Day 259

Before my husband Josh and I got married we decided we wanted to be home owners.  He went to the bank, got approved for a loan, we found a realtor, and started shopping.  I can still remember meeting Josh at his parents’ house and driving to our realtors office so she could take us on our first day of house hunting.  We were both pretty excited, but by the time we got to the 5th or 6th house discouragement began to set in.  Is this really the kind of house we are going to have to live in?  Everything we saw was everything we didn’t like.  Old carpet, popcorn ceilings, low ceilings, lots and lots of 80s architecture, and zero charm.

We went back to Josh’s parents house and wondered if we were doing the right thing.  We talked about maybe just getting an apartment to start off with, but we kept coming back to feeling like God had a house for us, so Josh talked to our realtor and let her know more about what we were looking for in a home.  The next time she took us out we were on the other side of Tulsa and the houses weren’t perfect, but they had potential.  We saw several homes that we liked and one, that for some reason beyond reason, we fell in love with.  We bought it and we spent our first night as a married couple in that little place.  We lived there for five years, fixing it up along the way.  It was the perfect first home for us.

I was reminded of our first house hunting experience when I read this verse this morning,

1 Corinthians 3:16 (Weymouth) Do you not know that you are God’s Sanctuary, and that the Spirit of God has His home within you?

God went looking for a place His spirit could call home.  He had lots of different options.  Somewhere on the beach, up in the mountains, a place with a big back yard and great big oak trees, a quaint little cabin in the woods, or He could of just stayed put in the nicest place imaginable- heaven.  Instead, He let His realtor know He was looking for something different… something less perfect.  Something that came in all shapes and sizes.  Something that came in diverse colors.  Something that looked more like Him.  For some reason beyond reason He wanted His spirit to make it’s home in His people.  He wanted a “fixer-upper.”  He knew we weren’t perfect, but we had potential.  He was done living in the temple, He wanted to live among His people- ALL of His people.

So that’s what He did.  The creator of the universe, who could have chosen a home more beautiful than we could ever dream of, chose to live in us instead.  He made us His dwelling place.  We are what His spirit calls “home sweet home.”

I’m so thankful that Jesus came and got me ready to put on the market.  He cleaned me up, got rid of my popcorn ceilings and old carpet and turned me into the kind of place He knew His father would want to live in.  I’m no longer for sale, but completely sold out to the spirit of God.

  1. God makes His home in me!
  2. Jesus came to the earth and shed His blood for me so God’s spirit could dwell in me.
  3. He saw potential in me.  He loves a good fixer-upper.
  4. He’s made His spirit available to all of His children.
  5. Our first home.
  6. All of the happy memories I have of that place!
  7. God led us to that house and gave both of us a “yes” on it.
  8. It took us a while, but we turned that “fixer upper” to a “fixed up” pretty little house.
  9. Long walks in that neighborhood praying together about the life we are living right now.
  10. Gus’ sweet, sweet little nursery.  It was so fun bringing our first son home from the hospital to that place.
  11. When it was time to move we had great favor selling the place.
  12. The Christmas parties with my family that we had there.
  13. Surprised the kids with a trip to the donut store this morning.
  14. Beau in her Rapunzel nightgown and Ugg boots.
  15. The gentleman who arrived before us, held the door for us, and insisted we order before him and his children.
  16. The smell of a donut shop.  Mmmmm.
  17. Beau was so happy about the pink star shaped sprinkle covered donut she picked out it took her about 25 minutes to eat it.
  18. I treated myself to one “flaming hot” glazed donut.
  19. Gus & Beau got to spend the morning hanging out with Ryan & Liv while I was at church.
  20. Great service teaching the five year olds about when Jesus calmed the storm!
  21. The Sparkmans brought Gus a Batman coloring kit and Beau Minnie Mouse dress up magnets.
  22. Uncle Julios!
  23. My favorite part of my meal today… the chips and salsa!
  24. Had the windows open and breezes blowing in almost all day.  So nice out!
  25. My dad is at home and pain free after a bout with kidney stones.
  26. Ken Blount Ministries had a great weekend in Minden, LA!
  27. Phil Roberson.  He makes me happy, happy, happy.

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