Day 269

I’m a little surprised it’s taken me 269 days to write about one of my favorite verses in the Bible,

Psalm 138:8 (AMP) The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, endure forever—forsake not the works of Your own hands.

When our son Gus developed a serious stutter out of the blue one day, it was worrisome.  We weren’t sure what was causing it or how long it would last.  It was heartbreaking to see my little boy struggling to talk.  Communication was always something that had come so easily to him. My mother in law sent me Psalm 138:8 after I told her what was going on and it immediately brought peace to me.  I knew that God would perfect Gus’ speech and of course He did.  After just one week of standing on the promises of God, Gus was stutter free.  Glory be to God!

That was almost 3 years ago and I still pull that verse out quite regularly.  It’s one of my “go to” promises.

The word “perfect” in the Hebrew means to end or to complete.  God wants to put an end to the things that concern you and cause you to worry.  On the other hand, God wants to complete the things that concern you, like your calling, your health, your family, your career, your life!

God wants to end your battle with depression.  God wants to complete the work he started in you to reach the teenagers in your community.  God wants to end your struggle with fear.  God wants to complete the plans that He has for your family on the earth.

God will end it when you need Him to and He’ll complete it when you need Him too.  If it concerns you, it concerns Him.  There is nothing going on in your life right now that would allow you to use the phrase, “this doesn’t concern you” in a conversation with the Lord.

My son’s stuttering concerned me, so it concerned God.  We are family!  We must remember that and we must bring our concerns before the Lord if we want to see them perfected.

When we bring our concerns before Him, the promise says He WILL perfect them.  Not he might, or he will if you never do anything bad ever again.  HE WILL!

God started something in you the day you made Him your King, whatever He started He will complete and in that process He will put an end to anything that tries to put an end to the work He started in you.  Now that is an awesome promise!

I encourage you to write Psalm 138:8 down, highlight it your Bible, hang it on your mirror, put in on the dash of your car, make it your screen saver… do something with it so it’s forever tattooed on your heart.  I promise it’s a promise that won’t let you down.

  1. The Lord wants to end things that are a concern to me.
  2. The Lord wants to complete the things that concern me.
  3. He WILL perfect whatever thing needs to be perfected.
  4. He that began a good work in me will continue it until it is finished and Jesus returns. (Phil 1:6)
  5. We are God’s family and what concerns us concerns Him.
  6. God gave Psalm 138:8 to my mother in law knowing it was just the verse I needed during that time.
  7. He started something in me when I started this blog and He will see that it’s completed.
  8. God perfected Gus’ stutter!
  9. May is here!
  10. Slept great and felt very rested this morning when my alarm went off.
  11. Yummy eggs and toast for breakfast.
  12. Beau took an extra long nap to make up for her short nap yesterday.
  13. I cleared a bunch of paper off my desk and marked a bunch of things off of my to do list.
  14. Successful grocery shopping with both kiddos today.
  15. Fridge and pantry are full once again!
  16. Treated ourselves to cherry lime aids and french fries from Braums.
  17. Remembered to buy pens at Target.  I was down to just one pen in the entire house!
  18. Josh made awesome chicken sandwiches for dinner.
  19. Cold pickle spears.
  20. Relaxing bath.
  21. Got some good teaching while I was in the tub.
  22. Josh has an awesome message prepared for the Rocky Mountain Men’s Summit next week!
  23. The little knock on the door Beau makes when she is done taking a nap or ready to get up in the morning.
  24. Wheat Chex.
  25. I haven’t done laundry in days, but my hampers are empty.  Husband rules.
  26. Feeling much better this evening.
  27. Beau was genuinely excited when we found some “Minja” Turtles undies for Gus at Target.  She had me and Gus smiling big time.

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