Day 261

A few months ago my nephew Justin and his wife Courtney came to visit us.  They are big “Duck Dynasty” fans, so they wanted to watch a few episodes one night while they were here.  At that point, I had only seen one show and didn’t like it very much, but I decided to oblige them and watched three episodes with them.  I was hooked.  We started recording it and it’s my new favorite show.  I know I’m a little late discovering the greatness of the Robertson family, but at least I’ve discovered it.

After watching all 32 episodes on my DVR, I’ve found myself talking like the Robertson family.  I was telling my husband a story the other day and I could feel myself delivering it like Jase delivers his interviews.  I was teaching my two year old how to say “Happy, Happy, Happy” like Phil yesterday at lunch.  And never again will I refer to a hot donut as just a donut, it’s gotta be a “flaming hot donut.”

Their way of speaking and their mannerisms tend to transfer over to anyone who invests any time watching the show.  My father in law says “hey” a lot more than he used to and “Jack” is going to the be the most popular name in the world soon thanks to Si.  They are a rather contagious bunch of bearded men.

Anytime a person is a fan of someone, they study that someone and they usually end up talking or acting like them.  My son Gus is a HUGE “Wreck It Ralph” fan and he’s constantly quoting lines from the movie to me.  When I was a teenager I was Leonardo DiCaprio’s number one fan and since he talked out of the side of his mouth, I started talking out of the side of my mouth.  You imitate what you study.

1 Corinthians 11:1 (AMP) Pattern yourselves after me [follow my example], as I imitate and follow Christ (the Messiah).

Paul wanted the Corinthian church to imitate him, because he was imitating Jesus.  He knew they needed an example and he was more than happy to be one for them.  He knew if they studied him, his mannerisms, his expressions, they way he talked, the way he worshipped and the way he treated other people that they would start to pattern their lives after him, which would be patterning their lives after Jesus.  If someone were to study you, to watch hours of your life unfold on television and then start imitating you, would they be imitating Jesus too?

You may not have your own television show, but you do have your own audience.  I have two little fans that watch me every single day for hours at time.  They are patterning their selves after me, following my example, and if I’m patterning myself after Jesus, then that means they are too!

We need to be devotees of each and every word in the teachings of Jesus.  We need to know, believe, remember, and apply His words.  We need to study Him.  We need to spend so much time with Him that we start to act like Him… we pick up on all of His ways.  The way He talks, the way He sees, the way He handles conflict, the way He relates to His father, the way He cares for people, the way He does everything.

Jesus is also a rather contagious bearded man… study Him so you can imitate Him.  You won’t regret it. That’s a fact JACK!

  1. You can’t go wrong imitating Jesus. 
  2. God blessed me with my own precious little audience.
  3. When we pattern ourselves after Jesus our audience will pattern themselves after Jesus.
  4. Justin & Courtney made me give Duck Dynasty a second chance.
  5. Gus’ “Wreck It Ralph” quotes.  That kid is funny.
  6. Grocery shopping with my favorite little grocery store helper, Beau!
  7. Fridge and pantry are full.
  8. After almost 10 years of being married I finally own a set of mixing bowls!  How did I go this long without them.
  9. My new non-stick pan.
  10. Indoor picnic with Chic-fi-a.
  11. Truett Cathy found a way to make chicken, bread, and pickles heavenly.
  12. Got a powerful power nap in this afternoon.
  13. My house is clean!
  14. Taco bar night.
  15. Fresh tortillas from Kroger.
  16. Josh is always so good to help me get the kitchen all cleaned up after dinner.
  17. The way Beau has started using the phrase, “O.K.?”  Makes me smile every time.
  18. Disney Scene It game night.  Beau let me hold her in my lap the whole time AND the girls won!  Whoo!
  19. Relaxing bath.
  20. When blowdrying my hair I sound almost as good as the girl who sings “Oceans” when I sing “Oceans.”
  21. Zion makes blow drying my hair for 30 minutes enjoyable.
  22. Gateway Church is celebrating it’s 13th year as a church!  I love my church!
  23. In just 13 years Gateway has 5 campuses across the metroplex and 1 church plant in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  24. Gateway grew fast, but it grew healthy.
  25. Found Gus some Pac man bandaids at the dollar spot.  He was pumped!  It’s the little things.
  26. Gus was snuggled up so tightly with his Lotso Huggin’ Bear and Carl the dog when I went to give him a kiss.  Those are some of the luckiest stuffed animals in the world.
  27. Beau’s pretty little mouth.  I love watching her sleep.

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