Day 272

I prefer to go grocery shopping on Tuesdays or Thursdays when my four year old is at preschool.  This week however, I had to go on Wednesday… and I had to bring my four year old.  He’s way too big to ride in the basket, so he walks or hangs on the cart.  When he walks he always gets ahead of me and has no idea where he is going, so I’m constantly telling him to turn around and stay with me.   Yesterday after repeating myself way too many times, I gave him this rule:  Walk beside me,  or walk behind me, but do not walk in front of me.

As soon as that “rule” came out of my mouth I was reminded of how many times God has said the same thing to me.  We are an impatient group of people, probably the most impatient group of people that have ever existed, but having a hard time waiting on God’s timing goes all the way back to father Abraham.

In Genesis 16 it’s been over 10 years since Abram and Sarai were promised a son.  I waited 8 months to conceive my first born and that seemed like an eternity!  10 years is a long time to have to wait for anything and naturally Abram and Sarai grew impatient.  Sarai thought it wise to take things into her own hands.  She decided to walk before God even though she had no idea where her plan would lead her.

Sarai submitted to Abram that she thought her maid Hagar would make a great surrogate mother for their child. Abram agreed.  He too stepped in front of God and walked out his wife’s plan, instead of waiting on God’s plan.

Hagar conceived and gave birth to Ishmael.  He was not the son God promised Abram.  Ishmael became the father of the Arabic people.  Isaac, who Abraham & Sarah would later conceive was Abraham’s first Jewish decedent.  The Jews and the Arabs and the intense conflict between the two peoples can all be traced back to Abram & Sarai’s attempt to assist God.  Instead of helping God, they created a royal mess.

Why do we feel the need to get out in front of God’s plan for our life?  The same reason my son feels the need to walk ahead of me at the grocery store.  He’s excited and he wants to see what’s around the next corner, not to mention he likes control.  He would like to me to give him the grocery cart and say, GO!  But he’s not ready for that.  He needs to stay beside me or behind me.

When we are waiting on God we get excited, we want to see what’s around the corner, and we want control, but we aren’t ready for that.  We need to stay beside or behind God, because He’s smarter than us.  He’s all knowing, we are not!  When we walk out before God, when we try to give His plan a kick start, we just end up creating a mess.  Stay beside Him or behind Him and He’ll get you where you need to be.

“If we seek to change our circumstances, we will jump from the frying pan into the fire. We must be triumphant exactly where we are.” – Barnhouse

  1. All The Way My Savior Leads Me by Chris Tomlin
  2. God is all knowing.  He knows what step is next, so if we walk with Him and not in front of Him we will walk in peace and favor.
  3. I’m learning to be triumphant exactly where I am.
  4. Slept so good last night and got to sleep in a little bit this morning.
  5. Josh hung out with the kids while I did my make up, washed, dried, and straightened my hair.  That’s a long process!  Nice having some time to myself.
  6. While I was getting ready I could hear the kids in the living room rockin’ out and praising Jesus with their dad.
  7. Enjoyed my Philemon study!  The Bible is so cool!
  8. Pinocchio movie afternoon snuggled up with Gussy.
  9. When You Wish Upon A Star.  Such an awesome Disney song.
  10. Naps are my new best friend!  I truly am thankful when I get to take one… got a good one this afternoon.
  11. Gus got a serious work out in playing Wii boxing for 30 minutes straight.  Nice way to burn off some energy!
  12. My sweet church family.  So many hugs and congratulations on the new baby.  I love Gateway Frisco!
  13. Elena Frazier’s hugs.
  14. Pastor Randy is celebrating his birthday today.  Grateful to have him as our campus Pastor!
  15. I get a chance to worship with an awesome P&W team every weekend.  It’s always so good and not long enough!
  16. Good to see Pastor Robert at church tonight and happy to hear he’s getting better and getting rested!
  17. Pastor Jimmy Evans.  Man, that guy is awesome.  He’s such a blessing to the body of Christ.
  18. Great message tonight on changing your mind about worry.  Spirit got fed some good food tonight!
  19. The crazy yet awesome dream God gave Pastor Jimmy Evans that he used to talk about what worry will do to us if we don’t take care of it right away, everyday.  I’ll never forget that.
  20. Nana sent some new eye shadows and mineral veil with my book keeping stuff for the month!
  21. High waisted skirts… can still button those!
  22. Beau looked so fancy in her new dress and pearls.  She’s a trip.
  23. Nice night for a stroll around the block.
  24. Had my very tired kids in bed at 7:30 on the dot!
  25. Chicken Pot Pie.  I think it’s my favorite dish that I make.  Delicious!
  26. I happened to go upstairs to find Beau on her way down the stairs with a blanket over her head.  Thank God!
  27. Got the first part of Gus’ birthday video edited and put to music.  Yay!  Can’t believe I’m going to have a five year old in a few weeks!

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