Day 297

My parents have lived in the same house since before I was born.  In their kitchen above the sink and to the right of the window sits a built in curio wall case.  A case that has been filled with salt and pepper shakers, a cute collection that my mom started, for as long as I can remember.  All 17 of her grandchildren have been introduced to the girl and boy penguin shakers and I’m sure someday, a long long time from now, when she’s gone home to be with the Lord each of us kids are going to want a set of her salt and pepper shakers to keep in our own kitchens, to remind us of her.

I can’t think of an object in that house that represents my mom better than a salt shaker.

Matthew 5:13 (MSG) “Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth. If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness? You’ve lost your usefulness and will end up in the garbage.

My mom hasn’t had a picture perfect life.  Her first husband turned to drugs, alcohol and affairs leaving her a single mother of 4.  She worked for the United States Postal Service and did whatever she had to, including working night shifts to make ends meet.  She met my dad a few years later and went from a party of 5 to a party of 9.  She continued to work for the postal service to help take care of our huge family.  There were lots of surprises for her along the way.  My dad lost his job.  She became a grandmother at 38, her daughter became a mother at only 17  She watched 4 her kids go through 6 divorces.  She almost lost my dad to a heart attack.  Her X-husband and father of four of her children was murdered.  She had to deal with mouthy teenagers (myself included!) and mouthy customers on a daily basis, but through it all she remained salty.

She never lost her purpose.  She never gave up.  She never quit loving people.  She never quit loving God.  She knew why she was put on the earth: to be the salt seasoning that brings out the God flavors in it- and she did and is still doing just that.

I remember walking around at the mall or the grocery store or being out to eat with my mom and almost always someone would stop her and say, “Hey, I know you.  You are the nice lady from the post office.”  People were so used to dealing with jerks who hated their jobs when they visited the post office that after they met her, a lady who smiled, was helpful, and was working like she was working unto the Lord, they couldn’t forget her.  She retired from the post office a few years ago and I would put good money on the fact that she was the nicest window clerk that has ever worked for the whole organization.  She let the love of Jesus shine through her and turned one of the most flavorless places of all times, into a wonderfully seasoned one.

Everything she puts her hand to she brings God flavor to.  She sees people how God sees them.  She treats people how Jesus would treat them.  She never gives up on people.  She’s the most giving person that I know.  She never needed a ministry position to be in ministry.  She just takes her salt shaker with her wherever she goes and seasons the people and places that need seasoning.

Whatever you’re going through, don’t lose your saltiness.  Salt that isn’t salty is worthless.  My mom taught me that no matter what happens in life, if you stay salty, God will use you wherever you are at to bring flavor to the very bland world that we are living in.

Thank you mom for being worth your salt and showing me that I’m worth mine.

  1. 64 years ago today my mom was born.
  2. A major part of who I am today is because of who she has always been.
  3. She is the salt of the earth.
  4. She sees people how God sees them.
  5. She treats people how Jesus would treat them.
  6. She has a never giving up love for her family and close friends.
  7. She is so generous.  She has the gift of giving.
  8. She never needed a full time ministry position to do ministry.
  9. She decided to have her tubes untied after she already had 4 kids and then she had me!
  10. I’ve always known God still speaks because she told me the story about how God spoke to her about me while I was still in her womb lots of times while I was growing up.
  11. She is the hardest working person I know.
  12. She is known all over Tulsa as the kind post office lady.
  13. She made sure we were in church come rain or shine.
  14. She has never been obsessed with her looks, but she is beautiful and she taught me not to be obsessed with my looks.
  15. She always supported me in whatever I was interested in- softball, cheerleading, writing, mission trips.
  16. She never missed one of my games and sat through hours and hours and hours of tumbling lessons.
  17. I always had the best projects in my classes at school because of her help.
  18. She is the one who told me that I should break up with my boyfriend because I obviously liked Josh… she was right.
  19. She was always so great about me dating Josh even though he was quite a few years older then me.  She knew he was the one.
  20. She’s always volunteered at church.  Teaching Sunday School or holding babies.
  21. She is a wonderful Grammy to my kiddos.
  22. She loved me through my bratty teenage years.
  23. She loves her parents very much and did a great job at making sure her kids had a special relationship with them.  Love my Grandma and Grandpa Wagner.
  24. She’s a great steward.  She has puzzles and toys 40 something years old that still have all the right pieces.
  25. Her candy dish is always stocked with good candy.
  26. She made dinner for us almost every night even after coming home from a full day of work.  She was wonder woman!
  27. She adopted my puppy Norah when we were looking for a new home for her.

One thought on “Day 297

  1. bhalereynolds49 says:

    I thought I posted a comment just before I headed off to work but I don’t see it so I possibly didn’t do it right. Anyway, your mom is my cousin by marriage and friend of my heart. We’ve been friends since we were 10 years old (she would know since she has an amazing memory).

    I’m always amazed by Marilyn’s character and how deep it runs. She is a light in a sometimes dark world.

    Happy birthday Marilyn. Hugs on your special day.

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