Day 214

God bless my husband.  A few nights ago after we had been asleep for several hours I woke up screaming and slapping my arm because of a very realistic dream I was having that featured me asleep and a mouse that was crawling on me.  It was so real I thought it was actually happening, thus the screaming, thus the arm hitting, thus the waking up of my husband, thus the lying in bed trying to get my heart rate to go back down so I could go back to sleep.  Stupid fake mouse.  It’s not the first time I’ve done that to Josh.  Poor guy.  I don’t know what I would do if he woke me up screaming.  He’s always very calm and lets me know that I was just dreaming and that I am okay.

Have you ever had a dream like that?  A dream that is so real that it takes you a few seconds to realize that it’s not?  I remember the moment we found out that the baby I had been carrying for 20 weeks was dead and that I would have to deliver him still born 3 days later.  It felt like a bad dream.  Maybe I just wasn’t awake yet and soon this nightmare would be over.  But I wasn’t dreaming.  This was really happening to us.  I really did have a lifeless baby inside of me.  I really would have to check into the hospital to deliver a baby boy that we would never hear cry.  I really would have to leave the hospital empty handed.

The other day my sister in law Brooke sent me Psalm 126 and it ministered to me from the first verse to the last.

Psalm 126:1 When the Lord brought back his exiles to Jerusalem, it was like a dream! 

These captives that were returning to Zion were so full of joy they could hardly believe that what was happening to them was real!  I love how Barnes’ Notes explains the emotions they were feeling- “It seemed like a dream; we could hardly realize that it was so; it was so marvelous, so good, so full of joy, that we could scarcely believe it was real.” This state of mind is not uncommon, when, in sudden and overpowering joy, we ask whether it can be real; whether it is not all a dream….”

They thought they might be having the best dream of their lives, but it wasn’t just a dream.  When someone pinched them and they figured out that they were wide awake and this was really happening, they laughed, they sang and celebrated the amazing things that the Lord had done for them.

Those are the kind of experiences God wants us to have.  He doesn’t want us to feel like we are having a nightmare, He wants us to feel like we are in the best dream we’ve ever had.  I find such great comfort in those five words, it was like a dream!  I believe God put that Psalm on my sister in law’s heart because he wanted me to know that the next time I’m in a labor and delivery room things will be so marvelous, so good and so full of joy that I will think I’m dreaming and then someone will pinch me and I’ll realize it’s all really happening and I’ll be filled with laughter and singing as we celebrate the amazing things that the Lord has done for us.

I’m excited!  No more “is this a nightmare?” moments, no more leaving the hospital empty handed.

The perfect ending to the short but very sweet Psalm 126 says in the Message,

So those who went off with heavy hearts will come home laughing, with armloads of blessing.

Amen!  May your life be filled with “pinch me” moments that leave you amazed at the goodness of God!

  1. There are some good “pinch me” moments in my future!
  2. The next time I leave the hospital it will be with armloads of blessing!
  3. The mouse that was crawling on me was not real.
  4. My very sweet husband who puts up with my crazy dreams.
  5. Josh does NOT have crazy dreams.
  6. Sunny and 70 today!
  7. Breakfast in bed.
  8. My kiss is on Josh’s list.
  9. Hall & Oates.
  10. Slept wonderful even without Josh by my side.
  11. The pretty little girl riding in my grocery cart.
  12. Restocked the fridge and pantry.
  13. The very nice check out lady that was so kind to Beau.
  14. My nephew and niece had a safe trip from Tulsa.
  15. Gus was excited that Justin & Courtney came with me to pick him up from school.
  16. Gus had an all green day at school!
  17. When Gus sings me the new songs he learned at school.
  18. Beau to Justin – “I love you and Jesus loves your heart.”  Oh my gosh!  She’s so awesome.
  19. Yummy dinner!
  20. Kids got to run around and get some energy out at the McDonalds Play Place.
  21. Beau calls McDonalds “Mickey Donalds.”  She’s Disney through and through.
  22. Monopoly Jr with Gus, Courtney and Justin.
  23. Courtney read Gus’ bed time books to him.
  24. Love having some great company while Josh is still in Tulsa.
  25. I found the text chime that makes the same sound as the turnstiles at Disney Land.  What a wonderful sound.
  26. Only one more sleep without Josh.
  27. Tomorrow we sabbath!

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