Day 194

I’ve never really thought about this until today, probably because it’s a little strange to think of a 100 year old man and his 99 year old wife having marital relations, but it happened.  Abraham and Sarah conceived Isaac and it was not an immaculate conception like when Mary conceived Jesus, Isaac was conceived the same way that I conceived my children…  you know the birds and the bees stuff.

Why is that important?  Because it shows that when we receive a promise from God we have a part to play!  God promised Abraham that his descendants would be like the sand and the stars, too many to count.  Abraham could have just said, “alright Lord, sounds good.  I’ll just sit back and wait for you do your thing since my wife’s womb is dead and so is my ability to reproduce.”  But He didn’t.  He and Sarah exercised their faith by coming together in marital love.  They believed that God gives life to the dead and calls things which do not exist as though they did.

Abraham, the father of our faith, showed us that faith isn’t just waiting around for God to do all of the work, it’s taking steps and trusting Him in every step, even if the circumstances appear hopeless.

If God has promised you a spouse, you can’t sit around just waiting for that spouse to knock on your door and ask you to marry them, you have to start taking some steps of faith.  If God has promised you a new job, you can’t just sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for it to fall into your lap, you have to start taking some steps of faith.  If God has promised you healing, you can’t just lay around in bed watching TV waiting to feel better, you have to act, you have to rise up and walk.  Faith without works is dead.  We have a part to play in the fulfilled promises of God.  We have to trust in the promise and act on the promise!

Abraham believed he would be the father of many nations so he took steps in the natural.  He did what he knew needed to happen to conceive a child even though it made no sense whatsoever.  His senses told him he was too old and his wife was too old, but he considered not his own body and the deadness of Sarah’s womb.  He was fully convinced that if he did ALL that he knew to do in the natural that God would do what He had promised… the supernatural.

  1. When we step out in faith, God follows with favor!
  2. The steps we take are natural, the results we get are supernatural!
  3. Abraham’s inspiriting faith.  He did not lose hope when things were utterly hopeless!
  4. The birds and the bees stuff.
  5. Josh let me sleep in.
  6. Josh made me eggs and toast!
  7. The kids sat in my lap and let me read to them this morning until my voice was tired.
  8. My new doctor is awesome!
  9. I haven’t been weighed in a while and I was pleased to find out I’m back to my pre pregnancy weight.
  10. Had some powerful worship in my car. Nothing beats the presence of God.
  11. Endless Light by Hillsong United.
  12. Beau looked so pretty today in her green striped shirt.  Green is her color this spring!
  13. Found some pretty and super cheap necklaces at H&M.
  14. Got Gussy 3 new dress shirts for $30!  H&M!
  15. Josh didn’t have any luck when we went shopping for our date, but he found some great stuff today and got great deals!
  16. All of the beautiful fish we stopped to watch at Rainforest Cafe.  God is so creative.
  17. Gus & Beau dancing and laughing in the back of the car.
  18. Beau calls Chuck E Cheese “Mac N Cheese”
  19. Fun night at Chuck E Cheese with the Bryant family!
  20. Beau made a new friend tonight.  Her & Belle hit it off!
  21. Kathleen reminded me to print coupons, saving me $10.
  22. All rides are 25 cents at Chuck E Cheese!  I’m glad they still do the tokens and not the cards.
  23. My friend JJ sent me an awesome scripture and sweet note on FB.  Made my morning!
  24. You Send Me by Sam Cooke
  25. God was blowing my mind tonight while I was watching some videos about the process of conception!  He is amazing!
  26. I was fearfully and wonderfully made by Him.  Knit together in my mother’s womb.
  27. Gus’ chin.  Man, it’s cute!

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