Day 199

The other day I was talking with a friend who is going through an intense time of transition and she said something that just totally stood out to me.  “Just when you think you trust Him and you have faith, He calls you to go deeper still.”

I know, I have some pretty profound friends right?  I went to bed thinking about that statement and when I woke up I read a story in my Bible that went along so perfectly with it.  A story we all know and have read and heard countless times, but just because we’ve read and heard it countless times doesn’t mean that we have learned everything we can from it.

In Genesis 21 Abraham and Sarah welcome Isaac, the baby boy God had promised them, into the world.  Finally, after learning to trust God and walk by faith they were able to see, hear, and touch the faithfulness of God… it was no longer just a promise it was a reality.  I’m sure they were feeling pretty good about their walk with God and maybe even thinking they had reached the ultimate place of faith in Him, but they had no idea that God would call Abraham to go even deeper, and to trust God even more in the very next chapter.

Genesis 22: 1-2 Some time later, God tested Abraham’s faith. “Abraham!” God called.  “Yes,” he replied. “Here I am.”  “Take your son, your only son—yes, Isaac, whom you love so much—and go to the land of Moriah. Go and sacrifice him as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I will show you.”

Some time later… I’m not exactly sure how much later, but many scholars think Isaac was a grown 30 something year old man at this point.  Now, after all of these years God tells Abraham to kill his son.  This makes absolutely no sense!  None whatsoever!  Why would God make such a big deal out of Abraham and Sarah having a son and tell them that their descendants would be uncountable and then ask Abraham to kill his son, who had yet to have any children?  Why would God say something that was so against the previous promises He had made to Abraham?  I think it’s because He was calling Abraham to go deeper.  He knew Abraham had great faith, Isaac was LIVING PROOF, but He knew there was more in Him and He wanted Abraham to see it.

Abraham obeyed.  Just like that.  He did not stall.  He did not ask questions.  He got up the next morning, packed his knife and started toward the mountain where God had told him to go.  I imagine he didn’t sleep great the night before, but I think that as he tossed and turned he convinced himself  that there was no way God would take Isaac’s life and with it the promise God had made him.  He put all of his trust in the fact that God would raise Isaac from the dead.

He went through with it, trusting God the entire time and right before he was about to take the life of his beloved son, God stopped Him and provided a ram to take the place of Isaac.  If Abraham’s story had ended in Genesis 21 we would have been pretty impressed that he and his 99 year old wife were able to have a baby, but I think he gets the title “The Father Of Our Faith” because of Genesis 22.

He was at a great place of trust and faith in God after having Isaac, but he was willing to go deeper.  I think many of us get to that place where we think we are doing good and we’re trusting God and we are content to stay there and then when God asks us to go deeper we don’t.  We just stay put in our happy place… happy is good, but growing is better.

When a challenge arises or when you feel God wants you to do something that makes absolutely no sense to you, don’t be afraid.  He wants to show you just how much faith you really have and just how mighty He really is.  If He is calling you to go deeper still, go deeper!

  1. Such great wisdom from such a great friend.
  2. When God calls us to go deeper we realize how much faith we have in Him and how faithful He really is.
  3. God will never lead us to go so deep we are in over our heads.  He only calls us to do things that He knows we can do!
  4. Me, Josh, & Gus all happened to be reading the same story about Abraham & Isaac this week.
  5. Gus & Beau had a great time at their friend Alex’s house.
  6. I enjoyed spending the morning with my sweet friend Sayra.
  7. Sayra made me lunch.
  8. Beau took a nice long rainy day nap this afternoon.
  9. I got a lot done at work this afternoon.  My desk is almost clear, my inbox is empty, and I have no voicemails I need to check!
  10. My family and friends got to enjoy a beautiful snow in Tulsa this morning.
  11. The roads should be nice and clear before Friday so I won’t have to miss the Monopoly Tournament.
  12. I went camping, fishing, and to the beach with Gus and Beau all without having to leave the house.
  13. My White Noise App.  The kids loved using it to set the sounds for wherever we were pretending to be.
  14. 18 years ago today my sweet niece Afton was born!!
  15. The time we got to spend with Afton every Wednesday night before church when we lived in Tulsa.  Miss that!
  16. Afton was the star in one of the best Thanksgiving memories ever.
  17. God is not done with Afton!  I know He’s got good plans for her life… plans to prosper her and to give her a hope and a future.
  18. The adorable conversation that took place between Josh & Beau when he got home from work.  She was so serious talking about the Baby Goofy she saw on Micky Mouse Clubhouse.
  19. Left overs for dinner night.
  20. Watching Josh, Gus, & Beau play follow the leader dance party style.
  21. Knock knock jokes with Gussy.
  22. Took some time to read through my whole Real Simple magazine!
  23. Nice relaxing bath.
  24. AI night!
  25. Gus’ friend Alex sent him a video message to remind him to have a great day tomorrow.  Gus is going to love it.
  26. I woke up last night and looked at my phone thinking it was almost time to get up… it was 11:30 p.m.!  What a nice surprise… it wasn’t time to wake up I still I had 6.5 hours left to sleep!
  27. We were planning on driving out to North Park tomorrow and when I was praying about something else I felt like we weren’t supposed to go.  I believe it was the Holy Spirit protecting us.  God is good!

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