Day 291

In 1989 five boys ages 14-16 were arrested for causing trouble in New York’s Central Park.  While they were being held for questioning a 28 year old woman was found in the same park, critically beaten and sexually assaulted.  The detectives asked the young boys if they had anything to do with it, they all said no.  After hours of interrogation the boys were professionally coerced into admitting they were the ones responsible for the awful crime against the innocent jogger, even though they were not.  The detectives had them convinced that if they would just make up a statement they could go home… and they wanted to go home, so they confessed.

When the cases of the 5 boys went to trial there was no incriminating evidence against any of them.  In fact, all the evidence pointed to the fact they they did not do it.  No DNA from any of the boys was found on the victim and they were in another part of the park causing trouble with a bunch of other kids when the crime would have happened.  BUT a district attorney got their confessions on tape and because of those confessions (that did not agree with each other) they would each spend the next 7-10 years in prison!

I learned many things last night while watching “The Central Park Five” the most important being, do not confess to things that are not true!

We make confessions every day.  We confess we are tired.  We confess we are stressed.  We confess we don’t feel good.  We confess we are overweight.  We confess we don’t like our jobs.  We confess we aren’t good enough.  We confess the wrong kind of confessions all of the time, and mostly we do it without even realizing it.

Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

The word “confession” in Hebrews 10:23 is from the Greek word “homologia” and it’s not referring to someone who just reads confessions or makes mindless parrot like confessions, it’s referring to someone who has meditated on God’s word and has it so down in their heart that it fills them with hope and when they open their mouth they can’t help but to confess what God says about them.  They can’t help it, because they believe it.

When you hear people talk or see their Facebook posts about how they are dreading Monday or about how it’s going to be a realllly long week,  you can be sure that they haven’t taken the time to get in sync with God concerning those things, because I know He isn’t dreading Monday and I know He’s not complaining about the long week.  He says, this is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad in it.

We have to pay attention to our confessions, because they matter.  Life and death are in the power of the tongue.  When you say things about yourself, your husband, your children, your day, your week or your year that don’t agree with what God says about them you are confessing things that are not true!  When those boys opened their mouths and confessed to a crime they did not commit, they changed the path of their lives forever.

Don’t let your circumstances coerce you into confessing a lie!  Get in the word and let it sink down into your spirit, so when you open your mouth or update your status you confess truth, hope and faith in a faithful God!

  1. God’s word is truth and when we study it we confess truth.
  2. God’s word is always true, no matter what circumstances we are facing.
  3. He who has promised is faithful!
  4. God gave us such powerful tongues.
  5. Gus was watching The Gospel Bill Show the other day and learning the same thing.  He was so excited after it was over to tell me how his tongue is like a steering wheel on a ship.
  6. The Gospel Bill Show!  Those shows are so anointed and full of God’s word.
  7. Beau think it’s neat to see Papa playing Nicodemus on T.V.
  8. Beau thinks cantaloup is called “buffalo.”  I can’t tell her that’s wrong.  She’s too cute asking for more buffalo!
  9. Gus’ last day of school!  Here we come summer 2013!
  10. Gus grew up a lot this year.  He just keeps getting more handsome.
  11. New box of crayons, new markers, new paints, and a fresh stack of construction paper.  All stocked up for summer indoor activities.
  12. Beau spent all morning painting.  She’s very talented with her watercolors.
  13. I got all of our color books, work books, play doh, stickers, glue sticks, etc REorganized.
  14. My kitchen has a butler’s pantry.  Great space to store all of the kids “school supplies.”
  15. Leftover pizza for lunch.
  16. Gus had a great last day!  He was so excited on the way home telling me about all of the fun he had on their fun day.
  17. Got two blogs written today and got all caught up on my work e-mails.
  18. Beau running around in her Rapunzel dress and Captain America mask.  So awesome.
  19. Yummy guacamole chicken for dinner.
  20. Josh cooks chicken perfectly!
  21. Finding Nemo movie night for Josh and the kids.
  22. Washing hair and some alone time for me!
  23. Beau loved Nemo.  Josh said she just snuggled with him and sat still and watched the whole movie.
  24. The kids were extra sweet when I came to help them get ready for bed!  They must have missed me while I was doing my hair.  They really know how to make a mom feel loved.
  25. I think Beau is starting to figure out that there really is a baby in my tummy.  She patted it tonight and said, “I love you little baby.”
  26. Milk at Kroger was half price!  Usually 6 something for one gallon, only 3 something today.
  27. Tomorrow we sabbath!

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