Day 204

I am a big believer in the power of names.  The Bible says that life and death are the in the power of the tongue so when looking for our children’s names if we came across one that we liked we would check out the meaning before getting too attached to it.  We chose the name Joseph Augustus for our first born.  Joseph meaning “God will add” and Augustus meaning “great”.  Which is exactly what Gus has been, a great addition to our family from God!  We named our daughter Celia Beau.  Celia meaning heavenly and Beau meaning beautiful.  She is most certainly a beautiful little girl on the outside, but I know as she gets older we will begin to see her spiritual beauty, her heavenly beauty shine as well.

Leah was the not so good looking sister of the really good looking Rachel who found herself in a very awkward dilemma.  Leah’s husband Jacob was also married to her sister and he made it very obvious that Rachel was his favorite. Jacob was only married to Leah because her father had tricked him into it.  Leah was unloved and God took notice.  He opened her womb and blessed her with four sons in Genesis 29 and she gave them all names with very specific meanings.

Reuben – The Lord has looked upon my affliction.

Simeon – The Lord has heard that I am unloved.

Levi – I hope my husband will be attached to me now.

Judah – Now, I will praise the Lord.

The first three names she chose for her first three sons were all kind of pity party names.  She gave them names that reflected her pain and suffering.  She did acknowledge that the Lord had seen and heard her, but she still seems defeated, she is still looking for that approval from Jacob, instead of realizing that God approves her and loves her and that’s all that matters!

Finally, baby boy number four comes along and something clicks.  Her affliction, her feelings of being unloved, and her terrible marriage didn’t matter anymore, she was going to praise God even if her circumstances were not ideal.  She was going to praise God even though she wasn’t the pretty sister.  She was going to praise God even if she was having a hard time caring for 3 boys on her own and now she had a new born to look after.  She was over the pity party and she could say, “NOW, I will praise the Lord.”

I find it so very interesting that out of these four sons, Judah was the son in whose line and from whose tribe that our savior, Jesus Christ, would come from.

“Jesus descended after the flesh from him whose name was praise.”  – Matthew Henry

Praise is important to our father.  Praise is what we were created to do.  Praise is the reason that Lucifer fell.  Praise is how we enter into His courts.  Praise is literally part of how He entered the world.

Leah made a decision to praise God the day her son Judah was born and every time she said his name after that she reminded herself that God was worthy to be praised and worthy to be praised NOW.  Can you praise him now?  Can you praise him before everything is exactly how you want it to be?  Can you praise him even if you feel like throwing a pity party instead?

You may be feeling like an ugly sister that no one loves today but instead of naming your day according to how you feel name it Judah, NOW, I will praise the Lord!

  1. We have the power of life in death in our tongues.
  2. Jesus descended from the one who was named praise… that’s so cool.
  3. God chose to use the ugly, unloved sister.
  4. I am not married to the same guy as one of my sister’s.
  5. God did greatly add to our family with Joseph Augustus.
  6. My heavenly and beautiful daughter Celia Beau.
  7. Our “fortunate” Felix who I will meet one day in heaven. Eccl 4:3 But most fortunate of all are those who are not yet born. For they have not seen all the evil that is done under the sun.
  8. My name means princess… perfect for a daughter of the King.
  9. 39 years ago today my brother in law Scott was born!
  10. Slept like a rock last night.
  11. Ordered my own pillow top mattress topper.
  12. Free shipping at!
  13. Got a bonus from Ken Blount Ministries.
  14. Beau took an almost 3 hour nap.
  15. Her sweaty little head after she wakes up from a good nap.
  16. She’s doing so good about staying put in her big girl bed.
  17. I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store today and neither did the kids, but we put on a little “I Believe In Jesus” and it put us all in a better mood.
  18. Fridge and pantry are full as opposed to very, very bare like they were this morning.
  19. House smelled wonderful all day thanks to the slow cooker cooking italian beef for sandwiches.
  20. Yummy dinner!
  21. Papa showed me a way to help me make the battery on my phone last longer.
  22. Got Beau’s new dresser all organized and did some more room staging.
  23. Gus entertained himself all day… made some messes along the way, but he helped me pick them all up.
  24. Got to see Josh for a few hours before he had to go back to work tonight.
  25. “Beautiful Scars” a great post by my friend Teresa.  A must read for any mothers who have ever looked in the mirror and wondered what happened to their body.
  26. I have one good looking’ husband!
  27. A few hours to get some extra writing done tonight.

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