Day 255

In 1 Samuel 2 you can read about 2 of the worst PK’s in history.  A PK for anyone who doesn’t know is a Pastor’s Kid.  I have a couple of PK’s that live at my house and I’m working very hard to make sure they do not turn out like Eli’s sons, who were nothing but corrupt.  The Hebrew calls them “sons of Belial” which refers to worthless, wicked men.  Ouch.  Since their father was a priest they were also involved in priestly duties, but unlike Eli, they did not know the Lord.  They stole sacrifices people brought to offer to God, they stole offerings, they bullied people to the point where they were afraid of coming to the worship the Lord, and they committed sexual sins with the women who came to the tabernacle.

Eli knew what was happening and he tried talking to them, but it didn’t work.  He should have removed them from their priestly duties, but he continued to let them serve… there were no consequences for their dirt bag actions.

In verse 27, a mystery messenger appears to Eli with a very somber word from God.  He lets Eli know that things are not going to turn out well for him and his family.  He informs him that his two sons will die on the exact same day, and he will be replaced as priest.  It’s a very brutal warning, but God let’s us know exactly why He had to do what He had to do.

1 Samuel 2:29-30 …Why do you give your sons more honor than you give me—for you and they have become fat from the best offerings of my people Israel!  “Therefore, the Lord, the God of Israel, says: I promised that your branch of the tribe of Levi would always be my priests. But I will honor those who honor me, and I will despise those who think lightly of me.

Eli clearly had an honor issue.  He honored his sons more than he honored God.  The Hebrew word for honor in the verses above is kabad, which literally means heavy or weighty.  Eli allowed his relationship with his sons to carry more weight in his life than his relationship with God.

It’s easy to say with your mouth that you honor God, but unless His word carries more weight than anything else in your life, then it’s just lip service.

How much weight does God’s word carry in your life?  Eli knew God’s word but he didn’t allow it to weigh in on the way he disciplined his sons.  If we really want to live a life that honors God we must allow His words to weigh in… in every area of our lives.

The doctor says you can’t have babies, God’s word says you can.  Whose word are you going to honor?

Your budget says you shouldn’t tithe, God’s word says you must.  Whose word are you going to honor?

America says divorce is always an option, God’s word says it’s not.  Whose word are you going to honor?

God wants to honor you, but He can’t put his weight in you if you don’t put your weight in His word.  Don’t be a lip-service Christian, be the real deal.  Honor Him by honoring His word above all else, no matter what!

  1. When we honor God, He honors us!
  2. God’s Word is worth it’s weight in every situation.  We’ll never regret honoring Him.
  3. My new revelation of the word honor.
  4. Josh got breakfast ready for the kids and let me go back to sleep for an extra 30 minutes.
  5. Grape fruit juice.
  6. Nana ordered a nice blow up mattress for us to keep at our house.  No more sleeping on couches or the floor for our company.
  7. Josh got treated to Pappadeaux for lunch today.
  8. Dollar Spot play-doh cookie cutters kept the kids busy all morning.
  9. Got all of Gus’ Wreck It Ralph party decorations today… even cuter than they looked on the website.
  10. Gus’ cake ordered and it was WAY cheaper than I thought it was going to be!  So glad I asked for recommendations on Facebook.
  11. Had a very productive two hour work window while Beau was sleeping and Gus was playing.
  12. Spontaneous trip to Sonic for happy hour.
  13. Tater tots!
  14. Gus is into being a big boy and Beau wants to stay little.  So different, yet both awesome.
  15. Pajamas all day… yes, even to Sonic.
  16. Started working on Gus’ birthday video.  I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures we took of him over the last year.  He helped me pick out his favorites.
  17. Josh asked Gus what he thought about the devil this morning and he replied, “I don’t think about him… I just think about Jesus.”  Great answer.
  18. New recipe for balsamic glazed chicken was very tasty!
  19. Got a huge laugh from Gus when I told him my new joke.  Q:  What do you call a Jedi in training who likes to chew gum?  A:  A chew-chew train.
  20. I taught Beau her first sideline cheer tonight.  Dribble it, pass it, we want a basket!
  21. Gus was having a big time playing basketball and calling the game play by play.
  22. We busted out the “Space Jam” song to really set the mood.  It was a lot fun.
  23. I got to read Gus the day of pentecost story before bed.  I felt like God really helped me communicate how awesome the Holy Spirit is to him in a way where he could understand and appreciate it.
  24. The Holy Spirit!  What an amazing gift.
  25. Target finally had Rick Bayless guacamole mix again.  I bought them all.
  26. I made some of the guacamole for a snack tonight and it was perfect!
  27. I have a husband who will spend two hours looking for just the right t-shirt for our son to wear to his birthday party.

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