Day 265

In Matthew 17 Jesus and His disciples arrive in Capernaum.  As soon as they arrive the tax collectors find Peter and ask him if Jesus pays his taxes.  Peter tell them that He does, but he’s  perplexed by their question because Jesus was under no obligation to pay taxes in Capernaum.

Jesus must have known that Peter was asked about His tax payment history so He explained to him that even though they weren’t required to pay, they were going to do it anyway.  He didn’t want to offend anyone or cause anyone to stumble.

I’m sure Peter thought it was a noble idea, but he wasn’t prepared to pay and the tax collectors did not accept Visa.

Jesus had a plan.

Matthew 17:27 (AMP)  …go down to the sea and throw in a hook. Take the first fish that comes up, and when you open its mouth you will find there a shekel. Take it and give it to them to pay the temple tax for Me and for yourself. 

This is classic Jesus.  He tells Peter who is a commercial fisherman that fishes with nets, to go down to the sea and catch a fish… not with a net, but with a fishing pole.  The first fish caught was supposed to have a coin in it’s mouth which would be the exact amount needed for Peter & Jesus to pay their taxes.  This must have sounded absurd to Peter, but he took Jesus at His word.

Jesus could have just pulled the coin out from behind his ear, but he wanted to give Peter a chance to exercise his faith.  He gave Peter simple instructions, bizarre, but simple instructions, Peter followed them, and it happened just as Jesus said it would.

I’m sure as Peter was trying to find his old fishing pole he was thinking to himself, “This is nuts… but, Jesus has been on a role lately … I guess it can’t hurt to try… yeah, this is nuts!”

It didn’t make sense, but Peter decided to trust, instead of reasoning his way out of blessing.  He dropped his line in and the first fish that he hooked had a coin in it’s mouth.  What are the chances of that?  Without God, like 1 million to 1.  With God, it’s not a chance, it’s an absolute certainty.

Think about the detail that went into that faith project.

Jesus had to make a silver coin or spot one at the bottom of the sea that was the exact amount needed, lead the fish to the coin, have the fish put the coin in it’s mouth, time the fish’s swimming so it would be right where it needed to be when Peter’s hook dropped, and keep the other fish away from the hook.

Everything lined up perfectly.  Peter’s need was met according to the riches and glory of Jesus, because He obeyed!

You may be used to fishing with a net, but if Jesus asks you to fish with a hook, obey.  His word can not miss!  He has a detailed faith project that we wants you to be apart of, don’t reason your way out of blessing, trust and obey and let him astound you with His riches and glory!

  1. Jesus gives us the chance to exercise our faith.  He doesn’t just drop things in our laps, because He cares about us and wants us to grow and mature. 
  2. All of our needs are met according to His riches and glory.
  3. All of the behind the scene details that happen while God is blessing us.
  4. The word of God can not miss!
  5. Captain Crunch.  I know it’s of no of value whatsoever, but it’s a good splurge.
  6. Love my new makeup and makeup brushes.  I actually enjoyed putting make up on this morning!
  7. Beau read quietly in her room while I got read and Gus read quietly in his room.
  8. Josh’s cute hair cut!
  9. Josh’s face is clean shaved!
  10. Taught Gus how to play squares.  I remember when my dad taught me to play… I think it was at El Chico’s.
  11. Tortilla soup for lunch.
  12. Beau planned a trip to the Zoo for us… it’s happening this Monday.  She’s very persuasive.
  13. Bills paid.
  14. Josh vacuumed for me, without me asking him too.
  15. Awesome praise and worship.  I would be totally fine if we did “Love Came Down” every weekend.
  16. Pastor Tim Ross absolutely brought it tonight.  His message on Moses was fantastic!
  17. The Old Testament and the New Testament high five each other!  So cool to hear Moses’ story in the Old Testament and then finish with his story in the New Testament.
  18. There’s always more of God for us to want and more of God for us to get.
  19. Hotdogs for the kids after church and lots of people getting baptized in water!
  20. Beautiful night for outdoor baptisms.
  21. Papa John’s Draft Deal.
  22. Game night with the Cochrans!
  23. Girls beat the boys at Cranium!
  24. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
  25. Got to see the cutest video of my niece Ava laughing hysterically at her daddy.  So sweet!!
  26. New Evian commercial.  These are Gus’ favorites.  They get him every time.
  27. 265 blogs down, 100 to go!!  Wow, what a great 265 days God has blessed me with!

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