Day 195

About a year before we got pregnant with our first born a friend suggested the book “Supernatural Childbirth” by Jackie Mize to us.  I was a bit turned off by the title, because I thought it was going to be all about having babies in the bathtub at home… which is awesome, but not for me.  Instead, the book is about how to believe God and the promises found in His word for conception, for an amazing pregnancy free from morning sickness, swollen feet, mood swings and all the other junk you are told to expect when you are expecting, and for a smooth and pain free delivery.  The more I read the more I began to see that it was God’s will for pregnancy to be an wonderful experience.

I had an amazing first pregnancy.  I never dealt with morning sickness, sleepless nights, heartburn, or anything unpleasant.  My delivery was perfect.  I delivered a nine pound baby boy after only 5 hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing.  When my doctor was leaving the room he told me that I was born to have babies.  Same was true with my daughter Beau, very blessed pregnancy and a one push delivery!  All glory to God!

I was so excited about seeing all of the promises God had made in His word come true that I had to share my testimony with anyone I found out was excepting or trying to conceive.  I would either buy them a copy of the book or tell them about it so they could purchase it.  I wanted everyone to see for themselves just how blessed having children could be.

I haven’t done that in a while.  After delivering our son Felix still born at 20 weeks last July, I felt like my testimony was kinda shot.  I was in a conversation just the other day where I wanted to recommend it, but I didn’t because I figured it wouldn’t mean much coming from someone who had gone through what I went through.

God convicted me about it.

Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

Satan would love for me to get shy about how wonderful and true the promises of God are.  He would love for me to be ashamed about what happened with Felix.  He would love for me to shut up about how faithful God is.  He would love to win.  But I’m not going to let him.

When I was talking to God about this He let me know that my testimony is not shot, it’s actually stronger than ever, because I STILL believe that it’s God’s will to have wonderful pregnancies, wonderful deliveries and perfectly healthy babies even after what we went through.

Maybe you have gone through a similar situation.  Something happened and it caused you to shy away from sharing parts of your testimony because you don’t think people will believe you after whatever happened happened… and maybe some won’t, but that’s their problem.  God’s word is always true regardless of whatever trials we’ve been through!  Part of being an overcomer is sharing your testimony… unashamedly!

Psalm 119:46  I will speak of your testimonies also before kings, And will not be ashamed!

  1. God reminded me of Revelation 12:11.
  2. I can always count on my husband to be a channel through which God will speak to me.
  3. I don’t have to be ashamed, but can boldly share my testimony with whoever God leads me to share it with.
  4. Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize.
  5. I love being pregnant!  Love it!  Looking forward to that again this year.
  6. Dr Loveless.  The sweet, soft spoken doctor who delivered Gus and told me I was born to have babies!
  7. All of my deliveries have been quick and pain free.
  8. Epidurals!
  9. Josh got 4 splinters out of Beau’s little chubby hand this morning.
  10. Beau was so patient and sweet.  We would have had to take Gus to the doctor to get 4 splinters out of his hand!
  11. Fridge and pantry are full!
  12. Found a really cute lamp for Beau’s big girl room.
  13. Chicken Pot Pie!  A family favorite.
  14. Gateway Frisco had it’s first 4:00 service tonight and I got to go!  Love that new time!
  15. Sweet time in God’s presence during worship.
  16. Pastor Robert taught a great message on breakthrough.
  17. God wants to break through in my life where the enemy thinks he has the strongest hold on me!
  18. Opening another campus this year in Grand Prairie.
  19. 3,534 salvations at Gateway in 2012!
  20. 1,671 baptisms!
  21. Gateway Frisco is getting more parking!
  22. Beau’s teachers told me she was singing every song and having so much fun learning about Jesus.
  23. Gus talking passionately about what learned at church on the way home.
  24. The escaped convict who was on the lose in Grapevine is no longer on the lose!
  25. Beau called Gus “Augustus” today.  It was adorable!
  26. Got all of my tax return stuff together.  Looking forward to that refund!
  27. Got a new picture of one of the Compassion International kids we sponsor.  She’s getting so big and so cute!

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