Day 229

On Monday morning I spent some time praying for my husband Josh and for the parents that he would get to minister to that night during a class at church.  As I was praying God begin to show me how generations would be effected from the training and equipping that took place over the next 4 weeks.  People would get revelation on how important their job is as a parent, and their kids, and their kid’s kids would benefit from it.  God also reminded me how much Satan hates when parents get serious about being the primary disciplers of their children.  The fact that Josh was teaching this class was making the devil cringe.  He hates us and he hates our kids.  He knows Psalm 127:4 by heart, Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth, and he prefers that our “arrows” miss their mark.

In the very first blog I ever wrote, the last thing I listed on my thank you list was this promise:

Jeremiah 50:9 Our arrows shall be like those of an expert warrior; none shall return in vain. 

That verse is talking about actual arrows and expert archers who never miss, but I love to speak it over my children.  I like to declare that Josh & I are expert warriors and our arrows will not return vain, they will hit their marks, they will accomplish the plans and purposes that God has for their lives.

Every child that is born on this earth has a purpose, they have a target, and if you are a parent it’s your job to make sure you aim them in the right direction.  I like to think of the time that we have with our kids before they leave the nest as one big draw on a bow, and when they head off to college or get married or start their career, we let go… our arrow’s start to fly through the air, and if we have been pointing them in the right direction all of this time they won’t return in vain.

In July at a routine 20 week ultrasound we found out that they baby we were expecting in November would have to be delivered still born.  I can still see his little face on the screen.  He didn’t have a heart beat anymore, but he had a face.  He was a little person, an arrow that God had a purpose for.  It was hard when that realization hit me, but God let us know that He would use our entire family to fulfill the things that our son was meant to do and we’ve already seen some of that come to pass.

Satan would love if he could keep every believer alive from having children, the less arrows flying toward him the better, but he can’t.  God is the giver of life!  So instead, he focuses on getting us to aim the children we do have in the wrong direction. He wants to get our eyes off of the true target and get us to start aiming our kids at sports, school, careers paths, or college, but none of that matters unless Jesus is the bullseye.  I am determined now more than ever to do whatever it takes to keep Jesus in the center of my children’s lives.

Treasure the arrows that you have already been given and pray for the ones yet to come, that they will go straight to the mark, that they will not miss.  Devote yourself to becoming an expert warrior.

  1. My children will not return in vain!
  2. My three arrows.
  3. My future arrows.
  4. God is the giver of life!
  5. The opportunity that Josh has to teach on such an important topic.
  6. Hot shower with clean water and good smelling soap.
  7. 13 years ago today my niece Ryan was born!
  8. I remember playing with Ryan when she was Gus’ age and now she plays with Gus!  She’s an awesome role model and my kids love her!
  9. My dad introduced Gus to Pac Man today… he loved it.  Had so much fun playing it.
  10. Rudy’s smoked turkey!
  11. Mom & dad treated us to lunch.
  12. Took a really good nap this afternoon.  I love Sabbath Friday.
  13. Got to play a little Monopoly Jr with Grammy, Grampy, and Gussy.  I came from behind and beat ’em all!
  14. My friend Shannon let me know I had something mixed up on yesterday’s blog.  Thankful to have such a great proofreader reading my blog and helping me out.
  15. Josh looks so handsome when he gets dressed up.  Loved seeing him in a tie today.
  16. Picked out some really cute outfits for Beau for her birthday presents from Grammy.
  17. My mom let me shop for my birthday… I’ll be getting an awesome wallet and some new sunglasses in a few weeks!
  18. Tangled PJs for Beau, Jake PJs for Gus to put in their Easter baskets from Grammy and Grampy.
  19. Fun night at Gatti Town.
  20. Cherry Coke.
  21. Beau laid so still on me for a little while after she finished her dinner.  She’s so sweet.
  22. I told Gus we could only read one book before bed since it was late and he picked his Bible.
  23. I had him laughing so good before bed.
  24. 170+ kids got saved tonight at the Mix56 fun night.  I’ll give up my Friday night with my husband for that any day.
  25. All of the pictures of the little girls at church all dressed up for the daddy daughter dance.  I’m so glad I have a daughter that will someday want to take her daddy to a dance.
  26. Movie night with my parents.
  27. Popcorn + M&M Minis + Apple Slices = Perfect movie snack.

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