Day 165

My daughter Beau has some major milestones that are about to take place in her life.  Next week she starts potty training, in March she turns 2, and as soon as it’s ready she will move into her big girl room!  So this mom has been in planning mode.  The potty training planning started at Christmas.  I picked out some Minnie Mouse big girl undies for her stocking, I checked out some books from the library to read to her about how awesome it is to use the potty, I re-read the book I read when I potty trained Gus, I put M&Ms and pretty sticker rewards on my grocery list this week, and I got out the musical potty and made sure it is still musical.  For her party I’ve been getting quotes on cakes, searching for Minnie themed snack ideas, making trips to Hobby Lobby, talking with my mom about things I need her to sew, and writing out the wording for the invitation.  For her big girl room I’ve been cleaning out closets, ordering furniture, picking out paint, and making spreadsheets with the items I still want to buy so I know how much money I need to buy them.

Last night I laid down and tried to quiet my mind because I knew God wanted to tell me something, but I found myself thinking about where I could find a Minnie Mouse cookie cutter to make Minnie Mouse shaped rice crispy treats for the party and how I needed to take her new big girl undies and run them through the wash before she wears them for the first time.  I realized what I was doing and tried to get quiet again when this conversation with God began in my mind…

You are really into planning right now. – God

I know, I’m sorry, let me get focused on you and what you want to show me.  – Me

Why are you making all of these plans? – God

I want everything to be perfect for my little girl. – Me

I like making plans too.  – God

Okay. – Me

And I make them for the same reason you are making plans for Beau, I want everything to be perfect for my little girl. – God

Crying – Me

You are my little girl, my daughter, and don’t think for a second that every day of your life hasn’t been planned by the master planner. – God

More crying – Me

What a sweet reminder from my loving God.  When my plans for my life don’t go exactly how I thought they would I can trust that it’s because God had a better plan.  He wants everything to be perfect for me just like I want everything to be perfect for Beau.  I’m so thankful I serve a God who does not fly by the seat of His pants, but instead loves to makes plans for His children.

  1. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
  2. My God is a planner!
  3. His plans for me are good, perfect plans.
  4. That God took time to talk to me about His plans last night.
  5. Beau helped me pick out some very pretty potty reward stickers.
  6. I found the grocery list I made yesterday right before I started remaking one today because I thought it got thrown away.
  7. Grocery shopping for the week, done!
  8. Fridge and pantry are full.
  9. I found a really cute, really cheap table cloth for Beau’s party.
  10. Beau is super excited about potty training.  She asked where her potty was first thing this morning.
  11. Gus got to go school in pajamas today.  He looks so cute in his Spider Man button up jammies.
  12. Nana & Papa had a safe trip to Tulsa.
  13. Good BBQ at Rudy’s for dinner, Papa’s treat!
  14. I broke my fast today with a limeade from Braum’s and a few licks of Beau’s ice cream cone!  Yay for sugar!
  15. Braum’s crinkle cut french fries.
  16. Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra.  What a song.
  17. I got to surprise Gus when I picked him up from school with a new fighter for his battle arena toy!
  18. A beautiful, not too cold, not too hot kind of day.
  19. Pastor Jelani is celebrating his birthday today!  So glad he’s at the Frisco campus.
  20. The Pink night of worship at Gateway Frisco was powerful, anointed, life giving and I got to be there!
  21. Worshipping with women.  It’s such a great way to worship!
  22. Got to sing 10,000 Reasons in church for the first time since I started this blog.  It was amazing.
  23. Pastor Adana shared such a great word that really ministered to me.
  24. God has called us to be human beings, not human doers.  Be still and KNOW that I am God.  Ps 46:10 -Adana
  25. Nana & Papa watched the kids so they didn’t have to stay out late.
  26. The women who served in childcare so the women with kids could go to the service.
  27. Coming home and getting in bed to cuddle and watch some American Idol with Josh.

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