Day 187

Ruth 2:3 Then she left, and went and gleaned in the field after the reapers. And she happened to come to the part of the field belonging to Boaz, who was of the family of Elimelech.

I love this verse.  Ruth is going to work in the fields so she can provide for her and her mother in law and it just so happens that she ends up in the field of Boaz.  Boaz and Ruth would eventually marry and become the great, great grandparents of King David.  Her life was changed forever because of that field!  It may have seemed to Ruth that she just happened upon the right field, but it was totally orchestrated by God.

“Ruth experienced the very natural moving of the supernatural hand of God.” – Guzik.

In the spring of 2009 we decided that it was time to sell our house and start looking for something with a little more space.  After a few months it was market ready and we listed it for sale by owner and sold it in just 28 days, for asking price.  We were super excited and ready to start shopping for our next home!  We didn’t have much luck.  We just couldn’t really find anything that we absolutely loved.  We ended up moving in with my in-laws for a few months while we continued with our search.  During that time a pastor that had planted a church in Frisco a few years earlier contacted my husband to see if he would be interested in being the children’s pastor at his church.  It was appealing for many reasons- we have always loved the Dallas area, we knew the pastor and grew up under his youth ministry, we knew we could learn a lot being apart of a new church, and we were at that exact moment looking for a new place to live.

We prayed about it, went and visited the church, and knew without a doubt that it was the next step for us.  A month later we were Texans!  Fast forward 6 months… it’s Easter weekend and everyone is pumped about having Easter services in our new building, we have family in town, and we’re expecting to spend the next few days celebrating, but instead we spent the next few days wondering what in the world just happened.  Our pastor had a moral failure and resigned.  The church we came to be apart of just 6 months ago was in trouble.  We had no pastor, we had a lot of heart broken people, and we had a lot of questions.  What was going to happen to the church?  Was my husband going to lose his job?  Who would be our new pastor?  Did we miss God?  Were we supposed to move here?

A lot of things remained a mystery over the next few weeks, but God let us know right away that we were supposed to be here and that we had heard his voice.  So we settled in and waited to see what would unfold and what unfolded was pretty amazing.

Gateway Church in Southlake Texas came to the rescue.  They turned our church into one of their satellite campuses.  We were not sure about the whole thing at first, but it didn’t take long for us to realize that THIS was why God gave us the okay to move to Texas.  THIS was the church we moved to be apart of.  Gateway Frisco was were God wanted us… he just used the other church to get us here.

We didn’t just happen to sell our house in 28 days.  We didn’t just happen to not find another house in Tulsa to buy.  We didn’t just happen to be the people that the pastor thought of when he was looking for a new children’s pastor.  We didn’t just happen to love the 2nd house we saw on our house hunt in Texas.  We didn’t just happen to become a part of Gateway Church.  God ordered it all!  God makes things happen!  Take time today to thank God for some of the things in your life that seemed to just happen, but were really the natural moving of the supernatural hand of God.

  1. God makes things happen!
  2. God led Ruth to that field.
  3. God led us to put our house on the market.
  4. God brought us the right buyers at the right time.
  5. God kept us from seeing a house we wanted in Tulsa.
  6. God put us on that pastor’s heart when he was looking for a children’s pastor.
  7. God led us to Gateway Church.
  8. Those who are sons of God are led by the Spirit of God.
  9. The supernatural doesn’t have to feel un-natural.
  10. God is the ultimate orchestrator.  I love to watch His plans unfold.
  11. Fridge and pantry are nice and full.
  12. My grocery bill seems so much cheaper without diapers!
  13. Josh carried in all of the groceries for me.
  14. Yummy Earth Lollipops.
  15. Gus got to stay home and play instead of doing one of his least favorite things… grocery shopping.
  16. Beau took an extra long nap.
  17. Beautiful day!
  18. My favorite sight of the day… Josh & Gus playing football at the park.  Gus was smiling the whole time.
  19. Beau’s little laugh when I was pushing her on the swing.
  20. Yummy pasta bake for dinner.
  21. Tons left over which means I don’t have to cook tomorrow!
  22. Frozen yogurt for dessert!
  23. Beau was getting down at the yogurt place.  Her dance moves are really coming along.
  24. Had 3 hours of uninterrupted time to work tonight.  I needed it.
  25. My filing cabinets are nice and organized… I love when you get to clear out the full folders from the year before and start with new empty folders.  Makes filing so much easier.
  26. Didn’t get to go the marriage seminar and hear Jimmy Evans tonight at church, but I did get to listen to two of his podcasts and they were both awesome.
  27. Goldfish crackers.  They hit the spot after a long night of working.

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