Day 273

After the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901, Congress formed a protection unit for the President of the United States called the Secret Service.  Every President, Vice President, high profile presidential candidates, immediate family members of the Presidential family, and former Presidents are constantly being guarded by members of the Secret Service.

When you see a group of guys in black coats with sunglasses on surrounding a car, you know someone valuable is sitting inside of it.  Our President and Vice President our important to our nation.  They are our leaders and because they are so important the Secret Service goes to great lengths to keep them safe.  The men chosen to protect the President would give their lives for him if they had to.  They would make themselves human shields if necessary, they would fight with everything in them to protect who they had been assigned to protect.

In Jude 1:3 we are given our own secret service mission.  Here it is from the Message,

I have to write insisting—begging!—that you fight with everything you have in you for this faith entrusted to us as a gift to guard and cherish.

Jude is begging us to earnestly contend for the faith that was given to us once and for all by the saints… our Christian faith!  The faith that all Christians have because of the truths found in the gospel- our foundation, God’s Holy and perfect word!

Now more than ever the truth of God’s word is being challenged. We have to fight for it.  We have to protect it, like the secret service protects the President.

Our society is filled with people practicing Egonovism.  “The term “Egonovism” comes from the latin “ego,” meaning self, and “novo” to make new, rewrite, or invent. An Egonovist is an individual who develops his or her own personal religions system and borrows ideas from established religions that they’re familiar with. Many Egonovists self-identify as being members of other religions.” (Urban Dictionary)

People want to make up their own “truths” and follow their own religious ideas.  That doesn’t work, because the Christian faith is the only truth and when it was given through the saints who wrote the Bible via the Holy Spirit, it was not to be added to, changed, or twisted to fit your lifestyle.  It was given once and for all, no upgrades necessary, no editing needed.

In 2003 the Barna Research Group determined that only FOUR percent of American teenagers are “Bible Believing” Christians.  Sure, tons of teenagers claim to be Christians, but they are “Christians” based on their own ideas of Christianity instead of one based on God’s Word… probably because most of them have not been taught God’s word.

If you want your future teenagers, current teenagers, or whoever is living under your roof to be “Bible Believing” Christians, you must take Jude’s challenge very seriously.  You must protect and fight for your Christian faith with everything in you.  This assignment can’t be taken lightly. It’s got to be your top priority.  This world does not need any more “Egonovists”  it needs more Christ followers.

The enemy is out there waiting for you to let down your guard.  He’s waiting for the opportunity to assassinate the truth of God’s word.  He’s got school books, professors, television show, friends, and all sorts of tools out there he can use to accomplish His mission.  We must contend!  Me must fight with everything in us to make sure our faith gets passed down to the next generation.  I challenge you to go to great lengths in your home to protect what is precious- the basis of our Christian faith, the truth of God’s word, and the fact that it was given once and for all.

  1. The gift of our Christian faith that was given to us through God’s word.
  2. God’s word is absolute truth.
  3. God’s word is complete.  It needs no editing, it needs no upgrades.
  4. When we take our assignment to contend for God’s word seriously we will raise kids who believe that Jesus is the way the TRUTH and the life.
  5. Feeling so challenged in the book of Jude this morning.
  6. Beautiful morning.  White fluffy clouds scattered across the bright blue sky!
  7. I get to serve in Amazing Kids every weekend!
  8. Gus could sing every word of the new praise song he is learning in his class this month.
  9. Beau told me she learned about Daniel and the lions Den.
  10. “Joker is kind of creepy, ok?” – Beau to Gus this morning when he was reading super hero books to her.  Cracked me up hearing their awesome conversation!
  11. Gus said our new baby is going to be the cutest baby in town.  He’s so excited about being a big brother again.
  12. Good napping this Sunday afternoon.
  13. Cinco De Mayo at the best mexican restaurant on the planet… Taco Bueno!
  14. 39 years ago today Josh Hall was born!  My husbands best friend, Gus’ favorite Pastor, & Beau’s first crush!  Good guy that Josh Hall!
  15. Night of Worship tonight at Gateway Frisco!
  16. The awesome elementary team that served tonight so the preschool team could be apart of the worship night.
  17. Got to sit by Josh at church!
  18. Ben & Elisa Haake and the entire worship team.  We are so blessed to have such anointed singers and musicians.
  19. I’ve tasted and seen of the sweetest of loves!!
  20. Seeing Josh worship.  Nothing more attractive than a man who knows how to worship.
  21. “He’s got me!”  Amen and amen!
  22. When God uses you to pray the perfect prayer over someone and you just get to be his mouthpiece.
  23. Psalm 139.  Wow!  Felt like Pastor Ben read that just for me.
  24. Beau was heart broken because she couldn’t keep dancing in the lobby after church.
  25. Thanks to my niece Courtney I realized I had the wrong date entered on my “days until” app for our trip to Santa Barbara.  Instead of 80 something days, there is only 56!  Whoo hoo!
  26. Tax appraisal said our house has gone up $20,000 in value since last year!
  27. Got to show Josh the next neighborhood I want to live in.  Fun driving around and dreaming.

One thought on “Day 273

  1. Shannon says:

    You are so right that we must contend! Since Ty is 13 and a half now we think about college. I know about the prevailing thought that truth can’t be known and of values relativism, so I am trying to prepare him for that world. I gave him these scriptures the other day–Ps. 119:160, Prov. 30:5, John 17:17, John 1:1, 14; John 14:6, & Heb. 13:8. The line of thought is that all of God’s Word is true, He sanctifies us (sets us apart) by that truth, Jesus is the Word made flesh, so He is the truth, and He stays the same yesterday, today, and forever, so the truth of His Word does as well.

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