Day 211

Remember playing hide and seek when you were a kid?  I hope so, because no childhood is complete without having played it.  We used to play inside, outside, or my favorite- up at our church with all of the lights turned off… probably not the safest way to play hide and seek, but it was so fun.  I remember a few times finding a really, really good hiding spot, getting in it and waiting…. and waiting… and waiting for someone to come find me, but it was such a good place they couldn’t.  Eventually I would get antsy and peek out of my spot to see if the seeker was around and I’d get caught.  I could have been the hide and seek champion of the world if I would have just stayed hidden, but because I didn’t like waiting and not knowing what was going on around me I got caught.

Last night at church during a great night of worship, God spoke to me about the hiding place that I have in Him.

Psalm 32:7 (NLT) For you are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble.  You surround me with songs of victory. 

He showed me that He has the ultimate hiding spot for me and that I know where it is and I’ll get in it and stay put for a while, but then I get antsy and tired of waiting so I poke my head out of the hiding spot and that’s when I get caught.  That’s when Satan gets to me with thoughts of worry, fear, discouragement, and seeds of doubt.  I could see myself going in and out of this hiding place and hear God telling me to just stay still!  To just get in my hiding place and remain there.  Even when I’m not sure what’s ahead or how long I’m going to have to wait there for my prayers to be answered, just stay hidden.  Don’t get bored, don’t get impatient, just hang tight.  I’m safe and He’s even provided entertainment for me- the songs of victory He surrounds me with, so why leave?

I knew as soon as I saw myself playing hide and seek I was supposed to share it in this blog.  I knew it was meant to encourage not only me, but some of you who also find it difficult to stay hidden in Him.  He’s saying to you the same thing He was saying to me.  You know where to go, you know how to get there, you just need to learn how to stay there.

My father in law, Ken Blount, wrote a beautiful song called “Hiding Place” based on Psalm 32:7.  I hope the words minister to you like they do to me.

Raging storm clouds did surround me
all around me, sinking sand
but I cried out to you Jesus
when I trusted, you helped me stand
In my darkest day of trouble
on the double, I call out to you
you surround me with songs of deliverance
in your power you see me through 
Jesus, you’re my hiding place
my cover from storms in the troubled days
my refuge, my shelter, my getaway 
Jesus, you’re my hiding place
  1.  Jesus is my hiding place… the ultimate hiding place.
  2. He surrounds me songs of victory!
  3. As long as I stay put I can’t be found.
  4. Hiding Place with vocals by Max Williams on Love Out Loud.  So awesome to hear my kid’s sing the beautiful song their Papa wrote!
  5. The way that all came together in my head last night.  Good stuff God and just what I needed.
  6. Psalm 126!  The Psalm my sister in law Brooke sent me yesterday at just the right moment totally led by the spirit of God.
  7. Gus made eggs this morning for breakfast.
  8. Absolutely beautiful day!
  9. Went to one of favorite parks today and it was closed for renovations.  I’m glad they are fixing it up!
  10. Beaver’s Bend.  Another one of our favorite Frisco parks.
  11. The kids had so much fun sliding over and over again down the really tall slides there.
  12. Gus made it all the way across the monkey bars for the first time.  He was pretty proud of himself!
  13. Picnic lunch.
  14. I didn’t have to clean up all the crumbs and goldfish crackers that fell on the floor… yay for birds!
  15. Gus was so thankful that we got to go to the park and have a picnic.  He told me how great it was several times.
  16. Beau’s little knock on her door when she’s all done with nap time.
  17. Bicycle rides around the block this afternoon.
  18. Power nap for me while the kids watched their afternoon show.
  19. Had a great study time this morning looking up promises for some desires God put on our heart.
  20. God’s word has a promise for everything you need a promise for.
  21. My family was so happy that I made spaghetti tonight.  I don’t like it so I rarely make it and they were all in meatball heaven at dinner.
  22. The kids played on their swing set while I got dinner ready.  I love having the option to send them outside.
  23. Long overdue trip to Braum’s with the Hall family.
  24. Spring Time Song by Little Praise Party.  One of my kid’s favorites.
  25. Decorated our playroom window with Easter window clings and every time I gave one to Beau she would say “oh my goodness.”  She thought they were all so pretty.
  26. Got to finish the Bible episode and snuggle in bed with my sweet husband.
  27. The way God uses things we have been through in the past to help others with things they are going through now.

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