Day 203

Last weekend I played in my family’s 8th Annual Monopoly Tournament.  I drove all the way to Tulsa to defend my back to back titles, unfortunately I didn’t even advance past the first round.  I actually came in dead last.  What the heck happened?  I’ll tell ya.  NO ONE would land on my properties, my completely decked out properties.  I owned a whole block with houses on each property, but every time someone got close to me they would roll the perfect roll and end up on community chest, chance, or a railroad… instead of having to pay me!  I on the other hand was not having such great luck with the dice.  If there was a property coming up that I didn’t want to land on, I did.  A viscous cycle had started.  I would pass go and get my $200 and start to feel better and then as I made my way back around the board I would lose that $200 and be back where I was before.  I was literally living paycheck to paycheck and it was not fun.

On my way back to Texas today I streamed our church service and heard an awesome message by my Pastor, Robert Morris.  He talked about how important it is to have daily encounters with Jesus.  It made me think of life as a board game.  So many believers start their week on Sunday by attending church, that’s kind of like them getting to pass go and collect $200.  They are feeling good, they’ve spent some time with Jesus and they let their pastor deposit some good stuff into their spiritual account, but as the week goes on they spend their money, never making any deposits of their own and never making anytime to encounter Jesus.  Stress weighs on them, they make decisions based on fear instead of faith and they find themselves in a vicious weekly cycle.  Just barely making it through the week, passing go, and then making their way around the board again.  Living paycheck to paycheck.

That is not the way it has to be!  Jesus wants us to encounter Him daily.

When you make time to encounter Jesus daily it’s like you get to pass go daily.  You won’t have a perfect game, never landing on something you don’t want to land on, but when you do, it won’t bankrupt you and knock you out of the game.  It’s not enough to pass go once a week, we have to daily encounter Jesus.

Psalm 68:19 Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation!

  1. ‎”If you will CONTINUE to have face-to-face encounters with Jesus, you will have the greatest revelation of Him you could imagine … AND you will see who you are in Him!” – Pastor Robert
  2. The Lord wants to daily load me with benefits… Daily!
  3. Beau woke up way too early, but she let me lay her in bed with me so I got to cuddle with her and it was so sweet.
  4. Safe drive home.
  5. Beau slept for a good hour on the drive.
  6. Papa got up early and helped me load up my car and insisted on topping off my gas tank.
  7. Got to experience the whole Gateway weekend in my car.
  8. The great message on the inspiring life of John.
  9. I am the disciple that Jesus loves!
  10. I love my pastor.
  11. My jambox!
  12. Corn nuts.
  13. Beau came home to a new big girl room thanks to her wonderful dad!
  14. Josh did a great job painting, hanging curtains, putting together furniture, and getting her bedding all fixed up.
  15. She was so excited she decided to skip lunch and take a nap first.
  16. She took a looong nap!
  17. Her sweet little brown head of hair and her little body fast asleep in her big bed.  So tiny and so grown up all at the same time.
  18. I took a much needed long nap.
  19. Fun night in bed watching the Oscars with Joshua!
  20. “Paperman” won the Oscar for best animated short film.  One of the best things I watched last year.
  21. Josh came home from a full day at church and unloaded the car and unpacked my suitcases.
  22. I was not feeling very good today and Josh let me lay around while he entertained the kids.
  23. Kleenex!
  24. I was able to share the blog I wrote yesterday about choosing to put on the garment of praise with a 2 ladies that both said they needed to read that very thing at that very moment.  So cool!
  25. Very few people get to experience all of Beau’s awesomeness… I’m glad I’m one of them.
  26. Josh was so happy to see me and the kids when he got home.
  27. There’s no place like home!

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