Day 280

I have been an American Idol fan since 2005, when my fellow Oklahoman, Carrie Underwood won the notorious singing competition.  Throughout the years I have heard the judges talk about contestants either having or lacking the “it factor”.

Wikipedia actually gives a pretty great definition of what it means to have the “it factor”.  The “It Factor” refers to an indefinable quality a person has that makes them charismatic or attractive in some way. While the term is generally used in the entertainment industry, politicians, religious leaders, and job- seekers could all be described to have the “It factor”.

There are thousands upon thousands of great singers living today, but only a handful of those great singers will ever be famous recording artists, because only a handful of those great singers have the so called “it factor”.  That certain something that draws people to them.

Psalm 52:9 I will praise You forever, Because You have done it; And in the presence of Your saints I will wait on Your name, for it is good.

My God definitely has the “it factor”.

I loved coming across that verse the other day and thinking of all of the “its” God has done in my life.

The “it” David was referring to as he wrote, I will praise you forever, because you have done “it” was deliverance.  God had safely delivered David from the plans Saul had designed to kill him.

If you were writing that verse what would your “it” be referring to.  I will praise you forever, because you… let me give you some of  my “its.”

Because you sent your one and only son to the earth and watched him die a brutal death so you could be close to me.

Because you created me and have a good plan for me.

Because Jesus took stripes on His back so I could walk in health.

Because you sent the Holy Spirit to live in me and council me.

Because you made me a joyful mother of children.

Because you sent Jesus to heal the broken hearted.

Because you are my hiding place, my strong tower, my refuge.

Because you answer my prayers.

Because you delivered me out of a selfish lifestyle.

Because you saved my marriage.

Because you gave me YOUR peace.

Because you love me even when I am unlovable.

We can praise God forever, because he doesn’t just have the  “it factor”, He is the “it factor”.

Whatever IT is that you need today I just want to remind you that IT has already been taken care of for you.  Right before Jesus’ spirit left His body as He was hanging from the cross he said, IT is finished.  It was His victory cry, His way of letting us know that what He came to the earth to accomplish, He had accomplished.  He made it possible for us to be apart of God’s family.

If you desire to have a genuine “it factor” you have to have a genuine relationship with the “it factor.”  God is IT!

Set aside some time today to make your own “it” list.  I will praise you forever because you have done….. GO!

  1. God is the “it factor.”
  2. IT is finished!
  3. 85 more days and I will have an “it” list that is 10,000 “it’s” long!
  4. He is worth to be praise forever!
  5. My sweet kids wished me a “Happy Mudders Day” too many times to count today.
  6. Had a great class filled with some great 5 year olds at church this morning.
  7. My friend J.J. sent me a sweet text to let me know she was praying for me this Mother’s Day.  Needed her extra prayers today.
  8. Heaven in real!  And I will get to meet my Felix someday.
  9. A beautiful day to celebrate the beauty of a mother.
  10. I got to tell Naomi at church that I was pregnant today… that lady knows how to rejoice!  She was so excited for me!
  11. The sweet and powerful prayer she prayed over my pregnancy.
  12. Gus loves hearing about “his” baby and finding what size he or she is each week.  Little peanut is the size of a peanut right now.
  13. Beau was doing some serious posing for the camera today.  She is so much fun!  Got some great pictures of her hamming it up.
  14. Got a nice Sunday afternoon nap.
  15. Gus picked out some great gifts for me… a candle, a jar of fancy pickle spears, and Cherry Coke.  He knows his mamma.
  16. The boys went out and picked up dinner for the family.
  17. We had Taco Bueno by candlelight.  It was great.
  18. Gus treated me to a movie night.
  19. I am such a loved mother all year long.
  20. Beau came up with a new game where she turns me into different animals with her little wand.  She was having so much fun using her big imagination.
  21. Sweet phone call from Papa with warm Mother’s Day wishes.
  22. Cute Mother’s Day Video.  Made me smile!
  23. Streaming the church service this morning and Gus heard the pastor praying for pregnant ladies and he said, “hey, you’re pregnant mom!”  He’s right!!  I am!!  Thank you Jesus!
  24. The look on Gus’ face when he sounds out a word.  Total gratification.
  25. Watching some “Sherlock” with my favorite.
  26. Josh had the house completely straightened up when I came downstairs after reading to Gus.
  27. Josh had the laundry folded and put away when I got out of the shower.

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