Day 212

Philippians 4:11 (AMP)  Not that I am implying that I was in any personal want, for I have learned how to be content (satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed or disquieted) in whatever state I am.

Paul is ending his letter to all of the saints in Philippi letting them know that he appreciates their care and concern for him even though they were unable to offer him any assistance because of the distance between where he was in Rome and where they were in Philippi.  He wants them to be aware that he has learned to be content.  He’s figured out how to be happy if someone from Philippi brings him a fruit basket and a lemonade or to be happy if the only person he’s seen for weeks is the guard that he is chained too.  Either way he’s content.

I like that Paul let’s us know that this amazing super power to be satisfied no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in is a learned super power.  None of us were born with it, including Paul.

I think it’s safe to say that all of us entered into the world discontent.  I don’t know of any newborn that is happy to leave the warm and safe confines of their mothers womb only to get smacked on the bottom, have goop sucked out of their nose, bright lights shone in their face, and experience what it’s like to be cold for the first time.  We do a lot of crying the first few minutes of life and from that point forward we constantly battle things that cause us to be unhappy.

God made us with natural instincts, things that we know how to do without having to be taught, but being content is not one of them.  A human has to learn to be content just like they have to learn to walk, read, or ride a bike.  The definition of learn is to gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

If we want to learn how to possess the ability to be satisfied to the point that we are not disturbed or disquieted no matter what we may be facing we are going to have to study God’s word, experience deliverance, and have teachable spirits.

Study.  The more you study God’s word the more revelation of His love you will gain and the more revelation of His love you gain the easier it gets to trust Him instead of leaning on your own understanding.  To know He loves you and that He is for you is crucial to being happy when everything around you is telling you that you shouldn’t be.

Experience.  Paul had experienced the goodness of God.  He had an unforgettable encounter with Jesus Christ that changed His life forever.  God had delivered him in the past and He knew God would do it again.  He could count it all joy when various trials came his way because He had experienced deliverance and believed wherever he was, whatever he was going through he would experience it again.

Being Taught.  Paul had a teachable spirit.  He was open to learning.  He looked at every trial, every arrest, every ship wreck as an opportunity to learn something new about the faithfulness of God.

I can’t say that I’ve learned how to be content, but I can say that I am learning… I’m actively studying, recalling past experiences, and looking at every trial big or small as an opportunity for God to teach me something invaluable and I can tell it’s working.  I feel more satisfied with life than I ever have before and it’s not because everything is perfect, it’s because I know what Paul knew, that God is perfect… always has been and always will be.

  1. We can learn how to be content like Paul. 
  2. I’m more satisfied with life than ever!
  3. God is perfect!
  4. We own Wreck It Ralph!  Love that movie because Gus loves that movie!
  5. I got a $20 coupon for pre ordering Wreck It Ralph through the Disney Store and got Beau a Rapunzel dress for her birthday that is usually $50 for $24!
  6. The princess dress up stuff happened to be 25% off.
  7. Got four pretty shirts to add to Beau’s spring wardrobe.
  8. Free Starbucks treats for me and Beau.
  9. New favorite drink.  Tazo Iced Green Tea.
  10. Clean house from top to bottom!
  11. Had the upstairs carpet cleaned and it made such a big difference up there.  Feels much tidier.
  12. Gus had an all green day at school!
  13. Beau couldn’t wait to tell her bubba that we got his favorite movie for him.
  14. My friend Lisa is celebrating her birthday today!  She was one of my bridesmaids and close friends when Josh and I were dating and newlyweds… lots of fun memories.
  15. Got to hear one of my favorite ring tones today.  “I’m Shamless” by Garth Brooks.  Always makes me smile when my little brother calls and I get  to hear a bit of one of his favorite songs when he was little.
  16. My niece Ava gets to go to Disney World in a few weeks!!!
  17. Good, encouraging talk with my mother in law.
  18. My husband finally got a Twitter! @JoshuaRBlount.
  19. Left overs for dinner night.
  20. Wreck It Ralph Movie Night!
  21. Peanut Butter M&Ms.
  22. Beau’s sugar rush.  She got so crazy after a few M&Ms and it was funny.
  23. A lady at church blessed us with a ton of fruit!
  24. “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?”  Beau could tell me all of her colors tonight while we were reading it.
  25. I Believe In Jesus DVDs are here!
  26. Jesus Music Box.  Yancy’s new kid’s praise and worship album.  Love having some new great music for the kids to listen to.
  27. Yancy sent Gus & Beau a music video for the Spring Time Song.

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