Day 210

It seems like everyone I know is studying the story of David & Goliath right now.  My four year old Gus, my almost 2 years old Beau, my husband, and all the 5 year olds at Gateway Church… so I decided to study it for myself this afternoon and this verse totally got my wheels turning.

1 Samuel 17:51 So he ran and stood over the Philistine, took his sword and drew it out of its sheath, and killed him, and cut off his head with it. When the Philistines saw that their mighty champion was dead, they fled.

David had already taken a stone, loaded it into his slingshot and knocked the trash talking Giant out cold, but he wasn’t done yet.  He ran over to Goliath and somehow managed to lift up the giant’s heavy sword and then he proceeded to cut Goliath’s head off with it.  (We don’t get into that bit at Sunday School.)

Why did David do that?  Verse 50 says that the blow from the stone to Goliath’s forehead  killed him, so why did David feel the need to kill him some more?  I believe it’s because he knew that the Philistines were watching from a distance and that they had seen Goliath fall over, but weren’t sure if he was unconscious or dead, so David thought he’d put their minds at ease.  When someone’s head is no longer attached to their body, there’s a pretty good chance that person is dead as a door nail.  When they saw Goliath’s big ugly mug hanging from David’s bloody hand they fled.

Think about how shaken up the Philistines had to have been to flee the way that they did.  It makes no sense.  There is one boy with a sling shot, four stones, and a sword that’s too big for him, standing out in the open like a sitting duck, and instead of going to capture him, trample him, or fight him they flee like a bunch of cowards.

They knew David was not alone.  They knew something was happening in the unseen world and they wanted no part of it.  What if David hadn’t cut the head off of Goliath?  What if he had just checked Goliath’s pulse and gave the Philistine’s a thumbs down to let them know their champion was dead… they may not have believed him.  They may have ran down into the valley to see for themselves what had happened to Goliath and then tried to kill David. But God let them know they need not bother.  Goliath was obviously dead and they were all afraid that the same thing would happen to them.

We’ve all got stuff in our life that we’ve knocked down, but haven’t beheaded.  Maybe you struggle with fear or a certain sin and you’ve knocked it down by speaking the Word of God time and time again, but it keeps coming back.  It’s time to take what the devil was planning on using to take you out with and use it instead to show Him that he doesn’t want to mess with you.  It’s time to send Him fleeing with visions of his head being trampled by Jesus Christ.  It’s time to remind him that the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in you.  Don’t let the enemy stand around and wonder if the giant you were fighting is unconscious or dead, put his mind at ease.  Let him know that the giant he sent for you is in fact dead as a door nail.  Behead that sucker!

Pick up the sword that you have always thought might be too heavy for you and get yourself a little souvenir, something to prove to yourself and to the enemy that that thing that you have been struggling with has seen it’s last days because Jesus is for you and nothing can stand against you!

  1. God is for me, who can be against me? Rom 8:31
  2. Hearing my class of 5 year olds yell that out at church this morning.
  3. The devil flees from us like the Philistine army fled from David.
  4. I got to tell the story of David and Goliath at church today.
  5. Had time to wash, dry, and straighten my hair before church this morning.
  6. Great text and verse from my mother in law, Trudi.
  7. Great text and verses from my sister in law, Brooke.
  8. Beautiful Sunday afternoon.
  9. Gaming with Gus after church.
  10. Beau pretty much only calls Gus “Gustus” now.  It’s so cute!
  11. My friend Allie let me know she was able to share 10kreasons with a lady who recently suffered a miscarriage.  I’m love that God gave me the idea for this blog to heal me and heal others in the process.
  12. Dinner with my family of 4.  So glad everyone is healthy!
  13. My friend Clint is celebrating his birthday today at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland and that makes me happy!
  14. When Gus tells me all of the parts he thought were funny on the Veggie Tails he saw at church and smiles his sweet little smile.
  15. We got to all ride to church together in one car.
  16. Favorite kind of night… night of worship!
  17. I love my church!
  18. Seeing the teenagers at our campus so on fire for God.
  19. God showed me some cool stuff while I was worshipping.
  20. “Love Came Down” by Brian Johnson.
  21. Being next to my husband at church.
  22. Driving home from church together and sharing what God showed us.
  23. God showed Josh something neat about Gus’ future.
  24. Watching The Bible on History Channel with Josh.  We’ve been looking forward to it for a few weeks now!
  25. The moment when Abraham was waiting outside the tent and hear Isaac’s cry for the first time.  What a special moment.  God’s promise realized.  It got me!
  26. If I ever fall asleep on a show Josh always stops it and says he will wait to finish it the next day when I’m not so sleepy.
  27. Beau was so excited she got to go to a new class tonight.  Hard to believe in just 25 days and she will be in the 2 year old class all of the time.

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