Day 225

Whenever a small child falls down and scrapes their knee, bumps their head, or gets their finger slammed in a door the one thing that will always start to make them feel better is a kiss from mamma or daddy.  My daughter has discovered that truth and anytime she gets hurt she comes looking for me, so I can give her boo-boo a kiss.  I read somewhere that 81% of kids prefer a kiss over a bandaid, a toy, a special treat, or medicine when they get hurt… and I believe it.  Kisses are powerful.

Matthew 8:1-3 When He had come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed Him. And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

We all know that leperocy was a very contagious disease.  If you were a leper you had to live in a colony with other lepers, separated from your family, friends, and the rest of the world.  No one wanted to look at you, let alone touch you.  It was an awful way to exist.

In Matthew 8 when this leper approaches Jesus he does something I’ve never noticed before, he worships Him.

The greek word for worship used there is “proskyneo” and it means to kiss, like a dog licking his master’s hand.  A kiss on the hand was a token of reverence, a way of worship.

Jesus not only allowed this highly contagious man to come close to Him, he allowed him to put his lips on His hand!  He didn’t break out his hand sanitizer after that either, instead he put His hand on him, and immediately the leper was cleansed.

The leper didn’t let his condition keep him from worshipping Jesus, he didn’t wait until after he was cleansed to kiss the hand of the savior of the world, he did it as soon as he came face to face with Him and I believe it played a big part in the immediate manifestation of his healing.  He pressed in and worshipped Jesus before he knew what the outcome of their visit would be.

He kissed Jesus’ hand in worship and in return Jesus kissed all of his “boo-boos.”  You can’t touch Jesus without Him touching you back, and this is one of many beautiful stories in God’s Word that proves that.

If you are dealing with some boo-boos in your life, physically or spiritually don’t wait until after you see the manifestation of your healing to kiss the hand of Jesus, worship Him now!  Your dad’s kisses really do have supernatural healing powers, and I think 100% of God’s children’s surveyed would agree that nothing on earth comforts like a kiss from Him!

  1. Kisses from the father make everything better.
  2. Jesus isn’t a hand sanitizer kind of guy.
  3. The leper’s amazing example of a true worshipper.
  4. My kids fall into that 81% that like kisses for boo-boos.
  5. Jesus healed the biggest boo-boo of my life through worship.
  6. Austin, my friend from middle school is celebrating his birthday today!  He introduced me to my husband and was always so fun to hang out with.
  7. Mandy, my mission trip leader in middle school is celebrating her birthday today.  She influenced me greatly on that trip to Peru.
  8. My parents let me go to Peru!
  9. Our youth and leaders made it home safely from Sierra Leone.
  10. An angel caught my mom and grandma when my grandma started falling backwards on an escalator today.
  11. Got my car cleaned inside and outside.  Every time I opened the doors trash would blow out… it was time!
  12. Found a coupon and got $10 off the carwash.
  13. The free Sprite in the waiting room cheered Beau up after being terrified about having to go through the car wash.
  14. I got a coupon for a free lunch buffet at CiCi’s at the car wash so I took the kids for lunch.  They loved it.
  15. The night my dad took us to a Bingo night at school and when we came out it was snowing and he took us to Cici’s and we ate pizza and watched it snow.  Sweet memory.
  16. Power nap.
  17. The option to play outside is officially back!
  18. So nice out this afternoon!
  19. Gus has been helping me get some good workouts in with his new love for flag football.
  20. Came upstairs and found Gus reading his Star Wars Encyclopedia to Beau.  She was learning a lot about Storm Troopers.
  21. Mac N Cheese for dinner!
  22. Edamame.
  23. Josh taught his first equip class tonight!
  24. From LSD to PHD.  What an amazing story of the power of God to transform lives.
  25. Nice relaxing bath.
  26. Started researching dance classes for Beau!  I can’t wait to see that lil girl in a tutu and some ballet slippers.
  27. My parents will be here for Gus’ first flag football game this Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Day 225

  1. Shannon says:

    Read this about edamame –

    Soy contains dietary estrogen. Excess estrogen in our world is responsible for all these young kids developing puberty early these days. It lowers testosterone in men and could inhibit fertility in women.

    I avoid all soy. I used to give soy milk to Ty when he was little. I thought it was healthy. He’s now hit puberty and I’ve ordered him a natural supplement that will help him get rid of excess estrogen in his system.

    In the article above, the lady says that a few in a salad won’t hurt, but edamame is such a popular food these days, people eat more than a few and think they’re the greatest health food around.

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