Day 207

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart.  I put my contacts in, wrapped myself up in my robe and headed to my quiet time chair.  I sat down and began to pray, but I didn’t really feel like getting into what was weighing on me… I didn’t want God to think my faith was weak.  I didn’t want Him to think that I didn’t trust Him.  I didn’t want him to be disappointed that I was letting my emotions get the best of me.  So I did what a good Christian girl is supposed to do, I spoke faith.  But right in the middle of spouting off some scriptures that I believed would make me feel better, God stopped me.  He reminded me that nothing is hidden from Him… He’s searched me and knows all my heart, so I might as well be honest with Him.

I don’t know why I was trying to put on a happy face for God, He can’t be fooled.  I thought about David and some of the Psalms that he wrote where he just laid it all out there- the good, the bad, and the ugly and decided to try that for myself.  I was sincere with the Lord.  I talked through what I was facing and He listened… so I talked some more and He kept listening and when I was finished talking He flooded me with peace.  I felt a real exchange take place.  I was open and honest and gave Him my concerns and in return He gave me exactly what I needed.  I LOVE Him!

Gideon was a guy who believed that honesty is the best policy.  In Judges 6 an angel appears to him and tells him that the Lord is with him and that he is a mighty man of valor.  Check out his response.

Judges 6:13 “O my lord, if the Lord is with us, why then has all this happened to us? And where are all His miracles which our fathers told us about, saying, ‘Did not the Lord bring us up from Egypt?’ But now the Lord has forsaken us and delivered us into the hands of the Midianites.”

The angel didn’t get offended and leave to look for someone else who wouldn’t ask questions, instead he reassured Gideon that he was mighty and that he would save Israel from the Midianites… and he did.  God used Him just like He said He would.  I think when we get honest with God and give him our worry and concern it’s an invitation for Him to work in our situation.  It’s a way of surrendering all of our insufficiencies to His sufficiency.

There’s something so freeing about being completely honest with the Lord, to get in His presence and let Him know that without Him you are nothing.  To know that He already knows every thought that has gone through our minds and every emotion that we have experienced without us having to say a word.  To know that he knows the depths of our hearts, every doubt, every fear, everything about us and He still loves us with a love that never gives up.  I’m so thankful that God gave me permission to be honest this morning and that He took all of my concerns and replaced them with HIS peace.

  1. God prefers honesty over flattery.
  2. Psalm 139:1 O Lord, you have searched me [thoroughly] and have known me.
  3. Psalm 139:4 You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord.
  4. The peace He left me with after our good, honest conversation.
  5. He is in control and totally sufficient.
  6. Kept Gus home from school today just to be sure he was all the way better and we had a nice day together.
  7. Got the kids out of the house for a fun morning at the mall.
  8. Barnes & Noble.
  9. The Disney Store.
  10. Carousel rides.
  11. Gus remembered to bring quarters so he could play his arcade game at the video game store.
  12. Found some great little pants for Gus’ Easter outfit.
  13. Tried the chicken salad sandwich at Chic Fil A and it was a nice change of pace.
  14. Our pillow top topper came today!  I can’t wait to sleep on it!
  15. Movie night with Beau… she is becoming quite a fan of The Little Mermaid.
  16. Invented a new game that gets Gus to practice writing all of his letters and he loved it so much he didn’t even realize he was having to do “school work.”
  17. PB&J dinner night.
  18. Gus and I had an official game night.  Snacks, Sodas, and his first time to ever play Monopoly Jr.
  19. Bunch A Crunch.  Nice snack choice by Gussy!
  20. Gus is old enough to participate in family game nights.  I used to love game nights with my mom, dad, and little brother.
  21. One on one time with my sweet boy.  I caught myself getting teary eyed a few times watching him and realizing how big he is getting.
  22. Our street is getting a major face lift.  I love the new fences and all the new trees!
  23. Bills paid.
  24. The pleasure I get when I get to bless the kids with new toys for no reason.
  25. Gus’ blue eyes showing through his orange Ninja Turtle mask.
  26. I found the sticker I was sure that Beau had got stuck up her nose!
  27. Our couch may not be as comfy as the pillow top topper but since Josh is still really sick and I ain’t got time for that it’s not a bad place to spend the night.

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