Day 217

On a day like today you can’t help but think about the gift of time.  Last night while we were sleeping all of us got one hour taken away and when someone or something starts stealing your time it throws you off a bit.  Funny I should come across this scripture this afternoon while trying to stay awake at my computer.

Ephesians 5:16 (NKJV) redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

The word redeem means “”to purchase; to buy up” from the possession or power of anyone; and then to redeem, to set free – as from service or bondage.  Here it means, to rescue or recover our time from waste; to improve it for great and important purposes.” (Barnes)

We have all been given the same twenty four hour days.  No one alive on planet Earth get’s one second more than anyone else on any given day.  Why is it then that some people seem to have more time than others?  It’s because they work hard at redeeming the time they have been given.  They are intentional about buying up the time that others seem to throw out and rescuing it from being wasted by making the most of it.

I think we live in the most distracted society anywhere, ever.  People are always distracted by something and usually it’s their smart phones.  I read a letter the other day that a man wrote to a lady he was watching at the park.  He wanted to let her know that while she was buried in her phone she missed out on her daughter twirling and hurt her sons feelings when she ignored him instead of looking up while he was calling, “watch this mom!”  It made me cry.  I try to keep my phone in my pocket more than in my hand, but I know I have missed sweet moments with my children, my husband, and even with God because I was scrolling through Facebook, checking my Ebay auctions, or seeing if anyone was tweeting anything worth while instead of buying up my time and spending it on something of value.

I don’t think that smart phones are evil, but I do know that we are living in evil days and we can’t afford to be wasting time.  God has a life planned for us- He’s had it all mapped out since before we were even born, and I really doubt that while He was making His plans for us that he allotted an hour a day for social media, or 4 hours a day for TV watching, more than 8 hours a day for sleeping, etc.

If we want to fulfill the plans and purposes that God has for our lives we have got to become time redeemers.  I’m not saying we should never watch TV or that it’s wrong to use social media, or sleep in every once in a while, but I am saying we should never let the things that really are not that important steal away our time from the things that are.

  1. God gives everyone the same 24 hours each day.
  2. The reminder I got today about being a time redeemer.
  3. Left my phone on my nightstand all day.  I liked not having it around and not being tempted to waste time.
  4. Deleted my Facebook app.
  5. I actually gained an hour this morning.  Decided to let the kids sleep til 8 and I slept til 8 with them.
  6. Got to spend a few minutes praying over my niece and nephew before they left for Tulsa.
  7. Loved our lesson today in the 5 year old class.  Elijah’s God vs Baal.  Our God is so awesome!
  8. There are so many genuinely nice people at Gateway Frisco.
  9. Had so much fun with Josh & Gus trying to beat Lemmy’s Castle in Super Mario World.  21 tries and we never did!  But I laughed a lot!
  10. Gus loves to make me laugh.
  11. He got that from his dad who also loves to make me laugh.
  12. Awesome nap cuddled on the couch with the whole fam.
  13. Curious George… great cartoon to nap to.
  14. Leftover for dinner night.
  15. I get to jump from Battle Arena Fighting with Gus to Cinderella’s castle with Beau.  Love playing in the floor with those two.
  16. Beau’s hair is getting so thick and pretty.  I can’t get enough of her little brown head.
  17. Josh is back to giving baths!
  18. Gus is really doing great at sounding at words while we read.
  19. I got a “bonus kiss” from Gus while I was tucking him in.
  20. Veggin’ out with Josh.  Really nice to finally have a hang out night together.
  21. Josh planned a date night for us tomorrow!
  22. Burt’s Bees throat drops.
  23. Spring break!
  24. Justin & Courtney made it back to Tulsa safely.
  25. Miss Beau was not exactly sleepy at 8:00 but she was a good girl and stayed put in her bed and talked and sang until she got sleepy.
  26. I asked Gus if he wanted to ask God for anything tonight when he was saying his prayers and he didn’t ask for a new toy, or a new video game, or candy he asked for God to give us more babies.  His spirit is so sweet!
  27. Josh had great services at church this weekend teaching kids to hear the voice of God.

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