Day 267

Last year I learned that my four year old Gus is not quite ready to keep a secret.  I purchased a watch for my husband Josh’s birthday gift and when it arrived in the mail I showed it to Gus.  I said, “This is what we got for dad.  We will give it to him in a few days at his birthday party.  Don’t tell him what we got him okay?  It’s a secret!”  He agreed.

That night Josh got home from work and Gus says to him at the dinner table, “Dad, we definitely did NOT get you a watch for your birthday.”  Josh smiled at me.  He knew immediately that a watch was exactly what we got him for his birthday.

If you want to keep a secret a secret you can only tell it to people that are trustworthy.

Psalm 25:14 The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant.

What a great verse.  God, the creator of the universe, wants to share His secrets with us.  We trust Him with our lives and He trusts us with His secrets.

Everyone should have a special covenant friend.  Mine happens to be my niece-in-law, Courtney. She knows my secrets.  I tell her things before I tell anyone else, besides Josh of course.  She gets privileged information based on our relationship.

God says that the people that honor Him, are his special covenant friends.  They get privileged information based on their relationship with Him.

The Hebrew word for “secret” is the word “cowd”.  It literally means a couch or a cushion.  God wants to share his couch with us.  He wants us to come over, make ourselves at home, and have a seat on his couch.  The couch where He shares His secrets.  Not everyone is allowed to sit on “the couch”, only those who are true worshippers have a spot with their name on it.

Also interesting, the primary meaning of the root word for “secret” is to be or to make tight.  In other words, if you want to be tight with God, you must honor God!

The more time you spend on the couch with Him the more He will show you about your covenant with Him.  You will begin to see His goodness in ways you’ve never seen it before.  His love and favor will be clearly revealed to you.  His Word will make more sense to you.  Your understanding about who He is will be enlightened.  These are the kind of secrets you NEED to know!    

The message sums it up perfectly, God-friendship is for God-worshipers;
They are the ones he confides in.

  1. God-friendship!
  2. When we put our trust in God He trusts us with His secrets.
  3. My covenant with God.
  4. My friend Bethani posted Psalm 25:14 on her FB wall today.  Glad she shared such a cool verse.
  5. My confidant, Courtney.
  6. Perfect morning for a trip to the Dallas Zoo.
  7. Josh took today off.
  8. Breakfast with the family before the zoo.
  9. The kids did great on the drive up even thought we got stuck in some traffic.
  10. Simon & Garfunkel Pandora.
  11. The animals were very entertaining today!
  12. Beau got to feed her giraffes.
  13. We got to see the lions do a show… very impressive and the closest I’ve ever been to a lion.
  14. The gorilla that was cracking Beau up.
  15. Beau did not want anything to do with the snake exhibits.  Such a girl.
  16. Gus actually LIKES getting his picture taken.  I thought the day would never come.
  17. Kids both told us thank you for taking them to the zoo.
  18. Josh planned a date night for us!
  19. The Angelika theater in Plano.  When nothing is showing at the regular movies theaters, they’ve always got something up their sleeve.
  20. Mud.  Good movie.  Great acting.
  21. Yummy dinner at Chipotle.
  22. Fun time reminiscing with Josh about our first 5 years of marriage.
  23. Brookside Bueno.
  24. Kids did great for Miss Sascha.
  25. Got Gus’ birthday present purchased.  I can’t wait to give it him in a few weeks, he’s going to be so excited!
  26. Found Lilo & Stich on DVD… that’s been a hard one for us to find.
  27. Awesome gorilla video we stumbled upon this afternoon.  It had all 4 of us laughing.

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