Day 281

My son Gus is turning five in just a few weeks and what his little heart desires for his birthday present is a Nintendo DS.  I want to give him the desire of his heart, but I had to do my research first.  I spent a good hour and a half the other night reading reviews, comparing the 3DS to the DS, shopping for the best prices, and checking out the game selection available for his age group.  My husband didn’t feel the need to research he just wanted to get the newest model with the biggest screen… which is what we ended up getting, but because I researched all of the other options I was able to make the purchase with peace of mind.

Before we went to register at Babies R Us for all of the items we would need before our first born arrived, I spent several nights after work going through reviews on carseats, strollers, breast pumps, bottles, infant bath tubs, and every other type of baby product out there so when I got to the store and arrived at the stroller section with my scanner gun and was faced with 50 options, I wasn’t overwhelmed.  I knew the best brands with the highest customer reviews and what could have been really stressful was actually very fun!

Research pays off.

10 months ago I delivered my son stillborn at 20 weeks.  Today, I am 10 weeks pregnant with my fourth child.  I had a friend ask me the other day how we knew when it was okay for us to start working on baby #4.  My answer:  Research!

Not the kind of research you would expect though.  I wasn’t googling “how long should I wait to get pregnant again after delivering stillborn” or anything like that, I was researching God’s word!

Isaiah 55:6 Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.

I love the Hebrew rendering of that verse,

“Research the Lord, if you want to find Him.  Call upon Him, for He is always near.” (Stone Edition of the Chumash, Hebrew Translation)

To seek the Lord is to research the Lord.  I wanted to know exactly when He thought it was best for us to get pregnant again so about 9 months ago I began to seek Him about it.  I began to go through His word and find promises concerning conception, pregnancy, and delivery.  I compared those promises with other promises, read commentaries on those promises, studied the literal meaning of certain words in those promise, prayed those promises, and after all of my research God gave me a very clear answer.  He actually spoke a date to me and based on that date I knew when we were good to start trying again… He then confirmed that date in His written word.  Amazing!

I was faced with lots of options when it came to getting pregnant again, but because I researched God’s word, I found His answer and all of the options I was faced with got narrowed down to one, His option.  The research I put in made the process much less stressful!

If you are in a place where you need to hear God, research Him.  Spend a few nights after work or a few mornings before anyone else wakes up seeking Him.  The time you invest researching will pay off!  Isaiah 55:6 says He is always near.  The answer you are searching for is near, but you need to devote some time to researching in order to get your hands on it.

  1. Research always pays off!
  2. God is always near.
  3. God’s word is so fun to research.
  4. God spoke a certain date to me and narrowed down all of my options to His perfect option.
  5. God confirmed the date He gave me in His written word.
  6. My Chicco strollers and carseats.  The reviews were right, great products.
  7. Medela pump.
  8. The internet.  It makes researching so easy.
  9. Went to bed last night with what felt like the start of an awful migraine.  Took authority over it and slept great, woke up with no pain.
  10. Beautiful morning.
  11. Sidewalk chalk.
  12. Watching Gus play hopscotch and watching Beau try to play hopscotch.
  13. I got to get a walk in and Gus & Beau enjoyed a ride in Gus’ Jeep Power Wheels.
  14. Got to take TWO naps today!
  15. Target.  Went birthday shopping for Gus, clothes shopping for me and Beau, and grocery shopping all in one visit.
  16. The kids were so well behaved for our extra long Target trip.
  17. Found some cute maternity shorts.
  18. Shopping in the maternity section… because there’s a little person growing inside of me!
  19. Got Beau some pretty flip flops to go with her new sundresses.
  20. Gus is still little enough that I can sneak presents into the cart for him without him realizing it.
  21. Gus is big enough to help me haul groceries in from the car.
  22. Fridge and pantry are full.
  23. Yummy meatball subs for dinner.
  24. Gus asked for seconds of broccoli!
  25. Gus was in the backyard with Beau and he came running inside to tell me that fire ants were covering the steering wheel on their swing set.  He was right.  So glad he spotted them before anyone got bit.
  26. The way Josh smells after he mows the grass.
  27. Laughed and smiled and laughed some more picking out videos of Gus to add to his birthday video.  He’s so awesome.

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