Day 224

In 1 Samuel 4 the Israelites lose a nasty fight to the Philistines.  30,000 foot soldiers were dead, but that wasn’t the worst part… the worst part was that the Philistines had taken a trophy for themselves, a rather important trophy… the very Ark of God.

The Ark of God was a representation of God’s presence among His people and the Israelites were wrong to take it out into battle without instruction from the Lord.  Thankfully, God did not rule and reign from the Ark, He rules and reigns from His throne in heaven and He was totally in control of this situation.

The Philistines displayed their trophy in the temple of Dagon beside an idol of Dagon.  They were probably feeling pretty confident in their half man-half fish Pagan God, I mean after all, they did just capture the Ark and seriously throw down against the Israelites… that meant Dagon was more powerful than the God of Israel… right?  Wrong!

The next day they found their Dagon statue on his face before the Ark of the Lord.  They brushed it off as a coincidence, stood him up and put him back where he belonged.  The next morning they found their Dagon statue on his face before the Ark of the Lord again, and this time his head and both the palms of his hands were cut off… all that was left of him was a stump.

I got pretty excited reading that story this morning because it reminded me that when the presence of God comes into the presence of the enemy, the enemy has to bow!

I can think of no better way to usher the presence of God into a situation than to worship.  When fear, depression, anxiety, lust, anger, or any other evil spirits come against you, start to worship God and watch as the presence of the enemy falls face first before the one true God.

You can choose today which presence you want to be present in your home, your office, your car, and in your mind.  Your options are the presence of the enemy or the presence of God.  They can’t both be present at the same time, so choose the presence of God by worshipping Him in spirit and in truth.

Philippians 2:10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth

  1. I really enjoyed reading about Dagon falling on His face in the presence of my God.
  2. When the presence of God comes into the presence of the enemy, the enemy has to bow!
  3. Every knee will bow at the sound of His great name!
  4. Freedom by Bethel.
  5. Slept so good last night and woke up very rested.
  6. Gus’ lil ornery self could not wait to pinch Josh because he was not wearing green… even though he was wearing green.
  7. My green shoes!
  8. Very full class of 5 year old at church this morning.
  9. Got to teach them about when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, Hosanna, and palm branches.
  10. Pastor Preston surprised the Gateway Frisco campus by preaching live at the 10:45.
  11. Gus & his cousin Justin’s “cuz” videos.  SO funny!
  12. My niece Courtney got a new job.  “God really came through!”
  13. Sticky doorknobs, legos on my nightstand, and toys all over the place.
  14. Beau calls hiccups “make-ups.”
  15. Brian Fellows.
  16. Me and the kids all piled in bed with Josh after his nap and Gus said, “This is the life!”
  17. Sent out Beau’s birthday invitation and looks like it’s going to be a FULL house again this year!  Love my big family.
  18. Wizard of Oz movie night!
  19. Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  What an awesome song.
  20. I have never got past the first 15 minutes of the Wizard of Oz until tonight and I really enjoyed it.
  21. Gus was so into the movie and followed the story line really well.  I was having to hold him back when the wicked witch of the west was trying to get rid of Toto.
  22. Eucalyptus.  Put a few drops in the humidifier and it smells so good.
  23. I guessed who would get kicked of American Idol last week and won a friendly bet with my friend Sayra and for my prize she brought my a really cute bracelet!
  24. Gus was so pumped that he got to sleep in his Batman PJs, cape and all.
  25. My friend Kristen sent me a powerful promise from God’s word… I love how He has a promise in His word for every occasion!
  26. Came across some pictures from Gus’ first Easter.  He’s always been so much fun and such a cute little kid!
  27. Josh remembered to put the trash out tonight!

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