Day 220

Josh and I have had the same hand me down mattress since we got married 10 years ago.  A mattress is just one of those things that is no fun to spend money on so we’ve put up with it for as long as possible.  After a few weeks of waking up with sore backs and stiff necks way too often, we decided to get a four inch memory foam pillow top mattress topper.  It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to us… like top 20.  Our bed is ridiculously comfortable now!  The only downside is that because it’s so comfortable I’ve found that it’s much more difficult to get up when my alarm goes off every morning.  Before the memory foam I could pop right out of bed at 6:00 a.m., but now I just want to lay there and enjoy being so unbelievable comfortable.

I was telling a friend about my cozy predicament the other day and as I was talking to her, God started talking to me… about the dangers of getting too comfortable.

We all like to be comfortable- there aren’t too many people out there that would turn down a free upgrade to first class because they prefer less leg room.  Discomfort is just not our thing, so when we get comfortable in a job, in our finances, in a city, in our homes, with our friendships, with our lifestyle, it’s hard for us to imagine doing anything that might cause us to be less comfortable… even if God is the one asking us to do it.

God doesn’t want us to be stagnant.  He doesn’t want us to lay in bed all day just because it’s comfortable.  He wants us to be in a constant state of change, a constant state of maturing, a constant state of growth.  When the alarm goes off comfort seems like the best option, but if I were to stay in bed just because I was comfortable I would miss out on so much of the beautiful day that God created and allowed me to be apart of, so after a few minutes of talking myself into it, I throw back the covers and get uncomfortable… and it’s so worth it.  I get to see the sunrise and my sleepy haired kids coming down the stairs, I get to kiss my husband before he leaves for work, and enjoy whatever else God has planned for me that day.

Sometimes it takes getting uncomfortable in order to get to the next level of blessing that God has for you in your life.  When an opportunity presents itself before writing it off because it would mean leaving your pillow top mattress topper, seek God about it.  You don’t want to miss out on part of His plan for you, or on the chance to strengthen your relationship with Him all because you were just too darn comfy to step out and use your faith.

2 Peter 3:18 but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…

  1. God’s little reminder that comfortable can be crippling. 
  2. Anytime I’ve ever stepped out of my comfort zone to obey God, growth happened.
  3. No more sore backs or stiff necks!
  4. Memory foam!  That stuff is just amazing.
  5. Fun trip to the Dallas Arboretum with friends from church!
  6. Couldn’t have asked for better weather.
  7. Green grass!
  8. Beautiful, colorful flowers everywhere we turned.  Beau loved them!
  9. Watching the kids run and play and wear themselves out together.
  10. Catching up with all of my friends.
  11. Picnic lunch.
  12. My friend Anna let us carpool with her.  Loved having 2 hours to visit with her.
  13. We didn’t get lost!
  14. Beau got a little nap in the car.  I’ll take a little over not at all any day.
  15. Spent all afternoon playing out in the backyard with my two very sweet kids.
  16. Gus can swing so good without needing me to push him.  He told me God showed him how.
  17. A couple of long socks that made the perfect flags for some flag football practice.
  18. Gus is doing great at running, catching, and grabbing flags now all he needs to work on is how to look intimidating instead of giggling every time he gets chased or is chasing.
  19. Josh got to preach an awesome message about hanging on to your dreams to the MOR kids tonight.
  20. Left overs for dinner.
  21. Frozen yogurt for dessert!
  22. Got to listen to my Pastor share his testimony.  Jake’s Motel.  Really blessed me.
  23. Decided to have my own little night of worship with Hillsong United.  Got all the lyrics to Zion and loved singing and spending time in God’s presence while doing my hair.
  24. Zion!  I got a whole new appreciation for it tonight being able to see the lyrics.  What an anointed album!
  25. Singing off key and off pitch and off everything else but knowing it sounds beautiful to God.
  26. Clean hair!
  27. I let Beau try to pray herself before bed tonight and it had to have been God’s favorite prayer of the day.  It melted my heart, I know He felt the same way.

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