Day 222

I live with one of the best sweet talkers in all the world… his name is Gus and he’s my four year old son.  He tells me several times a day that I’m the best mom ever, that I’m beautiful, and that he loves me.  Usually, the motive behind his flattery is his love for me.  He loves his mamma and he’s just gotta let me know.  Occasionally, the motive behind his flattery is his love for video games.  I’ll accept either form, but it definitely means more when he says I’m the best mom ever just because… no strings attached.

Some of the best worshippers around are kids, because their only motive for worship is love.  They simply love Jesus and they’ve gotta let Him know.  They don’t worship because they want God to give them something, they just worship because they want to make Jesus smile.  They have nothing to gain, no manipulative reasons, no one they are trying to impress, it’s very pure and all about what it’s supposed to be about… Jesus!

Last night I was listening to my kids sing a song that their Papa wrote called, “Because of My Love” and it so challenged me.  The lyrics are so right on with the heart of worship that my children have and that we should all desire.

Because of my love, I lift my hands to you
Because of my love, Because of my love
Because of my love, I lift my hands to you
Because of my love, I worship you
Thank you Lord for saving me, for blessing me, you set me free
I lift my hands, make no demands, just have to say in my own way

The best definition for worship taken from the Bible is Love Expressed.  Worship should always be about one thing and one thing only, expressing our love for Jesus.  Spend some time worshipping like a child, nothing to gain, no ulterior motives, and no one you are trying to impress.  Don’t let your needs distract you as you come before the throne, instead let His love captivate you.  Lift your hands, make no demands, and just tell Him in your own way how much you love Him.

Psalm 34:9 (AMP) O fear the Lord, you His saints [revere and worship Him]! For there is no want to those who truly revere and worship Him with godly fear.

  1. Because Of My Love.
  2. My sweet talking boy.
  3. The way kids worship.
  4. When we worship Him just because we love Him, He will take care of whatever we need.  He’s just good like that!
  5. We had tons of errands to run this morning, but we made great time and had a great time.
  6. Snuggling up on a park bench with Josh while we watched the kids play.
  7. Perfect Spring Break weather this week!
  8. Picnic lunch by the lake.
  9. The entertaining ducks and geese.
  10. Spent my afternoon working on Beau’s birthday video.  Coming together nicely!
  11. All Smiles.  Perfect song for the first part of the video.
  12. Josh is always does a great job picking out songs for the kid’s videos.
  13. Crew Cuts!!
  14. Kids did so great on the hour drive out to North Park.  They were happy to just look out the window and listen to music.
  15. Good time talking with Josh on the way there and back.
  16. Got Beau’s Easter outfit and it’s adorable!
  17. She thought she was pretty fancy trying on clothes in the fitting room like a big girl.
  18. Josh was right there with me in the fitting room helping me make the final decision.
  19. Found Gus a few cute shirts too!
  20. Kenny’s Smoke House for dinner.  That Kenny guy sure know what he’s doing when it comes to food.
  21. Gone Gone Gone.  Love Love Love this song!
  22. Plane tickets to Santa Barbara are booked! 137 more days.
  23. Papa is a pro at booking plane tickets!
  24. Movie date night at home.
  25. Josh bought salt & vinegar chips to share with Beau and she was so excited… those are her favorite.
  26. My new pure is working out so nicely!  I love how big it is.  I had room to pack coloring pages, colors, silly putty, stickers, and lots of other things to keep the kids entertained at dinner.  Felt like Marry Poppins.
  27. This time ever night where I get to stop and thank God for being so good!

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