Day 184

It seems like every night at dinner my four year old Gus starts a sentence with the words, “Mom, remember you said I could…” and then he fills it in with various things like, have a piece of candy if I ate all my dinner, play Mario Brothers tomorrow, ride my bike after this, eat my leftover cupcake from yesterday.  He’s great at reminding people of what they said… he never forgets anything.  I sometimes do though, so I appreciate him refreshing my memory, but I don’t think it’s really about that.  I think when he asks if I remember what I said, it’s more for him than it is for me.  He wants to make sure that what he’s been hoping for is going to happen.

When I promise Gus he can have the rest of his cupcake after dinner, I am not one bit offended when He reminds me of that promise.  I am the one who excited that hope in him, I am the one who caused him to desire and expect that cupcake, so I welcome his reminder.

Psalm 119:49 Remember the word to Your servant, Upon which You have caused me to hope.

My translation, “Dad, remember when you said I could (fill in the blank), and how that filled my life with hope?”

Obviously, God is a father who does not forget the promises that He has made us.  He does not need to be reminded of His word because He is forgetful.  We are the ones who are forgetful, so to help us remember, He doesn’t mind if we ask Him to remember with us.

He wants us to come to Him and say, “Dad, remember when you said that… you would make the barren woman a joyful mother of children, remember how those words filled me with hope?  That scripture really got me excited.  Lord when you promised me children in your word I knew I could expect it, I could desire it.  I’m reminding myself and you that this promise I’m hanging onto is from you, my hope is in you alone.”

God is such a good father.  If He is the one who caused you to desire and expect something, if He is the one who excited you to hope through a promise in His word, then by all means remind him of it. He will make good on His word and while you are reminding Him your faith with be strengthened.

  1. Josh gave me the idea for this blog last night at dinner when Gus was asking if I remembered something.
  2. Psalm 119:49, I just love it.
  3. God does not forget His promises.
  4. When we remind God of the promises he has made it strengthens our faith.
  5. My faith was strengthened this morning after I took some time to go over all of the scriptures God has put on my heart the last few months with Him.  It’s going to be an awesome year.
  6. Josh made the bed this morning!  A kind little gesture that really made my morning.
  7. House is so clean!
  8. Beau is so into her clothes and her new shoes.  She’s getting cuter everyday… I can hardly stand it.
  9. Playing Cinderelly’s castle and watching Beau’s little wheels turn while we were pretending.
  10. Girls lunch at Which Which with me and my best girl… Beau of course.
  11. I was brave enough to ask the kids working at Which Which if they could turn down the music that was so loud I couldn’t hear Beau and they did and our lunch date was much more enjoyable.
  12. Gus had an all green day at school!
  13. Gus got in the car with his paper plate fire man hat and talked my ear off the whole way home.  I loved it.
  14. My sister Amy had a conference for work a few minutes away from our house, so we got to spend the night hanging out with her.
  15. She had a safe trip from Tulsa.
  16. Kenny’s Burger Joint… it never disappoints.
  17. Fried pickles.
  18. The sweet potato fries were extra good tonight.
  19. The kids really loved getting to be around their Aunt.  They both warmed right up to her.  Nice for them to have some one on one time with her.
  20. She came bearing gifts.  New books and coloring books!
  21. My friend Kristen is celebrating her birthday today!  So thankful for her friendship.
  22. Sweet words from my friends and family on my half way to 365 blog.
  23. My very supportive, very encouraging and very handsome husband.  He tells me how proud he is of me all of the time.
  24. A year ago today I was at Disney Land.  I got to go to Disney World & Land all in the same year.  That’s pretty awesome.
  25. KBM had it’s biggest month of website sales ever in January.
  26. Nice relaxing bath.
  27. All of the archived messages on my Gateway app.  Heard a great message by Rick Bezet.

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