Day 236

After darkness fell over the land and Jesus hanging from the cross declared “it is finished” which meant “paid in full” He surrendered His spirit, and died so that we could live.  A rich man named Joseph, commanded the body of Jesus be given to him because he wanted to give Him a proper burial.  He let Jesus “borrow” his tomb for three days.  What a nice guy!

The chief priests and Pharisees started to get a little nervous that Jesus might actually rise again… God did put quite a show on for them with the earthquake, darkness, and the veil being torn… maybe Jesus really was who He said He was.  Instead of repenting and waiting at the tomb for Jesus to appear they decided it would be best if they persuaded Pilate to “seal the stone and set the guard” to secure the tomb, lest any of Jesus’ disciples (that were nowhere to be found) might come and try to steal Jesus’ body.  Pilate agreed and he sent guards and soldiers to make the tomb as secure as possible!

These guards went to great lengths to make sure that no one was getting in and no one was getting out of that tomb.  The big stone that was placed in front of it was a great start, but Pilate commanded them to seal it and guard it, so they did.

“The seal was a rope, overlapping the width of the stone covering the entrance to the tomb. On either side of the doorway, there was a glob of wax securing the rope over the stone. You could not move the rock without breaking the seal. It was important that the guards witness the sealing, because they were responsible for whatever was being sealed. These Roman guards would watch carefully as the stone was sealed, because they knew their careers, and perhaps their lives, were on the line. The Roman seal carried legal authority. It was more than yellow tape barricading a crime scene; to break a Roman seal was to defy Roman authority. That stone was secured by the authority of the Roman Empire.” – Guzik

The guards assigned to the tomb would have been fully armed and dangerous.  They weren’t the type that were going to fall asleep of the job or fall for some planned distraction to take them away from their posts.  These guys were chosen for an important job because they were the best at what they did.

The tomb were Jesus’ body laid had officially been sealed and the guards were set, but no power in hell or scheme of man, could keep Jesus in that tomb.

Matthew 28:2-4 And behold, there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat on it.  His countenance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.  And the guards shook for fear of him, and became like dead men.

I love that!  God let Pilate and the Pharisees know what He thought about their little seal and their big tough guards.  He had no problem whatsoever breaking that “official” Roman seal and knocking out some the the best soldiers around.  NO obstacle placed around that tomb was a match for God and NO obstacle the enemy places in our lives is a match for Him either.

Sickness – NO MATCH!  Depression – NO MATCH!  Debt – NO MATCH!  Drug Addiction – NO MATCH!  Sin – NO MATCH!  Death- NO MATCH!

Jesus’ last words before He died were, “Paid in full.”  What a powerful statement.  He paid for the salvation of your soul in full and no seal, no guard, no obstacle can keep the same power that raised Christ from the dead from working in your life today!

  1. Tetelestai – it is finished!!!!!!  PAID IN FULL!
  2. The grave was borrowed!
  3. Whatever obstacle the enemy places in our life is NO MATCH for God!
  4. I really blogged myself happy with this one!  God is so awesome.
  5. Beautiful Exchange.
  6. Lots of people preaching the cross on FB and Twitter today.
  7. Enjoyed being creative and designing a t-shirt for my family reunion in June this morning.
  8. Dying Easter eggs with Josh and the kids.
  9. Dyed eggs are just so pretty to look at.  I love all the bright colors.
  10. Happy memories dying eggs with my mom and little brother.
  11. Beau loved dying the eggs so much she cried her eyes out when we were finished.
  12. The Rescuers movie afternoon snuggled up with my favorite little boy.
  13. Great cat nap.
  14. Nana & Papa made it safely to Texas!
  15. Beautiful weather today.
  16. Sidewalk chalk.
  17. Papa always gets Gus laughing so hard!
  18. Cowboy Chicken for dinner!
  19. The smell of fire wood cooking rotisserie chicken.
  20. Dinner was Papa’s treat!
  21. Corn fritters.
  22. Blackberry cobbler.
  23. Papa did Gus’ bed time for me.
  24. Got the kid’s Easter baskets filled with lots of goodies!
  25. Nana got the kids a Peter Pan and Aristocats book on her iPad that they both thoroughly enjoyed.
  26. Really sweet and encouraging note from one of my old childhood friends that has been reading the blog.
  27. My husband was looking very handsome for church tonight!

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