Day 201

It seems like we are shoe shopping for my four year old son Gus every couple of months.  His feet seem to grow overnight.  One day his shoes fit fine and the next they feel too small.  When my husband Josh was a little boy every time he got a new pair of shoes his dad would tell him, “I bet you can run faster in those” and then he would look down at his watch and pretend to time Josh as he ran around as fast as he could while really believing his new shoes were improving his speed.  The tradition lives on.  Gus loves getting a new pair of shoes and running around while Josh times him.  New shoes just make you feel good.

In Luke 15 when the prodigal son returns home his father gives him a robe, a ring, and shoes.  Yesterday I wrote about the significance of the ring, today I want to share about the shoes.  When the son left home I’m sure he left in a nice pair of shoes.  His father seems like the kind of guy that would have provided his son with whatever kind of shoes he desired, but somewhere between partying and sleeping with pigs the son lost his shoes.  He returned barefoot.  If you went around barefoot in those days it meant that you were a slave… someone owned you, but didn’t care enough about you to buy you a pair of shoes.  His father did not allow him to stay barefoot, he put shoes on him right away, he gave him back his freedom.

Jesus did the same thing for me.  Without Him I would be walking around barefoot, a slave to sin.  But instead I’m wearing a priceless pair of shoes… shoes that actually make me run better.

Psalm 18:29 For by You I can run against a troop, By my God I can leap over a wall.

For by Jesus and the freedom that we now live in we can run against a troop and leap over the highest walls!  We are no longer walking around barefoot and chained to death, but we are free to run, free to dance, and free to live for Him!  He has called us all to run a race and running a race with no shoes on our feet and chains around our ankles would be impossible. Thank God we don’t fall into the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” category.  We can run our race in the best possible running shoes available because Jesus has set us free!

John 8:36 (AMP) So if the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free.

  1. I’m not a barefoot slave to sin!
  2. Jesus made me free and I am free indeed!
  3. I can run against a troop and leap over a wall!
  4. I Am Free To Run by Deperation Band.
  5. The tradition of getting new shoes, running, and being timed to see if they really make you faster.
  6. I am the proud mom of a healthy four year old boy that is growing like crazy.
  7. My newest nephew Gabriel David was born this morning!  8 pounds, 5 oz and already has little rolls.
  8. Josh got our car all set for travel… installed DVD players, filled us up with Gas, and loaded all of our luggage.
  9. Gateway Worship kept me company for most of my drive to Tulsa.
  10. Safe trip with no accidents or car trouble.
  11. Twizzlers.
  12. Beau came down with something that made her feel awful on the drive up.   I was so glad Nana was home and let me drop her off and rest while I dropped Gus off at my mom and dads.
  13. We prayed for Beau and believed for healing and she woke up from a nap visibly better and had a fun night hanging out with Nana, Papa, and her cousin Ryan.
  14. Gus had a blast hanging out with Grammy, Grampy, Norah and some of his cousins.
  15. Papa unloaded all of my bags and took them upstairs for me.
  16. Papa got us Taco Bueno for dinner.
  17. Papa knew I was exhausted and put Gus to bed for me tonight.
  18. Beau slept on me for a while tonight.  So sweet.
  19. Pillowtop mattress.  Seriously, I gotta get me one of these.
  20. Josh stayed in Texas and worked hard all day on Beau’s big girl room.  She’s going to be so surprised when she gets back home!
  21.  Big dirty work trucks with bumper stickers like “Vote the Bible.”  Gotta love being right in the middle of the Bible Belt.
  22. Nana let us borrow her humidifier.
  23. My mom had a thermometer so I didn’t have to buy one… happy to find out Beau wasn’t running a temp!
  24. Got to see the finished Bows my mom made for Beau’s Minnie party and they are awesome!
  25. Grammy also got her a Minnie suitcase to store her Bows in and a cash register so she can really play Minnie’s Bow-tique!
  26. Woke up to the sweetest note from the sweetest husband.
  27. After a long day of driving and taking Gus to and from my parents house he put his little hand on my shoulder and said, “you know I love you, right?”  Made me feel so appreciated.  Love that little boy.

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