Day 275

A few years ago I was getting ready to go to church to teach in one of our preschool classes.  While I was putting on my make up I had my laptop open on my desk streaming the early service.  My son Gus was 2 at the time and he thought it would be neat to take a full bottle of water and pour it into my MacBook Pro.  I was close enough to see it all go down, but too far away to stop him.

He had no reason to be moderate with the water so He didn’t let it trickle into the computer, he poured it into the computer.  If you have spent any time around a toddler you’ve probably seen them do something similar.  If they realize you forgot to put the stopper in their sippy cup, for instance, they will turn it over and enjoy watching the water or milk  flow freely.  It’s fun to pour things out when you are two.

Romans 5:5 (AMP) Such hope never disappoints or deludes or shames us, for God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us.

Apparently, God enjoys pouring things out as well!

Romans 5:3-5 are some of the most amazing verses in the Bible.  In verse 3 Paul talks about being joyful when affliction and hardship come our way.  In verse 4 Paul tells us why we can be joyful when affliction and hardship come our way… it’s because those afflictions and hardships develop our integrity and faith which produce hope.  Verse 5 tells us that the kind of hope we get when we endure a trial is the kind of hope that never disappoints.  In other words, it’s not a false hope.  It’s a hope you can hang your hat on.

How can someone like me who lost a baby at 20 weeks have hope that it won’t happen again?  Because over the last 10 months I have grown in integrity and faith and most importantly I have become more aware than ever of that love that God poured out in my heart.  I know He loves me, so I have hope!

The devil came at me with this thought a few months ago, “just because God loves you doesn’t mean everything will always be okay.”  It took me a second to realize it was him, but when I did the Holy Spirit reminded me that perfect love casts out all fear, which is exactly opposite of what the devil was trying to make me believe.  God’s love is enough, it’s more than enough, and He poured it out into my heart so that I could live a life full of hope!

God has no reason to be moderate with His love.  He has more love for us that we could ever imagine.  He didn’t trickle His love onto our hearts, He poured it.  He took the stopper off and let it flow until our hearts were full of it.  He enjoys pouring His love out like a toddler enjoys pouring their sippy cup out.  I imagine it’s really cool for Him to watch as His love in our hearts replaces the fear in our hearts and the doubt in our minds turns to hope.

I love how the “Jesus Storybook Bible” describes God’s love.  It’s a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.  With a love like that poured into our hearts we have every reason to be hope-FULL.

  1. God POURED His love out in my heart. 
  2. Perfect love casts out all fear.
  3. Trials develop our faith and integrity.
  4. The more developed our faith and integrity are the more hope-FULL of a life we can live.
  5. I can walk through this pregnancy full of hope, because my heart is full of God’s love.
  6. The laptop Gus poured water into works perfectly.  I’m writing on it right now as a matter of fact.  A miracle!
  7. Josh brought me a glass of orange juice and a kiss before he left for Colorado this morning.
  8. Josh made it safely to the beautiful mountains.
  9. Fun morning at the ball with Miss Beau.
  10. Found a Doc McStuffins book that really brightened her day.
  11. I got a new shirt and a dress that would have normally been $75 for $10.  $30 reward certificate + 25% off sale items = great deal!
  12. Gus had an all green day at school.  He’s always so happy when I pick him up and that makes me happy.
  13. The first thing Gus did when we came to pick him up from school was kiss Beau’s little bruised up eye and nose that she got when she fell into the window seal this morning.
  14. Had the best fast food salad ever today.  Cobb Salad from Chic Fil A!  What a pleasant surprise.
  15. Kids got to face time with Josh tonight.
  16. Beau in her polka dot shorts and green rain boots.
  17. Clean house!
  18. Laundry caught up!
  19. “My Beloved” by David Crowder.
  20. 34 years ago today my big brother Michael David was born!
  21. Michael used to let me sleep in his room when I got scared and take me to cheerleading practice in the summer.  He was a good big brother.
  22. 61 years ago today Dr. Mark Barclay was born.
  23. Dr. Barclay took us under his wing and ordained us a ministers and gave us hope.
  24. Dr. Barclay played a big part in helping us put our marriage back together.
  25. Josh’s service tonight went awesome.  God used him to bring a powerful word to all of the men at the Rocky Mountain Men’s Summit.
  26. Had a very productive night alone.  All caught up on work stuff and in bed by 10!
  27. Nana sent me a video of all of the men at the summit worshipping tonight.  What a precious sight!

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