and they put the kibosh on it.

Verse 15, When our enemies heard that we knew of their plans and that God had frustrated them, we all returned to our work on the wall. 

I love that!  The enemy was frustrated, frustrated because the God of Israel was at it again.  God had frustrated them and their plans and I’m sure He enjoyed it.

The enemy would love to catch you off guard and send an attack your way designed to take you out, but thankfully you have someone who knows what the enemy has planned and wants to warn you about it, just like the Jews who overheard the plans to attack Nehemiah and the people working on the wall.

The Holy Spirit loves to frustrate the plans of the enemy.  He is the nosey neighbor that will let you know when he’s heard rumors of attacks against you and your family.  He will prompt your heart to pray in the spirit the help you pray a perfect prayer, covering yourself in God’s armor and causing the devil to put the kibosh on his plan to harm you.  He will wake you in the night to pray for a loved one.  He will let you know if you should go the long way home to keep you from getting in a car accident.  He is always there whispering warnings but we aren’t always listening.

Don’t make him come to you ten times before you decide to take action, because at that point it may be to late.  Heed His warning, remember your great and awesome God, and be prepared to fight for your family… and then watch the enemy get frustrated because your God is at it again!

  1. We have a great and awesome God!
  2. The Holy Spirit.  What a gift.
  3. The enemies plans are never kept secret from God.
  4. The Holy Spirit loves to frustrate the plans of the enemy.
  5. The ability to pray perfect prayers.
  6. Found this EGGcellent idea for teaching Gus word families today.  Worked great.  He has mastered the “UG” family.
  7. pUGs!  We looked at lots of pictures of one of the cutest breeds of dog to ever walk the earth.
  8. Beau got to do some school stuff today too!  She learned the letter D and painted pictures of ducks and dolphins.
  9. Little giggles from the kids while I was painting the bottom of their feet for our foot print bugs.
  10. Gus in his euro cute swimming suite.  So adorable.
  11. The blow up turtle sprinkler Gus got from Aunt Brookie a few years ago.  He had fun running through it today.
  12. Stocked the fridge back up with lots of delicious fruit.
  13. My friend Briana and her family are at Disneyland today!!!
  14. Josh got the yard mowed for us.
  15. I guessed who would win American Idol and won a girls night out with my friend Sayra tonight.
  16. Movie and dinner her treat!
  17. In N Out Burger.  Delicious every single time.
  18. I got to pick the movie.  “The Great Gatsby” was a perfect pick for girls night.
  19. I got out of watching game 7! Whoo hoo!
  20. Josh took the kids out for dinner and let them pick out some new toys.
  21. Josh also picked out a new outfit for Beau that he said she was pretty excited about.
  22. The kids are so sweet about the new baby.  The both had to tell me goodbye before I went out and they both had to tell the baby bye.
  23. My friend Kevin got to lead his son Connor in making Jesus Lord of his life!
  24. Butterfly Song by Little Praise Party.  Beau’s new favorite.
  25. Josh shared a podcast with me that had such a great word in it about turning this blog into a book someday.
  26. Came home to a picked up house, put away dishes and folded laundry.
  27. I Love You More Today Than Yesterday.

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