Day 266

I have four sisters and two brothers.  I was number six, right in-between the two boys, who both happened to love baseball, so as a kid I loved baseball.  I went to all of my little brother’s games, we played it in the back yard all summer, we broke several windows, and we watched the movie “The Sandlot” so many times I’m sure we could recite it to you, if you were interested.

One of my favorite scenes from that movie is when Squints Palledorous, who can not swim, jumps into the deep end of the community pool.  He puts his life on the line in hopes for some mouth to mouth resuscitation from the most beautiful lifeguard he’s every laid eyes on, Wendy Peffercorn.  His brilliant plan worked.  “He kissed a woman. And he had kissed her long and good.”

Yesterday at church Pastor Tim Ross read this scripture.  It’s God talking to Moses’ relatives about His special relationship with Moses.

Numbers 12:8 I speak with him face to faceEven plainly, and not in dark sayings; And he sees the form of the Lord. Why then were you not afraid To speak against My servant Moses?”

The words “face to face” in Hebrew are actually the words “mouth to mouth.”

God spoke to Moses mouth to mouth.  They communicated in a free, friendly, and familiar manner.  God spoke to Moses the same way I speak to my husband Josh, who is also my very best friend.  I don’t have a messenger that I use to take messages back and forth to him, I don’t speak in riddles or paint him pictures to try to get him to guess what I am trying to say, I simply open my mouth and say what I want to say and when he wants to communicate with me, he opens his mouth and says what he wants to say.  That is what our prayer life should look like!

From time to time people go through spiritually “dry” seasons.  They feel like the fire inside that used to burn out of control for God has been tamed, or even put out.  They feel spiritually dead.  When that happens it’s time to jump into the deep end of prayer.. to lay everything else aside and go deeper with God, so you can experience “mouth to mouth” resuscitation.

Jesus wants to breath life into your spirit with the words from His mouth and He wants you to speak to Him in the same free, friendly, and familiar manner in which Moses spoke to Him.

People who have everyday mouth to mouth moments with God don’t go through dry seasons, because it’s in those mouth to mouth moments where their spirits are refreshed and renewed.  If you want more of God dedicate more time to prayer… more time to talk to God and more time to be talked to by God.

  1. We can have mouth to mouth moments with God everyday!
  2. God speaks clearly to his sons and daughters.
  3. I am a friend of God… so we can talk like friends.
  4. I am ready to go deeper in my relationship with God through prayer!
  5. Set A Fire.  Great prayer, great song.
  6. My baseball playing brothers.
  7. “The Sandlot”
  8. The summer we tried to make our own Sandlot team.  Wasn’t very successful, but we had fun.
  9. Creative Writer.  Software my dad bought us when we were kids and where I cut my writing teeth.
  10. Had a great group of 5 year olds at church this morning!
  11. The family that drove all the way from Melissa was back this week and said their 5 year old daughter had been looking forward to coming to church all week long.
  12. We have such a great team working in Amazing Kids.  I loved watching Miss Kristine in the hall making every preschooler that walked past feel special.
  13. Leftover pizza for lunch.
  14. America’s Funniest Home Videos… a Sunday afternoon family favorite.
  15. Sunday afternoon nap.
  16. Sharing a grapefruit with Peep!
  17. Perfect weather for grilling out this evening.
  18. Josh made some delicious grilled zucchini and squash to go with our burgers.
  19. Gus & Beau had a blast playing outside on their swing set.  They laughed themselves into oblivion.
  20. Day old peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  Oh my… those are good!
  21. More church wide baptisms today!
  22. Awesome picture of Devin Lemons baptizing his son.  So glad someone captured such a powerful moment!
  23. Gus’ long hair in his new Rangers hat.  I can’t get over it!
  24. Tangerine popsicles
  25. “What About Bob?” movie night.
  26. Beau made two new friends at church this weekend.  Cayden & Rachel.  I like the fact that she can communicate with me like such a big girl these days!
  27. Made the last preschool tuition payment for the school year.

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