Day 183

Last night when the power went out at the Super Bowl we watched as the players tried to stay loose and the coaches tried to stay calm.  I didn’t think it was that big of a deal… at least Bane wasn’t coming over the PA system and announcing he was New Orleans reckoning.  But once the power came back on I started to see that the light situation really did have an effect on the momentum that the Raven’s had going for them.  They were up by 22 before the power outage and only ended up winning by 3 points!

Momentum seemed to be the word last night so I went to bed thinking about it.  Momentum is defined as the strength or force gained by motion or a series of events.  The momentum the Ravens were experiencing before the power outage was due to a series of events that started with Boldin’s touch down in the first quarter and ended with a record breaking 108 yard kick off return by Jacoby Jones!  Quite a series of events, quite the momentum.  Then it all came to a screeching halt for 30 something minutes while people who probably don’t have jobs today scrambled to get the lights back on.

This whole power outage situation reminded me of the story of Saul’s conversion in Acts chapter 9.  A light shone down from heaven and brought Him to his knees.  He was blinded and his Christian persecuting days had lost their momentum.  He was experiencing a power outage.  After 3 days of being blind, Jesus sent a man name Ananias to pray for Him and get him filled with the Holy Spirit.  Scales fell off of his eyes, the lights came back on and the momentum in Saul’s life was about to shift.

Acts 9:22 But Saul increased all the more in strength, and confounded the Jews who dwelt in Damascus, proving that this Jesus is the Christ. 

The message actually says His momentum was up.  He had experienced a series of events that started him in a new direction… The light from heaven, the voice of Jesus, being blinded, being prayed for, being healed, being filled with the spirit, preaching about it… He was snowballing!  He lived His life gaining more and more strength all of the time.  He never let the power go out again.

Today marks kind of a special day for me.  I’m half way through my 365 day mission and I feel like I’ve gained a lot of momentum over the last 183 days.  I started off writing just a few paragraphs the first couple of weeks and now when I sit down to write I have to make sure I don’t write too much.  I remember thinking when I first started, I wonder if I’ll be able to come up with something to write every day for 365 days, but now I know it won’t be a problem.  If I stay in God’s word every day and continue to ask him to flood my heart with light, there will be no power outages, no loss of momentum.

The momentum I’m experiencing all started through a series of events… Finding out I was pregnant for the 3rd time, discovering at 20 weeks the baby’s spirit had left, delivering still born, deciding to praise God in the midst of my darkest night, getting an idea from God to be thankful for 10,000 things in one year, obeying God and turning it into a blog… I’m snowballing and I’m more determined than ever to keep it up.  I want to keep increasing all the more in strength just like Saul.

God can take a series of events, good or bad, and use them to start something amazing in your life that can not be stopped because He never runs out of power.

  1. Half way through quite a remarkable journey.
  2. The momentum of God’s strength that I am experiencing.
  3. With God we will never experience power outages.
  4. God used an unexpected and heartbreaking series of events to start me snowballing in my relationship with Him and my love for His word.
  5. The first words out of sleepy Beau’s mouth this morning “I like this song.”  She could hear Gus listening to I Believe In Jesus downstairs.
  6. I mentioned my back was sore at breakfast to Josh and Gus came over and laid hands on me and prayed for me.
  7. I wasn’t sure if Gus was getting my lesson on the God Head, but he explained it all back to me just like I explained it to him.
  8. Josh made the kids breakfast.
  9. Josh emptied the dishwasher for me.
  10. 22 new books from the library.
  11. Beautiful day!
  12. Watching Gus run around outside with his long blond hair blowing behind him.  He’s so handsome.
  13. Beau’s adorable jump.  She gets some pretty good air.
  14. The nice rolly polly that entertained my kids for a good 30 minutes this afternoon.
  15. Josh came home for a few hours to see the kids before he had to go back to work tonight.
  16. Cereal for dinner.
  17. Getting a good, more than a peck, goodbye kiss.
  18. Gus and Beau have been playing so good together the last few nights.
  19. Disney Rarities.  The kids loved watching some of the old shorts like Every Cowboy Needs A Horse.
  20. Beau’s extremely soft tummy.
  21. Caught up with all of the laundry.
  22. Apple cutter.
  23. Prayer night with my husband.
  24. Going through newborn videos, pictures, and keepsakes of the kids.  So thankful for those amazing gifts from God.
  25. Windows open kind of a night.
  26. The way the house smells when the windows are opened.
  27. Got a ton of work done and enjoyed a quiet evening to myself listening to the songs that made up the soundtrack of my life when I was dating Josh.

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