Day 169

This morning I read about the time that Joshua instructed the Israelites on how to cross the Jordan River on their way into the promised land.  Super cool.  I guess this story has always gotten lost for me in-between the chapter about Rahab and the spies and the chapter about Joshua and his people marching around the city of Jericho until the walls came tumbling down.

In the book of Joshua chapter 3, Joshua and the people of Israel have been waiting for three days to cross the mighty Jordan River.  I’m sure during those three days the sound of the rushing river rapids really started to mess with some people.  I can just see a little Israelite boy throwing a stick in the river, his mother’s heart skipping a few beats as she watches the stick quickly float away on the current and wonders to herself, how are all of these people going to make it across the river safely.  The spies made it across okay, but that was just a few men.  The whole nation of Israel including infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school kids, nursing mothers, pregnant mothers, the elderly,  and all of their belongings now had to attempt to cross together.

The promised land was waiting for them, but what would they do about this huge obstacle in the form of a river?

Joshua, a man who meditated on God’s Word night and day had the answer.

He had the priests carry the ark of the covenant, the presence of God, and cross over the river before everyone else.  In verse 4 he gives them more detailed instructions.

Yet there shall be a space between you and it, about two thousand cubits by measure. Do not come near it, that you may know the way by which you must go, for you have not passed this way before.

The Israelites were told to wait for the presence of God to go before them… to let it get about half of a mile ahead so they they would know which way to go.  If the arc went out ahead everyone would be able to see it clearly.  To make it across this river they were going to have to follow the presence of God.

Everyone watched as the priests stepped into the Jordan.  As soon as they did the water that was flowing into the river began backing up, as if someone placed an invisible dam in the far away town of Adam, stopping the flow of water to where they were.  The water below them continued to flow into the Dead Sea, thus creating dry ground in the middle of what was an overflowing riverbed.  The people of Israel crossed safely… not on muddy ground, not on puddles of water, but on completely dry ground.  The presence of God wiped out the obstacle that was keeping them from getting closer to the Promised Land.

We all face obstacles.  Obstacles in our finances, our health, with our children, in our marriage, in just about every area of life obstacles pop up from time to time.  This short story in Joshua 3 lets us know what we need to do to get through them.  We’ve got to look to Jesus.  We’ve got to let Him get out ahead of us, get our eyes focused on Him and let Him lead us through.  We can’t get ahead of Him, or we’ll drown.  He has to go before us!  As we wait on Him, wait for His presence, and stay focused on Him the rivers that seem impossible to cross will dry up and we’ll be able to walk safely into the promises of God.

  1. Jesus is still in the business of turning rivers of impossibility into dry land.
  2. When Jesus has promised us something, He’ll do His part to make sure we get what He’s promised.
  3. Loved studying this new to me story today.
  4. I finished my prayer time with Josh coming in and praying for me before he left for prayer at the church.
  5. My sweet little Gus snuggling up to me in my study chair this morning and laying there so quietly while I finished reading… the only thing he said was “You are a pretty mom.”  Are you kidding me?  He’s the best little boy ever.
  6. I always feel little when Josh is hugging me.
  7. Beau went potty in her big girl potty 3 times today!
  8. We had some accidents along the way, but none of them were on the carpet or rugs or furniture.
  9. Clorox wipes.
  10. Gus was such a great encourager for his little sister!
  11. Gus was SO easy to potty train!!
  12. Watching old Care Bear cartoons with Beau while we were waiting for things to start happening on the potty.
  13. Stayed in my PJs all day!  I figured that was acceptable on potty training day 1.
  14. Gus finally beat a level on Donkey Kong Country he’s been working on for a couple of weeks now.
  15. Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact his short life had on our country.
  16. Happened to pick out a podcast to listen to from July that talked about the conviction MLK Jr had.  He didn’t just believe in his dream he was so greatly convicted by it he was willing to do something about it, knowing his life was at stake.
  17. The adorable video of my friend Gena’s little girl talking about MLK Jr.
  18. Got a lot done while Beau napped this afternoon.
  19. Potty stool steps from Ikea.
  20. I treated myself to lots of potty rewards today too.  Reeses Pieces, M&M minis… they seemed to help me be more patient.
  21. Fun night playing Disney Scene It with Gus.  His victory dances are awesome.
  22. Gus thanked God in his prayer tonight that his baby sister learned to use the potty and for her cute voice.
  23. She does have a CUTE voice!
  24. Relaxing bath!
  25. No training seems pleasant at the time. In fact, it seems painful. But later on it produces a harvest of godliness and peace. It does that for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11  My sister posted that a few days ago… perfect for my adventures in potty training.
  26. Nana & my friend Sayra texted me to let me know they were thinking about Beau and praying for her big day!
  27. Some nice quality time… just me and Joshua.

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