Day 179

In 1979 after my mom gave birth to her fourth child she decided she was all done having kids.  She had three girls and now she had her little boy… she was all set in the kids department, so she had a tubal ligation which is commonly referred to as having your tubes tied.  Shortly after her son was born she became a single mother of four and she stayed a single mother for three long, hard years.  But after two answered prayers my mom met my dad they fell in love and got married in 1982.

My dad had a daughter from a previous marriage and of course my mom had her four children, so they were a party of 7 right off the bat.  After they had been married for a few years my mom gets a call from my dad one afternoon.  A call that would change my life forever.  He was curious about the kind of tubal ligation she had done.  Why was he curious?  Because he wanted to see if it was possible to have it reversed.  Why would a man with five children already living under his roof want to know if it could be reversed?  Because he desired to have a few children that were his and hers.  My dad being the wonderful researcher that he is found out that the type of surgery she had could in fact be reversed.  My mom was totally on board!  They went to see a little old surgeon, with very steady hands, who after performing the reversal gave them a 99% chance that they would be able to conceive again. When my mom went back to the doctor for her post surgery check up she was already pregnant…. with me.

That is one of my favorite stories of all time.  I absolutely love thinking of my dad thinking of me before I was even born.  I love knowing that I was desired.  I love that even though he already had 5 kids living in a 3 bedroom house he still wanted me… actually he wanted a boy, but my mom said he fell in love with me as soon as he saw me.

I know not everyone has that same kind of story.  Maybe you weren’t a planned pregnancy or you never even knew your dad so you don’t know what it’s like to be wanted by a father like that, but your heavenly father wants you to know that you are His greatest desire.  Last weekend my pastor ended his message with 16 scriptures to prove that.  In each scripture he showed us that what God wants more than anything else is for us to be His people.  It was one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever experienced at church, watching on the screens as each verse popped up and reading over and over about how God wants me.

My dad wanted me and that is an awesome feeling, but it’s so amazing to know that I wasn’t just put on this earth because of  his and my mom’s desire… I was put on the earth for the same reason that you were… because God wanted me!

  1. God wants me! (Exodus 6:7, Leviticus 26:12, Jeremiah 7:23, Jeremiah 11:4, Jeremiah 24:7, Jeremiah 30:22, Jeremiah 31:33, Ezekiel 11:20, Ezekiel 14:11, Ezekiel 36:28, Ezekiel 37:23, Ezekiel 37:27, Hosea 2:23, Zach 8:8, Zach 13:9, 2 Corinth 6:16, Hebrews 8:10, Revelation 21:1-3)
  2. My dad wanted me!
  3. My mom wanted me!
  4. 61 years ago today my dad was born.
  5. He loves God!
  6. He loves my mom!
  7. He loves my kids and my kids love him!
  8. Can’t get through a family prayer without choking up.
  9. I got my researching and planning skills from him.
  10. He taught me how to fish.
  11. I’ve spent many hours around the table playing board games with him.
  12. He’s a good listener.
  13. Never missed one of the games I cheered at.
  14. Used to be the one to ride all of the scary roller coasters with me.
  15. He survived a major heart attack.  So glad he is alive and well!
  16. Said yes when Josh asked if he could marry me.
  17. Got to walk me down the isle.
  18. He was there when both of my kids were born.
  19. He’s a great baker.
  20. He quit smoking.
  21. Puts together our annual Monopoly tournament every year.  One of my favorite family events.
  22. I know he’s always believed I could do whatever I wanted to.
  23. He didn’t just want one more child, but two!  So I got a little brother out of the deal.
  24. Went back to school after losing his job at McDonald Douglas and worked night shifts at Wal-Mart to take care of us.
  25. He taught me to stand for what’s right.
  26. He always went with us to church.  Sunday morning, Sunday night, & Wednesday night.
  27. I am his daughter.

2 thoughts on “Day 179

  1. Laurie says:

    I always enjoy your posts, sometimes they make me think, sometimes they make me smile, but this one made me cry. Glad you have such a good dad! Glad we share the same Heavenly Father 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing such a touching and personal story. It made me teary eyed and reading your scriptures that you listed made me really understand our worth to God and what he intends for us as his children. Once my husband and I decided that we were ready for a family we had two tough pregnancies and scary moments but our want and love for them is what made it worth it all. God blessed us and we have two beautiful and healthy kids and everyday I alway remember to thank him! Your family is such an inspiration and may you all be so blessed…

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